Rice noodles are a specialty snack in the south.


Rice noodles, square rice noodles, ripple rice noodles, silver rice noodles, wet rice noodles and dried rice noodles, etc. Among the many rice noodles, Hsinchu rice noodles are the most famous and are loved by diners.


Hsinchu rice noodles are specialties in the Hsinchu area of ​​Taiwan. They were first introduced into Taiwan from Fujian. Because of the special environment of Hsinchu, Hsinchu rice noodles have become local characteristics and are also famous all over the country.

Hsinchu rice noodles are almost the same as fans. The best way to eat is fried, but because it is thinner and softer, many friends are easy to stick to the pan and easy to fry when cooking, and there will be no appetite in an instant. In fact, fried rice noodles are not difficult. Today, I will share the correct practice of fried rice flour to ensure that it is not sticky or sticky, and the fragrance is strong.

【Fried rice flour】

Main ingredients: Hsinchu rice noodles, eggs, cabbage, ham sausage, green pepper

The first step is soaked in cold water with cold water, which is more delicious than soaking in warm water or boiling water. It’s about 40 minutes.

In the second step, prepare half of the cabbage and wash it into filaments. Cut the carrots into filaments, cut the plate for later use, and cut a ham sausage cutting knife into a round piece.

In the third step, 3 eggs are put in the small bowl, and the eggs are fully dispersed with chopsticks. After the pot is more oil, pour the egg liquid after the oil is hot, and fry the eggs into a slightly larger egg block. come out.


The fourth step, at this time, the powder is soaked, and it can be broken by dragging it with your hands. Then drain the water to start frying.


In the fifth step, stir -fry the aroma of the ham, then pour in the high heat of the cabbage, carrots, and bean sprouts, and then add rice noodles to continue to stir -fry the water on the surface of the rice noodles. Essence

Step 6, let’s start seasoning. Add salt, soy sauce, soy sauce, and spiced powder to stir -fry evenly. You do n’t need to put the other seasonings. You can use chopsticks when stir -fry, so that you can stir more uniformly.

Step 7, stir -fry evenly, pour the eggs and green onions, and stir -fry evenly. You can get out of the pan. You can enjoy it in the plate. This fried rice noodles are ready, and the fragrance is delicious.




If time is tight, you can also choose to soak in warm water or boiling water, but the time must be mastered. Basically 3-5 minutes. If it is soaked, the rice noodles are easy to break, and the stir-fry finished products are not strong enough.


In addition, in order to prevent sticking to the pan, we can pour in an appropriate amount of edible oil in the soaked rice noodles, and then stir well, so that we will not stick to the pan and we will not stack together.

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