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Innovation integration promotes the new Guifeng

– Guangxi special cultural bloom Shenzhen Wenbo Association

On September 27th, the 17th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo is coming to an end. This session, Guangxi exhibiting group brings 650 cultural and artistic boutiques and cultural products, highlighting the fruitful results of Guangxi to use outstanding traditional cultural resources innovation and development cultural industries.

In the past few days, the Guangxi Exhibition Hall in the Wenbo Association has demonstrated the new application, new format, new model, and Guangxi cultural products in the rich and national style, and the specialty of the rich and ethnic customs. According to incomplete statistics, during the 5-day exhibition period, nearly 80,000 people went into the Guangxi Exhibition Hall to appreciate the colorful Guifeng.

“Non-legacy” presents cultural symbols

During the Wen Expo, the 56-year-old non-legacy passer Tang Chui will wear a beautiful Zhuang costume every day, sitting in the booth. Fresh, vivid skills show, attracting many viewers. “This is called ‘乜’, which is a mascot in the Humang County Zhuang folk inheritance. It is a wax, and there is a disease of disease and health. “The dragon dense, both popularization of the folk culture of Zhuang people, and opened the sales for their own products.

The deep cultural heritage is the bottom gas of the Guangxi cultural industry. While inheriting and carrying forward the tradition, the new era also gives non-legacy cultural new meaning, making it a new vitality and adapts to the current social environment and aesthetic interest.

In the “Shanhai Connected Silk Road” exhibition area, a large shell sculpting painting attracted the audience. The picture main body is a majestic Great Wall. On the winding mountain, the young mountains, the young mountains and green eyes, the snow in the mountains, the whole painting, the whole painting, the whole painted seashell, the picture, the whole painting is carved with a large and small shell. This painting is a shellflowing skills inheritance. The entire painting is 2.8 meters wide, 1.8 meters high, used in a variety of seashells, they started thinking, selection, and light production at the beginning of the year.

“Look, this is the hydrangea that Liu San Sister will give A Niu Ge!” Before the booth of Jingxi embroidered, the audience was attracted by the unique cultural symbol of Guangxi. And they don’t know, although “hydrangea” is still the hydrangea, but it has been “reborn”, introducing modern dyeing, printing and other technologies and processes, the quality and production capacity of hydrangea have greatly improved. It can be seen from it that technology empowerment has brought more possibilities to non-legacy development.

The continuation of non-legacy efforts not only requires the inheritance of the mortar, but also needs to inject new vitality. Wang Bo Yang from Guilin is the seventh part of the natural pool, and is also the sixth generation inheritor of teak. He told reporters that this year is the 10th time to participate in the Shenzhen Wenbo Council. Every time I come here, I can learn a lot from all over the world to improve my skills. He also said that relevant government departments at all levels attach great importance to the inheritance of non-legacy art, and give many policies, his enterprises have developed to more than 100 people, with an annual output value of over 10 million yuan.

“Created” leads the industry development

Guangxi does not lack cultural creativity. The “Impression · Liu San Sister”, the first to perform a large-scale landscape, the real scene of the world, is the creative masterpiece in Guangxi relying on local culture and landscape resources. It is still a beautiful cultural symbol in Guangxi.

Zhang Yanqing, Marketing Director, Guilin, Guangvinhua Tourism Culture Industry Co., Ltd., introduced the company’s overall packaging, promotion, this exhibition, etc. Taking the literary product as a carrier, “Impression · Liu San Sister” walked out of Yangshuo and went to the distance. “

Relying on the creativity of local characteristic cultures, driving the development of industrial development while shaping urban culture, Liuzhou is a forerunner. At this session, the screw powder of various colors became a highlight of the Guangxi Exhibition Hall. As a representative of Liuzhou food culture, this traditional feature has now changed from “Street Lane Snack” butterfly to “Net Red Food”, developing a large industry with over 10 billion yuan.

Liuzhou Wenbao Group E200 model Bluetooth speaker represents another important urban culture symbol of Liuzhou – car culture. Xu Wei, the head of the group’s literary product project, introduced that the printing in the body is Liuzhou City Huazai, which can be said to be “city accompanying ceremony” that can represent Liuzhou image.

From September 25th, it is the “Public Open Day” of this Document Expo, three days, and a large number of citizens flooded into the pavilion. Compared with the professional audience, the flow of ordinary audiences may be more intuitive to reflect the market wind direction. In the Guangxi exhibition hall, it attracts a lot of young people. It is the Zhiyun stabilizer series, and many viewers have taken out their mobile phones and camera experience stabilizers. As the short video industry continues to heat up, the stabilizer market has expanded rapidly, and related products have also become a hot spot for players. The production base is located in Guilin Zhiyun Stabilizer belonging to high-end brands in similar products. It has a relatively high reputation and reputation in the world, representing the level of “Guangxi Manufacturing”. Its maximum highlight is to join the high-end software service, realize video clip automation, this innovation causes the market’s requirements for fast discharge.

“Integration” to create a cultural boutique

In recent years, with the development of digital technology, new technologies are constantly infiltrating into various fields of culture, “integration” has become a keyword of cultural industry. Digital fusion, media integration, industry integration, and a number of new models of “cultural +” are becoming an important engine for high quality development in Guangxi cultural industries.

In the Guangxi Daily-Guangxi Cloud Exhibition, a main screen and three vertical screens consisting of “matrix”, constantly playing a shocking picture, fast-paced, fashion and dynamic color blocks and lines, passing a cool technology.

Through control equipment, the audience can interact with the system, explore the Guangxi Daily – Guangxi Cloud “Media Integration + International Communication” – Animation Institute ” The “Destiny” series of short video MVs, digital publishing “Digital” “Digital” “Digital” “Digital”, “Digital”

The deep cultural resources and connotation rich in the hot earth in Guangxi is an important driving force for boosting the development of media integration. The Guangxi Exhibition Hall specially planned the “Hundred Years of Tongzhuang Red Heart” exhibition area, showing “Xiangjiang Battle” and other books, literary products, animation, and IP derived in the party, in the form of a media fusion, Spirit.

Guangxi Publishing Media Group has set up the three major sections of Guangxi Network Anime Competition, Guangxi Digital Museum VR / AR Experience Zone and Boutique Book Exhibition Area, showing the basis of our district on the basis of deep excavation of local rich cultural resources, multi-dimensional exploration ” Culture + “Fusion Development Achievements.

The winning works of Guangxi Network Anime Competition have been incubated into a cultural and creative product of an anime image into a form of cultural and creative products, but also highlighting the cultural symbols of Guangxi, and highlights trendy, lively and personal characteristics.

Guangxi Digital Museum explores the “Digital Publishing + Smart Tourism + Reading Experience” industry integration path. In the VR / Ar experience area, the reporter also experienced a wonderful course of “dream back to Huashan”, wearing a virtual reality VR glasses, as if instantly crossing the foot of Huashan, witness the magnificent picture of the flower mountains.

Committed to cultural integration, innovation and development in many fields, a group of Guangxi cultural brands with nationality, era, influence and core competitiveness is growing. More and more outstanding traditional cultures in Guangxi have glow new vitality and vitality through combination with crafts, techniques, technology, creative, tourism.