Many exquisite younger sisters around me have already changed into small skirts to play the street. The style of the skirt is different, and the frequency of it is relatively high. I am afraid that it is a pleated skirt. Why is the pleated skirt so popular? It is not only related to its three -dimensional and stylish piano fold design, but also an important role is significantly high. It can be said that it is an exclusive artifact for small children.


As a petite girl, we must pay attention to choosing the style and length of you when wearing skirts. Not every skirt can wear a supermodel effect. After all, height is a flaw. But as a pleated skirt for the gospel, it once became the best artifact to save the little man.

The exquisite small girls have mastered a variety of wear skills to match the pleated skirt, and the pleated skirt with their own age -reducing attributes. For the birds with a human -like girl, the real temperament is the ultimate manifestation of the temperament.


It doesn’t matter how pets are petite, letting the pleated skirt with a temperament reduction to help you. Learn along with the little man’s dressing skills and embark on the road of fashion.

1. Basic classification, diverse style


(1) Divide according to length


Long model: elegant fairy


The long pleated skirt is elegant, which is relatively layered and three -dimensional. A pleated long skirt is not far from the style of the goddess. However, when choosing a long pleated skirt, it is better to choose nine points as much as possible, and it is more proportional to expose the ankle.

Short model: age reduction college style

The short -designed pleated skirts are generally mainly high -waist and A -line version. This design skirt is a very classic high -profile artifact, which is extremely friendly for the small man. The design that comes with itself is the atmosphere of the college style, and the age reduction effect is also proper.


(2) Divided by style

Pure color: simple and advanced


In terms of combination of solid color pleated skirts, there is no need to worry about. The simpler color often can control different styles, and the effect of the upper body is more decent. The pleated skirt has a different way of matching, but the color is simple, it must have more selectivity, and it does not have a headache to choose.

Printing: Fashion and dazzling

With some printed embellishments, it will not look too monotonous. Girls who like to go to personality can choose more pleated skirts with different prints or colors to wear. They have more fashionable sense, and their temperament has become fashionable and playful, suitable for girls who are unusual.

(3) Divided by material

Satin: Silk Smoothy taste


Soft and delicate, touch -up satin, is a symbol of quality and taste at a glance. The satin’s pleated skirt is soft and relative, and it is comfortable and natural as it is integrated with the skin. Especially with temperament shirts or simple and atmospheric tops, the high -quality temperament is even better.

Velvet: Advanced and shiny

Velvet is the favorite material of the trendy people in recent years, because with a sense of high -level and gloss, the effect of the three -dimensional version of the body is also very outline. And it also has a very strong ability to set anti -wrinkle. The pleated skirt of this material naturally also has a three -dimensional sense of layering.

Skirt: fresh and elegant

Compared to the elegant fairy skirt, no one can refuse? The light tulle, as the breeze is elegant, is the standard of a little fairy. The fabric of the gauze, compared to other fabrics, feels more cool to put on the legs, and has less heavy sense.

Second, the selection of small men: show high, reduce age reduction

1. It is better to choose short models as much as possible

The short top and pleated skirt are the rules of dressing that a small man must follow. Everyone’s unified purpose is to dress up and thinner clothes. First of all, the position of the waistline is expressed. Therefore, choose a shorter top and try to raise the waistline as much as possible, and the small man looks better.


2. Simple elements and easy matching


Wild color: white/gray


If you focus on the fresh style of age, choose a white pleated skirt to match, it is an effective way to show girly atmosphere. And the pursuit of fashion personality occasionally reflects neutral temperament from the sense of youth. It is recommended to choose a gray pleated skirt for ladies and sisters, which combines youthfulness and age -reducing visual effects.

Classic elements: plaid

The plaid is a very classic British style element and the basic element commonly used in pleated skirts. Because the checkered and pleated skirts are the popular elements of the college style, the combination of the two is inexplicably fit, which is very suitable for the young lady and sister.


3. Use bags/accessories to increase girly feelings


(1) Small backpack/crossbody bag

Backpack models and small cross -body bags are all products that are reduced by age. Compared to other more elegant feminine handbags, the audience of these two bags is more suitable for campus girls or young ladies who are cute everyday, especially the petite girls, which are more softer to match.

(2) Hat/socks


Increasing the youthfulness, interpret the sense of girls more specific, with a hat, you can add a lot of points to the image. The hat can also be cleverly modified, especially a small face with a small face or round, which can be balanced through a hat modification.

Socks are also fashionable accessories, especially with pleated skirts, socks are perfect partners. You can choose socks or middle socks and match with short pleated skirts.

Third, make a coat to complete the pretty sense

1. Simplified matching fashion

The simple and complexity of the upper and lower packets must be grasped. The base skirt of the top can be relatively unique, otherwise it is another way of wear. If both elements are complicated, wearing a body will appear to be a visual confusion or even shorter. And the same element combination, it is also easy to make it eclipse.

2. Playing method is more playful

Recently, it has become popular. Whether it is stacked with a dress with a half skirt or a dress, it is a very mixed way to mix and match, and it is also a fashionable and refined love method. You may wish to use this personality to wear and make your pleated skirt wear more possibilities.

3. Use more refreshing girl color scheme

In the hot summer, it should be matched with the colors in line with the season to bring the cool cooling attributes. The refreshing color matching is very eye -catching, and it is deeply attractive at a glance. It is a very girly color matching rule. Many small girls are very moving.

① Tiansan+Pure White

Features: fresh and pleasant, eye -catching age reduction

The combination of strap skirts and T -shirts is a youthful look, which makes people instantly ignite the desire to protect. The sky blue strap pleated skirt is fresh and moving, like the clean and refreshing summer sky. With white T -shirts without any flaws, it is cute and cute.


② Pure white+warm yellow


The combination of pure white and warm yellow, as beautiful as the first love, and full of vitality as a girl. The short T -shirt and short skirts seem to be very tall.

The pleated skirt can be said to be an exclusive item of a small girl. The youthful atmosphere that can’t stop it makes you shine on the road of vitality. It is not a problem with a small younger. You are fashionable Girl.