At the end of the year, the problem of storage and finishing caused many people to have a headache. If you want to clean up your home, the use of some storage boxes is essential.

Next, I recommend a few high -value and installed storage boxes. From the kitchen to the bedroom, it can easily get the whole house storage.

Kitchen and bathroom storage box


Bai Lu | Multifunctional Set frame




Bai Lu stands out in the plastic home furnishing industry with “scene practicality”. Its storage box product line is relatively complete. It is divided into scenes. It can be divided into kitchen and bathrooms, clothing storage, desktop storage, and general models. Essence

The thickened shelf in the Bailu Kitchen and Bathroom series is very practical, which can be superimposed in multi -layered and large storage space. The top can also add small items such as the multi -grid storage layer, storage tools and seasonings. The hollow design on the side of the storage box can not only ventilate and breathe, prevent bacteria from breeding, but also equipped with S -shaped hooks and hang other items.

The unit price of most of the storage boxes is between 40-50 yuan, and the price of some small storage boxes is only 10-20 yuan. The mainstream e-commerce platform has flagship stores, which is convenient to buy.


Ali | Plastic hollow vine editor FB-S FB-S



Alice is the boss of the Japanese storage industry, and sales are equivalent to the sum of the second to fourth place. The market in the Chinese market is also dazzling, and it is among the top sales of storage equipment all year round.

The overall color of the Alice storage box is light, suitable for different home environments. The FB-S is made of plastic vine, and the workmanship is exquisite. The gaps of the rattan can also be drained, practical and beautiful.

The price of this storage box is between 20-50 yuan and the price is relatively high.


Xitian Dragon | Simple hollow storage basket L-7101


Xitianlong is one of the leading companies in the domestic plastic home industry and has the largest intelligent production base in the industry. In addition to settling in large commercial supermarkets and e -commerce platforms, Xitianlong also has a specialty store, and its sales performance is also good.

This L-7101 storage basket is open, no cover, generally placed in desktop, bathroom and other places, suitable for storage of toiletries, simple design and excellent practicality.

The Xitianlong L-7101 has 5 styles, which are different in length, width, and short, but the price is around 10 yuan.

Desktop storage box

Ali | Draw -style desktop storage box KC series


The Alice KC series is like a narrow version of a large drawer storage box. The design is exquisite and combined by small drawers of different sizes. Special handle design is also more convenient for the opening and closing of the drawer.

The price of this storage box is between 50-100 yuan, and the specifications and styles can be selected. Consumers can choose to buy according to their needs.

Xitian Dragon | Desktop small object storage basket


The Xitianlong L-7150 is a rattan storage box, like a plastic rattan basket, which is not large, and can be stored in items that need to be ventilated and breathable. The step -type design is easy to get, and the corners are round to prevent bumps.


The L-7150 is priced between 5-15 yuan depending on the specifications and the mainstream e-commerce platform is available.

Camellia | square storage box 2888/2887


Camellia 2887/2888 is a storage box. The materials are PP resin. The embedded top cover does not take up space, which is convenient for storage boxes. The difference between the two is only the capacity, 2888 is 9.5L, and 2887 is 20L. It can be used arbitrarily. The style is simple and simple.

These two models are 40-50 yuan, and the combination is about 80 yuan. The official flagship store can be purchased, and the channels are convenient.

Clothing storage box


Tianma | drawer storage box FITS series



Tianma is synonymous with high -end storage boxes in Japan. The Fits series transparent drawer storage box is a signature product of Tianma. Since its launch in 1986, it has been a best -selling product. Its workmanship and design are the top in the industry.


The FITS series storage box is strong and durable. Not only is it embedded in the bottom of the box, but also reinforced the front frame. There is a card slot on the top. The multi -layer superposition is still stable and will not deform. The size of the size and free combination is its highlight, which can maximize the use of the idle space of the wardrobe and desktop.

The storage box of Tianma is generally sold in a single load, and the large -sized price is usually above 100 yuan.

Happy Fish | Cotton and Maibu Art Storage Box


Happy Fish is located in the “Textile Base” Jiangsu and Zhejiang area. Relying on cost advantages, its fabric storage box sales are quite good. Happy fish fabric storage boxes are small and low in freight, and once ranked fourth in Taobao storage boxes.

The cotton and linen products of happy fish use cotton and linen blend fabrics. The color matching is not obvious. In terms of structural, it can be upgraded to a 6 steel frame frame, which is stronger than the average model of 3 steel frames.

According to the different capacity, the price is between 20-50 yuan, up to 100L, which is more affordable.

Bailu | Draw -style underwear storage box bl1553


In response to the demand for small clothing storage, Bai Lu developed the BL1553 of the scattered underwear storage box. This model is made of environmentally friendly PP material, which is divided into three styles: underwear box, panties box, and socks box. The underwear box and socks box are designed to make the storage order.

Bailu underwear storage box is more careful than other brands of similar products, with a classification label, and it is easier to find the corresponding items. BL1553 sells for about 10 yuan, and it is cheap.