The word cosmetic is not sensitive to people now. Everyone can accept cosmetic surgery. Now cosmetic surgery is no longer a star patent, and now more and more young people are doing some micro -cosmetic surgery, but for cosmetic surgery, for cosmetic surgery There are powerful and disadvantages. Of course, after cosmetic surgery, you can turn you into what you want, but cosmetic surgery is not only risky, but also plastic surgery is addictive. People always feel unsatisfactory. I feel that it is not good.

According to reports, a couple in the United States can be said to be cosmetic magic. They have more than 500 times the large and small number of plastic surgery. At the same time, the two of them also like Barbie dolls, and her girlfriend is now available. It is exactly the same as Barbie dolls, and at present, I don’t plan to continue to face a facelift.


However, this man named Justin is still dissatisfied with the current appearance. At the expense of the huge sums of money, he must integrate himself into a Barbie boyfriend, so as to match his girlfriend. In fact, when he can see it before he plastic surgery, he thought he was very handsome. His first cosmetic surgery was actually a fine -tuning of the nose.


This time he planned to implant a pair of wings on his back. Because no one had performed this type of surgery before that, the wings she wanted to implant was specially customized and spent 100,000 yuan, but he felt that it was worth it. He just wanted others to see others see it. He is a feeling of inserting wings.

The doctor implanted this huge thing under his back muscles, and two small implants were placed above the muscle. Justin said that every part of her body has basically undergone surgery, but it is far worse to achieve perfect, but I will still work hard to challenge the limit on the road of cosmetic surgery and break through everyone. Plastic surgery of large and small, I will treat myself as a piece of art.


In the end, I remind everyone that there are risks of cosmetic surgery. Everyone needs to be cautious.

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