The “chastity locks” of women in China in the past are generally buckled on the waist of the pants, which is very convenient to use

The shape of ancient Chinese locks

Author Ni Fang Liu

This “Phoenix under the Indus Tree” is a bit of the lock shape used by ancient Chinese. I have talked about the ancients in the previous headline, (see

“A kind of family property invented by the ancients of the ancients does not lose the four inventions of the four inventions of the family property, and the pre -passed AD in Rome

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(China Password Lock)

The ancient Chinese locks are very rich in shape. They are divided into shapes. Common ones are circular locks, square locks, animal locks, character locks, plant locks, etc. Among them, the shape of the lock body is the most prominent shape, which is significantly different from that of modern locks and long shapes.

Why is this?

Among the traditional Chinese locks, the “fish -shaped lock” is most popular with the people, and its use time and scope are the earliest and wider. Judging from the lyrics of “Chicken Song” in “Lefang’s Poetry Collection ยท Miscellaneous Songs”, the fish -shaped lock has been used in the Han Dynasty:

“Oriental wants to be rotten, Runan morning chicken boarded the altar.

The end of the song is strictly under Chen, and the moon has no stars.

Thousands of households hand in the fish key, and the murmur is flying on the palace. “

The “fish key” in the poem is fish -shaped lock.

This style of locks, not only the use of folk love, but also the royal family. Yuan Ren Lu You’s “Research North Magazine” said, “Therefore, fish keys in the Song Palace, cutting fish and spoon, reducing spoon to get fish, and ancient system.”

Why do the ancients use locks into fish shapes? This is related to the superstition of the ancients.

The Eastern Han people should give an explanation: “The key to hang fish, the roots of fish, and the origin of the fish, and want to close this.” The key must be fish, take the meaning of not being able to keep the night. “

It turned out that the ancients made the lock into fish. Because the fish had no eyelids, they never closed their eyes to sleep, and opened their eyes to guard the portal.

Moreover, in traditional Chinese culture, fish is auspicious animal, representing wealth and wealth. So far, every family has bought fish to eat, buy fish painting stickers, and take the meaning of “more than year”. Furthermore, the fish can turn off in the water, the water can be turned off, and the fish lock on the door also means fire protection.

Such a fish lock is naturally popular with the ancients who pray for safety and wealth. Until modern times, fish -shaped locks are very popular in the people.

Because of the widespread popularity and use of fish -shaped locks, ancient literati liked to use “fish key” or “fish lock” to describe locks. Emperor Liang Jianwen’s “Autumn Night Thinking” in the Southern Dynasty stated: “Ximen’s catfish key, the night bed is a sad screen.” One riding red dust. “

To put it bluntly, the ancients made the lock into fish shape, hoping to obtain a sense of portability psychologically. In addition to fish -shaped locks, the ancients also liked to make the locks, beef -shaped, dog -shaped, monkey -shaped, shrimp -shaped, turtle -shaped, unicorn, toad -shaped, magpie -shaped, and various shapes such as piano, pipa, gourd, plum blossoms. These vivid locks are also known as “fancy locks”, also known as “Citi Lock”.

(Various fancy locks)

The same type of shrimp lock is the same as the fish lock. This is relatively large and is generally used in waterways and warehouses. In order to be firm, some locksmiths will add three hoops to the lock body to cleverly form a shrimp pattern.

In addition to fish -shaped locks, dog -shaped locks are also very popular.

It is natural to make the lock into a dog shape. Naturally, it means “looking at the door”. This shape lock has become popular in the Song Dynasty in the evening.

A dog -shaped copper lock of the Song Dynasty has been discovered. More importantly, all the improvement in the structure, the hidden beam in front of the stamens was led in the dog’s intracranial, and reached the tip of the tail on the hind neck. People are the first.

In addition to animal shapes, the ancients also locked them into leaves and flowers. For example, the leaf -shaped lock (see the figure below), this kind of lock is not large, it is relatively simple, it is convenient to bring it on the body. It has the intention of reminding the travel of travel to return early, because “the tree is tall and the leaves are rooted.”

In ancient times, women also had a small drum -shaped lock, which were usually buckled on the waist of the pants.

This lock body shape is small and smooth. The lock beam is a round hook -type direct lock body. The lock holes are arranged in the middle of the drum waist. The key is inserted into the lock hole.

(Mu Zhen Suo)

This kind of woman’s lock hanging on the waist of the trousers, also known as “Mu Zhen Suo”. In this language, it means that women should be correct, value virginity, clean and self -study, and learn from women; and men must have their role as a model.

Therefore, “Mu Zhen Suo” is intended to remind women to have women’s virtues and keep the bottom line of women. If the husband is not at home or has not yet married, he must tie his pants well and not take off his pants casually.

And Mu Zhen lock must be a small drum -shaped lock, other shapes, which are convenient for small locks that are used on the waist of the pants, which can be called “Mu Zhen Suo”.

In this way, this is the “chastity lock” of Chinese women.

(Mu Zhen Suo)

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