Recently, the weather has become cold, the cold wind is raging, and the wind is very unbearable. While we are pursuing fashion trends, we must also pay attention to keeping warm, warmth and fashion, which is the current trend attitude.


Speaking of warmth, I have to say that it is easy to protect the neck, otherwise it is easy to get sick.


At this time, the scarf is coming out


There are many types of scarves, and many younger sisters are looking for.

Today, take everyone to see the style of the scarf


1. The historical story of the scarf

Speaking of the little story of a scarf, there is such a legend

Essence Said to Napoleon’s first wife -Josephonbo Alnene

He was a very beautiful and diplomatic talent in France at the time.


The queen that integrates beauty and wisdom

At that time, Napoleon returned,

A cashmere scarf was brought back from the Kashmir area to her, and she was countless of her.

Suddenly attracted by this soft and warm scarf, it became her favorite item

Later, people imitated her.

Textiles and wearing scarves, on the one hand, are used to resist the cold wind, on the other hand, to show their charm.

In this way, the scarf also begins to appear on the historical stage

Second, the show of the scarf


Recently, the weather has become colder, and Xiaobian also felt the wind of “the boundless falling wood”.


In such a strong wind, how can there be no scarf?


The scarf not only brushed a wave of presence on the autumn and winter show this year


, The popular models have also been updated

If you are dismissive of the scarf or have doubts

And when you watch the autumn and winter show,

You will find that the scarf is really trendy and versatile

Now the scarf is not just a warm item,

As long as there is it in winter, the concave shape is a matter of getting started in minutes.

It can also set off your personality temperament

In Shanghai Fashion Week 2018, the theme is “no boundaries”,

A catering brand has an unprecedented cross -border co -branded “Food Shang Food” with a certain brand of clothing

What kind of firefly does the “food” of food and fashion? Abu took the lead in Get the cross -border co -branded scarf and hanged on his body and set off.


Watch this cross -border show


The design of some clothing brands is inspired by the menu design of some catering industry.

Such a wonderful imagination, it really is very interesting

3. Scarf recommendation of different materials


1. Cashmere scarf


Followed scarves of different materials can be divided into three types: cashmere scarf, fur scarf and silk scarf.

Among them, the cashmere scarf is the most textured in visual experience. Soft and glutinous -glutinous rice should be what it should be in winter.

The cashmere scarf is not easy to get rid of hair and does not tie people,

The feel is soft and waxy, the whole is very thick,

Wind -keeping warmth and small neck


Therefore, whether you are slender or short or short,


Such a soft and glutinous glutinous glutinous

It can also show that the fashionable cashmere scarf is all versatile artifacts


The concave shapes are proper, and it can be said that the temperature and temperature are not wrong.

The cashmere scarf from the cold color to the warm color system to meet different needs


Both coats, down jackets or cotton jackets can be used to make temperament,


While keeping warm, come and give you a bright color in winter

2. Fur Scarf


Speaking of winter fashion items is gloves and scarves.


Play or jump or emphasize fluffy material. The fur scarf is the weight that the lady does not have

Compared to the high -profile and exaggerated local tyrants brought by mink coats,

Fool scarf can not only prevent cold, but also the strength of the concave shape. It is luxurious in the low -key, stylish and faction.


, Let you warm the whole winter

Such a fur scarf has to say that it is a artwork in a scarf.

In the cold winter, how much wind is you,

Wrap the warm and fluffy fur scarf around the neck and hit a knot you like, you can shield all the cold air

3. Silk scarf scarf


It’s the season to wear the autumn and winter again,

It’s hard to have a large item for a large item a day

, Can’t always buy and buy

How to do it? We can cleverly use clothing accessories to create the freshness of the overall shape. For example, with a dull autumn and winter clothes with a small silk scarf


It will make people look bright immediately, adding elegance and vitality


The difference between the silk scarf and other scarves is that it can give people more delicate and compact. There are many ways to match the scarf, except for the general neck,

In addition to the collar, you can also use it as a decoration on the bag, you can also Baitou, ponytail, as a belt, etc.

