In October, Jinqiu passed quietly in the turning turns. After walking through the frost, the earth with the remaining temperature was really going to put on a cold clothes, and I watched Li Dong and Xiaoxue coming. It is when it is warm when it is warm, the most difficult to rest. When is the wind and rain, it is clear, and when you go out in the morning, you can wear clothes and wearing a hat, but at noon, it is sultry and drown.


It is expected to be late autumn, and the winter is early. The cold air went down from the north and south, and how many plain gully had been swept all the way. Once frost, rain and snow are coming. Except for the provinces that fail in winter, most parts of my country are near the winter pass. People who have time to prepare for cold clothes in the future will inevitably be disturbed by the cold. However, the unpredictable season change season is the best time for human immunity and virus invasion. At present, the national epidemic situation is repeated, coupled with the seasonal flu, quickly keep warm, and prevent the cold of the cold, becoming a must -have in winter.

In order to adapt to the sudden cooling challenge, prepare for the early winter. The Gree Electric Hemoto series debuted. Launched four electric heating products to meet the needs of various scenes and crowds, and efficient heating functions, making this winter warm as spring.

Different from the launching floor heating or concentrated heating in the north, the low temperature and humidity south without heating can only be heated. If the space at home is large enough, the heat -making air conditioner can be relieved, but there are many places in the city in the city, and the uniform housing in the city is also common. Cotton thick clothing is easy to humid, and it looks very difficult in winter.

For the pain points such as small units, heating and drying, Gree releases a new generation of electric heater. Among them, graphene folded skirting, warm from the feet, and drove directly. The graphene coating has high thermal conductivity, and the whole house is quickly heating up. Compared with ordinary copper and aluminum materials, the heating efficiency is increased by 10%. Not only that, the far -infrared spectrum of graphene fever can be better absorbed by the human body. The openings of the fuselage on the four sides of the fuselage are designed to highlight the heat of far -infrared radiation. Send the heat limit, warm up from your feet, warming into your heart.

This skirting line is also equipped with a silicone humidification box and negative ion purification function. Compared with the traditional built -in humidification box, the materials are healthy and easier to clean. Heating is not dry, and the air is fresher.


The arrival of winter is not young people who are the most affected, but the elderly who have a comprehensive decline in physique and immunity. For them, cold weather is likely to cause cardiovascular disease and respiratory diseases. Silver -haired groups are more difficult to maintain core temperature in cold environments than young people. When temperature decreases, vascular shrinkage changes may trigger diseases such as cerebral thrombosis. In addition, due to the high incidence of influenza in winter, small colds may be insufficient for young people, but for the elderly, a small cold may cause complications. In the cold weather in winter, there are more hidden dangers for the health of the elderly. Therefore, it is important to keep warm.

Because the shape is similar to the northern radiators, many elderly people are more electrocable. The intelligent upgrade of Gree Electric Oil Electric has broken through the defects of the traditional electric heating oil and low heating efficiency. The leaf vein oil circuit structure is used to solve the problem of uneven heat distribution. Double folding design, high-efficiency agglomeration, chimney-type diversion heat ball, increased heat dissipation area by 25%, can quickly hear the temperature after opening, intelligent constant temperature system, accurate temperature control at 16-30 ℃, when heating, you can open the most first. High -grade, 2200W quickly heating up. When the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature, the ECO energy -saving mode will be automatically turned on, low -end maintenance room temperature. High power warm, small power energy saving and power saving.

In terms of safety, Gree electric heaters have the function of overheating, dumping power, and children’s locks. The tail tablets are limited to the hot and hot. Before going to bed, turn on the electrical oil tinton, warm and silent, with a natural humidification box and drying rack, heating does not dry, drying the clothes helper, turn off regularly at 24 hours, accompany you to sleep to Tianming.


In addition to the skirting lines and electrical oil, Gree also launched the heater and the far -infrared heater this time to adapt to the use of various small scenes. Lightweight and small heater can be applied to many scenes such as warm -up at work stations, bedroom leisure and naps, which are carried as you can, that is, it is hot. Gree far -infrared heating uses nano -red crystal coating tube, radiating heating, that is, heating is opened. Dark light is low, and the wind does not sleep at night without sleep.

The autumn color is gradually flat, the winter mist is about to rise, it needs to be accompanied, and it also needs warmth. This warmth comes from a blessing, a dinner, and it also comes from the fiery. In this season when the weather gradually turns cold, Gree Electric Heats bring you surging heat, and warm the winter.