When the mountains and mountains went out in the morning, Shenzhen temperature was 11 ° C. The mountains that wear ripped jeans are cold to knots …


Because it’s almost late! Too time to change clothes, Shanshan grabbed a long down jacket wrapped in, and hurried out!

Seeing the boys who also wear down jackets on the road, everyone looks at each other

Looking at the message about the down jacket two days ago, a message was made, and one success attracted the attention of the mountains:

Girls’ down jacket style flowers are a whisty, and you have the ability to write men’s down jackets!

Let’s talk about the down jacket of men’s clothing today, how to match it!

△ The down jacket on the t stage is more handsome than one, the main reason is that the color is bold and beautiful, and the style changes many.


But in real life, most of the down jackets in boys’ wardrobes are dark.

△ So we might as well try, the whole body is cool and dark, which is very suitable for you who like to play cool!


The workmade pants and high -top boots can help you shape the sharp image of “upper Panasonic tight”. The picture on the left is too personality, and you can try it with guts.

△ down jackets with wide -leg shorts are also a very cool way to wear. If you are afraid of cold, wear warm tight pants.


The shorts will be cut into three sections, so it is best to match the same color.


△ down jackets with coats are also relatively novel ways, and the short -term and internal length of the outside is suitable for boys with a height of 180cm+.

Short boys can try to match with long coats+long down jackets.

△ Women’s down jackets are often recommended to wear belts. In fact, men’s models are also possible.

△ Or try the contrasting down jacket. The boy with good color feels good can learn three layers of models in the middle.


When you are too lazy to match the colors, buy a bright down jacket directly, with a personality pocket, you can get out of the street.

△ White down jacket can brighten the skin tone. The simplest method is full black inside.


△ It looks fashionable and youthful with a hoodie. The middle model is a good example, echoing the upper and lower colors.


△ The shiny down jacket reflects the light low -key, allowing you to shine in the crowd. It is like a girl’s leather skirt, with a special texture.


You can also try the low -key and fashionable bright down jacket.

△ The down jacket is too ordinary? You can try to add top -top hats, berets, knitted caps, and peaked caps. They are all good choices.

△ The down vest is also very easy to match with clothes. Pay attention to the left round collar thin stripe model, which is suitable for inside and is not suitable for external wear.

△ Outside vests, you can choose the characteristic pressure and the collar.


The down vest is not large, and you can choose the style of “qi” to break the dullness of the autumn and winter dressing.

△ The gentleman is equipped with down jackets, and the old man in the fashion industry correctly demonstrates the combination of “dresses”.

Boys should not imitate it, gentry and coats are the excellent CP.

△ If it wasn’t for the eye to win the eye,

We need to wear a down jacket



The clothes inside are best stuffed in the waist of the pants instead of exposing, because the down jacket itself is the hip, and one more one -stop will look shorter.

The down jacket is handsome and handsome: don’t be too long in fit, handsome shoes, and inside.

Have you learned it?


Shan Mountain still remembers that when I first visited the down jacket factory, the dwelling down in the test room was like snowflakes, but the touch was extremely warm.


If you want to know how to choose a durable and cost -effective down jacket, please leave a message in the comment area.

Note: The above pictures are from the Internet.