Many friends are also confused when buying sheets. What are the differences in bedding of different materials? Today, the editor of Yinchuan Decoration Network will come and see with everyone

The difference between old thick cloth sheets and ordinary cotton sheets


And the old thick cloth sheet is different from the canvas sheet.

Different: Material

Both are cotton. The difference between old rough cloth and ordinary cotton cloth is that the craftsmanship is different. The yarn used by the old rough cloth is generally a cotton yarn with 21 gauze, and the general yarn number of cotton cloth is relatively high, which means that it is thinner. The old rough cloth is the woven fabric, and the cotton cloth is the finished product made of knitted fabrics. The old coarse cloth is thicker than the ordinary cotton cloth and the texture is clearer.

Differential two: comfort

Compared with cotton sheets, the old rough cloth has a better breathable sweat -absorbing performance, and it can also play a certain role in massage and health care. Make the body temperature quickly return to normal, adsorb sweat and sweat on human skin, and prevent itching.

Differential three: durability

The old and rough cloth is heavier than the average cotton cloth. Some density is very large, so it is more durable and not easy to wrinkle.

Different four: touch

If the old rough cloth and cotton sheets are used in terms of light, the feel of pure cotton is better than the thick cloth, and it is more comfortable to contact the body.

The difference between the old thick cloth sheet and the canvas sheet:

Different one: From the perspective of the color

The color of the canvas is much because it is woven into a white cloth first, and then the printing and dyeing. The old coarse cloth color is limited.

Different two: cotton yarn

The canvas cotton yarn can be used well, not good, and it is not too much different. It is easier to mix with fish and dragons; the cotton yarn with poor old rough cloth will definitely be unavailable for coloring. Old thick cloth.

Different three: safety performance

If you are used for your baby and pregnant women, it is still recommended to be old -fashioned, because it is safer, the printing and dyeing process is determined that the old coarse cloth is low -carbon and environmentally friendly zero formaldehyde, but the canvas are not necessarily. risks of.

Different four: breathable

The canvas texture is more delicate, and the breathability and sweat absorption are not as old as old. The old rough cloth texture is thick, and the sheets are not as thick as the mat, so the old rough cloth is the first choice for breathable sweat absorption. The old rough cloth is worse than the mat.

Differences 5: cooling effect

If the canvas, the cooling effect is good. If the thick canvas are used in summer, it is very cool. According to the process, the old thick cloth is different from the tightly woven. However, the old thick cloth is an air -conditioned mat, which is warm in winter and cool in summer.


The above is the difference between old rough cloth, canvas and ordinary cotton sheets. Which one do you like? I hope that Yinchuan’s installation can help you choose different types of sheets.

The difference between old thick cloth sheets and ordinary cotton sheets