Do not tear the tape on the bathroom wall tiles. Useful

When my family was renovated, I would like to see the master posting such a method in the bathroom and the kitchen ↓↓

I’m curious about what is this? Why do you post this? Is it useful? My master gave me a glance: “You don’t know this? This thing is very useful, you still listen to me!”

Then let’s listen, this is the moment of long knowledge! In order to help me understand, the master first told me a real case:

The residents upstairs from the master’s house before, because the kitchen did not post this label, please come to the master who installed the cabinet to miss the water pipe without paying attention. Before the renovation, no property was required to ask for the water. No one knew which location was buried in the water pipe.

Do n’t you only find someone to repair yourself in the end ~

Speaking of which, do you understand?

The first use of this is to indicate the hydropower pipeline

The location of the water pipe and wires is marked. During construction, it can avoid damaging the water pipes, especially the kitchen installation cabinets, range hoods, and showers installed in the bathroom. It is easy to hit the pipe without marking.

The second use is the water pipes and wires respectively

The green label represents the water pipe, and the red is the wire (sometimes blue represents the water pipe, orange represents the wire)

The third use is the income size

Although the location of shower, cabinets, hoods, etc. is determined when the water and electricity positioning is located, for the installation of cabinets, it is still necessary to repeat the size after the kitchen tiles are paved. The direction helps the cabinet design more suitable for the size of the kitchen and perfect.

Therefore, when renovation, you must not forget the marking hydropower pipeline. The hardcover room has been paved with hidden projects such as hydropower and electricity. Before the decoration design, remember to find the developer or property to ask the hidden engineering drawings at home in their own homes. Essence

In addition, there is a red mark. Note ↓↓

This is used for just paved tiles. The newly paved tiles are not firm, and such tools need to be fixed.

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