Fourth, different version of the design scarf recommendation


1. Different width scarves

Warm, fashionable, and intimate, is the best feeling that scarves bring to people


Essence The scarf is the “good girlfriend” that sister paper cannot do without the winter

The scarf can be divided into different scarfs with wide narrowness according to the version design,

Three types of scarves with different lengths and clothes with their own scarves


The length of the scarf is different, and the style is different, and the style is different. It can help you match different styles.


Light up your various looks


The solid color model is simple and easy to match, the striped checkered style is elegant and quiet, the fur is luxurious and mature, do you want to join the pocket?


Lazy hair is suitable for big scarves, making the wearer look warm

The tall ponytail is more versatile. Whether it is wide or narrow scarf, it can be matched with different styles.

For long straight hair, the simple color scarf of minimalism is a versatile item

2. Scarfs with different lengths


In addition to different width and narrow scarves,

Scarfs with different lengths are also active on the streets and alleys in winter.

A warm scarf can resist the invasion of the cold wind, and a thin scarf can resist spring cold


And the scarf with different lengths is also very good


Essence Different colors, colorful patterns, and different lengths are beautiful landscapes appeared in the neck


Many fashionistas are paired with scarves,

Make them overall shapes more lively and dynamic


The scarfs with different lengths are not just a warm single product this winter, but also a representative item of the trend.

All kinds of long and short styles and colors all let you walk on the street and attract the attention of passers -by

With different styles of jackets, not only warm up and warm, but also more shapes.

Make your winter more colors, and it’s more beautiful when warm

3. Clothes with a scarf

Wearing a scarf’s clothes, Xiaobian loves this style very much


Essence This is a sweater that is not monotonous and has a tone inside

One piece can get a variety of shapes

, Keep warm and fashionable. V -neck design stretch neck line


The most lacking of women in winter is this sexy!


The scarf that comes with the clothes can be hung on both sides,

Visually bring a casual and lazy temperament. When it is cold, you can also surround the neck to keep warm.

Quality and feel are undoubtedly the best. This is a dress that I recommend starting.

The price / performance ratio is extremely high! The design of the self -wearing scarf makes it a little more colorful to other sweater items

Fifth, different pattern pattern design scarf recommendations

1. Pure color scarf

According to different patterns, the scarf can be divided into solid -color scarf and a group pattern scarf. in,


Pure -colored scarves have the same simple and rustic attributes as other items

Different solid -color scarves can show different effects and styles.


A solid color scarf can reconcile the dull atmosphere in winter. This wave of light, gentle and comfortable feeling like love

And the solid color scarf is comfortable and elastic,

Soft and warm, it is a more special style, playful and versatile in literature and art, it is necessary to buy items in winter


2. Wear pattern pattern scarf

The essential items in winter must be a scarf, coarse scarf, woolen scarf, solid color scarf, embroidered scarf, etc.


Fashionable and warm, can be embellished with wearing

Among them, the most different temperament is the pattern pattern scarf.


The same item can always meet the needs of different styles under the embellishment of different details.

The cold and wild scarf is no exception

Add tassel or fluff, pattern or pattern to the edge of the scarf


, Gentle and sweet temperament is at a glance, and the chic and unruly personality is reflected in the fullest.

A lot of daily versatile choices are more daily and versatile than ordinary styles of solid color scarf


6. Recommended methods for different wear of scarves

1. Directly on the shawl


(1.) Make a scarf


The simplest way is to wear a scarf. The scarf can not only protect the cold, but also be used as a classic accessories to embellish the whole body of winter.


The scarf is versatile without errors, showing an elegant temperament under the lining of the coat

(2.) Add belt as clothes

If you want to be a little different, you can use your belt as clothes.


Choose a print or letter style to break the dull wear and enhance the sense of fashion

2. Around neck system

(1.) A circle

This method is suitable for young ladies and sisters with short necks and high,

The scarf surrounded can be thinner and more fashionable, and the little fairies can easily control it.


(2.) Several laps


This method is suitable for young ladies and sisters with long necks and not tall.

And don’t press it, the little fairies can come and try


Okay, today’s fashion wear -the style of the scarf is introduced here. I don’t know what style you like. Welcome to leave a message to tell the editor.