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Two days ago, a professional makeup artist at the Lingyin Police Station of the Hangzhou Scenic Area Public Security Bureau said that he accidentally lost the “eating guy” -the makeup box.

“My makeup box is worth more than 70,000,” said the makeup artist.

Fortunately, at the end, this box was found with the help of the police.


After this matter was reported by the Qianjiang Evening News hours, the attention was quite high. Many people’s curiosity was consistent:

What kind of makeup box is worth more than 70,000? There are also people left a message: This is a world that is not understood by a straight man.

The police said that they did not know much about cosmetics, but the box they found it was indeed quite big. They also asked the makeup artist himself, “There is a large bag in it, about a dozen. The most expensive value is thousands. “(For details, please poke here here)

What is hidden in the box of a professional makeup artist and why is it so expensive? Is this impossible?

On August 9th, the hourly journalist interviewed several makeup artists.


Isn’t the makeup artist hard? Also early to return and return late

“I think it is possible.” Saisse, who was engaged in makeup for more than 6 years, said, “The makeup box alone has thousands of pieces.”

In addition to picking up the bride and makeup, Sai Sai will also pick up makeup, plane shooting, micro -film shooting, etc. in addition to the bride and makeup.

“There are a lot of things I need to prepare. There are more than a dozen bottles of liquid foundation alone. You need to choose according to different skin types and skin tones, and you need to divide the boys and girls.” Sai said that in order to create a satisfaction The makeup, foundation is just one of them. From the starting makeup, to the final styling hair accessories, everything cannot be sloppy. “I will choose some brands of items.” kind.

“Lipstick? I am a division. There are more than twenty in the makeup box, there are dozens of in total.” Sai Sai said, “Eye shadow will also be divided according to color systems, materials, etc.”

A good makeup artist has a makeup brush that he has taken advantage of his hand, and a set of thousands of pieces is a small one, and those who are used for matching will be selected according to the makeup object.

Although I haven’t carefully calculated how much my makeup box is worth it, it is also possible to say 70,000 yuan.

As a professional makeup artist, in addition to professional studies after work, I usually pay more attention to the makeup of fashion magazines and major show artists. Make it. “

Sai Sai also said that, like the average girl who always thinks that there is one less dress in their wardrobe, the makeup artist always feels that he lacks various cosmetics. “It will be very concerned about the new products pushed by major brands, and they can’t help chopping their hands. “

“Everyone feels that the makeup artist is not hard. In fact, they must go out early and return. I can’t persist without interest.” The most fulfilling sense of accomplishment is to let the face on the right occasion through their own hands to show The most perfect side.

Girls do not move the makeup box at all

Xiaojie is engaged in makeup, which has a longer time than sesazy. This year is the 14th year of her as a professional makeup artist.

“70,000 yuan is possible, but mine is not so expensive.” Xiao Jie said.

In the beginning of the 11th year, she was mostly making brides and makeup. Later, she hoped that she had more time to accompany her children and start to make makeup.

Xiao Jie said that the main way for makeup is the reputation. “I am not expensive. It only costs thousands of pieces to make a bride makeup, but if it is expensive, 20,000 or 30,000 is also available.” She said that the price is high. It is naturally more expensive to grow things.

“The foundation is the foundation. Generally, 5 or 6 bottles are prepared, about thousands of pieces. This is the fastest consumption.” If it is a bride, the basic skin care general brides can get it. There are one or two things for everything. Do not have a lot of loose powder and powder for makeup.

For makeup artists, eye shadows, lipsticks, blush and other types need to be complete, but these are not much consumed.


Coupled with scattered consumables and makeup brushes, Xiao Jie said that a makeup box is tens of thousands of pieces.

“I rarely pick up the bride and makeup now. That box is very heavy. I can’t move it at all. There are wheels and can be pushed away.” The luggage box -like makeup box once accompanied Xiaojie countless weekends. Witnessing countless weddings in various communities and hotels in Hangzhou.

Now, Xiao Jie has opened his studio, a beauty lovers who go to date and go out, and avoid the most beautiful side to avoid shortage.

Sometimes I also bring a thin face and edema instrument,

Sometimes a wig is about 10,000


Vocational makeup artist Xiao Cao has worked for 12 years and has cooperated with old customers for many years. There are orchestras, dance schools, enterprises and institutions, etc. She also received the stars of Hangzhou.

When Xiao Cao and makeup, carry a makeup box with you, and it is a cosmetics that use it, such as Dior, Estee Lauder, Chanel, CPB, MAC, and also use some professional makeup artists, such as Mao Geping.

There are about twenty or thirty products in the cosmetic box of Xiaocao.

“Good skin state is a prerequisite for melting a delicate makeup.” Therefore, grass will prepare some essence, mask and exfoliating products to “skin first aid” for customers.

If the makeup gear selected by the client is relatively high, she will also use a face instrument with a thin face and edema.

Although I have not carefully calculated the price of her makeup “home”, Xiaocao said that the “home” in her makeup box is at least 10,000 yuan. If the makeup appreciation service required by the customer is more, the products she carry will be more expensive. Essence “Beauty products are big heads. Take base makeup products as an example. Each customer’s skin and skin tone are different. There are several types of foundation. Drilling foundation, Estee Lauder Platinum, etc. “

Even small products such as eyelashes glue will prepare more than three types of grass. “Some customers are sensitive to the skin and can only use eyelash glue with specific brands.”

Xiaocao’s makeup box is also always available for men’s hair wax and curly hair rods. If her customers need to make a unique shape, she will also provide other hair accessories, hair films and wigs.

So when asked if the “70,000 makeup boxes” really exist, Xiao Cao said “is possible.” Because each makeup artist is different, some are mainly responsible for daily makeup, life makeup, and some will also make makeup directions or makeup in the direction of film and television.

“If you encounter customers who need to do a complex hairstyle in the crew, there are tens of thousands of yuan in wigs.” Therefore, the valuation of the makeup box is very broad, changing with different types of customers.

The price of the makeup box itself is relatively high. “Sometimes, in addition to bringing a makeup box, it will bring a large suitcase to prevent falling protection. If I go out today, there are more things with a lot, and the road is relatively long. Then I will definitely choose a better bag, such as The price of luggage brands such as Rimerwa is very expensive. “

Xiao Cao feels that the most challenging point in this industry is to update your knowledge base every year. “Not only must we improve the makeup technology and control the changeable makeup style; It is important for makeup artists. “

During the makeup of about 2 hours, Xiao Cao usually chats with customers. Many customers have become good friends in her daily life. This is the most valuable gain and happiest experience brought by this job.


There are also senior makeup artists that the makeup box of general makeup artists is “enough for 20,000 enough.” She sent her makeup box configuration to her hours–

22-24 -inch cosmetic box, the foundation liquid foundation liquid is 2500 yuan, the eye shadow includes about 2500 first -line big names such as TF, 2,800 yuan of styling supplies, 5,000 yuan with a top brush, 1500 yuan for loose powder, Dyson’s hair dryer plus curling stick, 7,000 yuan, and 7,000 yuan. Other miscellaneous things are 2000-3000 yuan.

“But the makeup artist’s industry is really hard. Sometimes the boxes are heavy, which is really heavy. This is how my cervical spine has a problem.”

Source: Qianjiang Evening News · Correspondent Huang Weifen, a trainee reporter Xu Ziying