Rubing the towels is a home textile suppl for people used to clean up excess water droplets and dirt on their hands. In recent years, with the continuous pursuit of people’s quality of life, many families have multiple hand scarfs in the kitchen, living room or bathroom. As long as you have water or dirt on your hands, wipe with it, and keep your hands clean and clean. In the face of various materials and styles on the market, how to correctly choose a easy -to -use hand scarf? Next, it will be shared by Yijie’s house cleansing utensils for you.

Choose the right material


As we all know, when choosing a scarf, the material is the most important. The feeling of using the scarfs of different materials is different, and there are coral velvet, bamboo fiber, cotton, polyester fiber, Snowy, etc. on the market The material of the material, their advantages have their own advantages. Today, the focus of the coral velvet and bamboo fiber scarf, of which the coral velvet wipes the scarf with delicate texture, soft feel, not easy to drop hair, can not afford balls, does not colors, and has nothing to do with the skin. Stimulating, and coral velvet scarf looks beautiful, rich in color, super strong water absorption ability, and is loved by consumers; here to recommend the coral velvet can be used to absorb hand towels for you to reflect the cleaning appliances, not only the coral velvet material It is made, with super strong water absorption capacity, delicate and soft, mild and not irritating, plus hangable design, use it in the back, dry it naturally, it is very convenient to use, it is worth choosing.

After talking about the coral velvet scarf, let’s talk about the bamboo fiber scarf. Bamboo fiber scratching the scarf is made of bamboo fiber as the raw material. It is processed by multiple processes. Although the texture is not as soft and comfortable as the coral velvet, the water absorption ability is not stronger than the coral velvet, but the bamboo fiber scratching hand towel is rich in natural sterilization ingredients, which can effectively inhibit mites. The breeding of bacteria, keep the scarf clean and hygienic. If you do n’t have time to change the towels often, you can choose a bamboo fiber scarf, which has a longer use time, and the effect of inhibiting bacteria is better.



In addition to choosing the appropriate material to wipe the towel, the sewing process of the hand scarf is also very important. The sewing process is well -made, the appearance is more flat, more comfortable to use, and a longer service life; in addition to the sewing process, the printing and dyeing process of the scarf is also important. Full and uniform, and not easy to fade, very environmentally friendly.

Look at the design


You know, people who often use hand scarfs have a certain pursuit of quality of life. Then people who pursue high -quality life naturally value the styles and design of the scarf very much, so when choosing a scarf, you can choose different colors. , Different shapes of scarfs, like a scarf with animal image as the prototype, tassel -shaped scarf, and the scarf with beautiful patterns are very popular. Good -looking hand scarfs can make life more joyful.

Well, the above is the sharing today. Have you learned it? If you want to make life more tasteful, then choose the towel of Yijie’s housework cleaning utensils.