TCL is exposed to a hybrid mobile device that is brewing+curly screen design

In addition to the concept equipment displayed during the CES 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, some foreign media have recently found that TCL is brewing another “foldable + curly screen” smartphone.

Considering that the company has its own panel factory (Huaxing Optoelectronics), and in early 2020, the promotion of its own brand Android smart machine was increased. It is expected that this kind of novel foldable flexible OLED screen device is expected to be at some time in the future with Everyone meets.

About 12 months ago, TCL revealed that it was developing certain prototypes, including a folding tablet with dual hinges.

It can be folded like a wind piano, and after stretching, it can transform from a thick mobile phone to a flat shape. And with a rolling device, it can slide the screen from the side.

A tri-fold tablet and a roLLABLE SMARTPHONE (VIA)

At that time, the company said that the conceptual design was designed to launch some experiments and explorations at the level of appearance and screen technology. In addition, TCL executives confirmed that these are only one of the three forms they are currently studying.

Then we saw a more exquisite curly screen design and a larger tablet version during CES 2021, and the latter can stretch into a small TV look.

Now, TCL has been exposed to another new sketch and rendering of iterations designed. CNET pointed out that the device is expected to be officially released in April, combining DragonHinge hinges and curly screens.

If the larger tablet version is provided first, its body shape should not be as heavy as the company’s dual -fold screen smart machines previously displayed.

TCL ROLLABLE Display Smartphone and Tablet Technology (VIA) (VIA)

Considering that the current TCL mobile product lines that have been listed are mainly cost -effective (such as the TCL 20 series with less than $ 300), we are looking forward to the legendary April 2021 press conference will bring greater surprises.

As a reference, the price of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has been explored from $ 2,000 to about $ 1,800. In addition, it is said that the company will develop more attractive foldable products in 2021.

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