It’s the season when you always want to lick your lips.

Obviously trying to drink water every day [Rain]

But it is still difficult to relieve the dry lips [tear galloping]

Many steel male compatriots around him began to inquire:

What lipstick is moist enough! [Spread hands]

Today I will bring six lipsticks [Sun]

Make your mouth a whole winter, water is moist [awesome]

French Laino La Na Cymatic Lipstick

[Surprise] About 30 yuan, the paste is pale yellow, a very strong cooker fruit flavor, the moisturizing degree is OK, the sticky sense is suitable for autumn and winter! Duck down is as comfortable and not greasy at all. I usually sleep at night, and I get up the next day, my mouth is moist, and it feels great. The taste is light and not irritating. It is said that it does not contain preservatives and can be used with confidence. If you want to improve your lip color or light lip lines, it is not recommended to enter this! Simply moisturize your mouth, push!!!!

L’Occitane Mystery Humid Lipstick

[Breeze] It contains the ingredients of shea butter, which has the effect of repairing, moisturizing and moisturizing. Very natural, there is no special fragrance. When using it, you feel that the cream is slightly melted with the body temperature-the more moisturizing. Frequent use can prevent lip cracking. Sometimes, it can also be used as a lipstick bottom cream, and the effect is also good, which will not affect the color of lipstick. This lip balm is moist but not greasy, and it may not be recommended for those who like to be particularly soft, because it is really thin. But as follows, like a thin layer of moisturizing, it is recommended to try.

Manxiu Ling Lip Gel

[Moon] Manxiu Loton’s most cheap and classic lip glorious gel, coated with a very cool one. It is thick for three or four layers before going to bed at night. P.S. If you apply it in the evening, you will feel oily the next day! This lip glorious gel is more suitable for winter thick coating, moisturizing and not dry

When the lip membrane is used, the ingredients are mild and colorless, soothing and repairing lip lines ~

Vaselin Lipstick

[Lingguang Flash] It is easy to use the burst lip balm, cheap large bowls insist on activities, the ingredients are very safe to be Vaseline. Applying quickly before bedtime, soothing and cracked, and the durability is super strong, and the lips will not have a strong and heavy sense of burden. Before going to bed at night, you can make the lip mask. It can improve lip lines, the paste is very moisturizing, and the repair function is very powerful. On the whole, it is a cost -effective lip balm!

Nivea Olive Olive Lemon Lipstick

[Twitter] Nivea’s one is a rotating paste -like lipstick. The overall design is quite stable. The light green matte shell is printed with information such as logo, which is simple and generous. The most interesting thing is that the lipstick itself is green! But it is still transparent on the lips. Although the main ingredients are olives and lemon, its smell is from the smell of matcha and oolong tea, which is particularly fresh. It belongs to the top three in the TOP list that will be absolutely repurchased!

Cibio’2 lip oil

[Surprise] Cheng Shi’an recommends, do you need to say more? It was thick before going to bed, and it was absorbed the next day. Compared with Lange’s lip mask, the content is much less. It belongs to the reasonable tank that can really be used in a reasonable can. Unlike Lange, which was very strong before, he couldn’t see the bottom of the sky.

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