“Salt” is a good thing. Wash the towels and put it on a bit. The odor is still soft!

The toilet is the hardest hit area of ​​our family. Whether it is a toilet or a washbasin, a lot of dirt will be produced. At this time Now Huahua will remind you to use some “salt”!

Salt is an essential in our daily life. No matter what dishes do, you will put it with it to add flavor. In fact, in addition to adding salty taste, salt also has a good cleaning effect. It can be applied to the shower head to a small towel. When we are okay, we can use some salt in the bathroom. It can save a lot of money in one year!

1. Clean towel

I do n’t know if you have found that the towels at home will start to stiffen after a long time. At this time, it ’s not enough to rely on the laundry solution to clean it. Many friends are annoyed by cleaning the towels. In fact, add some “salt” to solve the problem next time!

When we washing towels, we grabbed a handful of salt into the water so that the towels were soaked in salt water for a while, not only can the odor can be removed well, but the stains can be easily scrubbed. The texture of the towels cleaned with salt water will be relatively soft and the effect is very ideal.

2. Brush the toilet

To say that the frequency in the bathroom is the highest, the toilet is definitely the top. After our daily use, the toilet not only appears full of yellow stains on the surface, sometimes it will return to the odor of the bursts, which makes people disgusting. We can also solve the inconspicuous “salt” at home.

Let’s grab a handful of salt into the water in the toilet dirty mouth. Don’t rush to brush it, so that the salt is soaked in the water for about half an hour. In this time, the salt water can make the unpleasant taste fresh. It can also dissolve the stubborn yellow stains on the toilet wall, and finally soak it. Then use the toilet brush to gently brush to restore clean and fresh, don’t worry about the smell!

3. Dredging the shower head

Now that the weather is getting colder, bathing has become a difficult thing, and even more angry is that the amount of water from the shower head becomes smaller and smaller because of blockage. After a long period of use, the small holes on the shower head will be blocked by the scale. In order to clear the flow rate, we can soak it with salt water.

We use a plastic bag to fill the water, then put it in salt to dissolve, and finally put this plastic bag on the shower head for dozens of minutes. It’s in the bag, so that you can ensure the amount of water out when using the shower head!

Don’t look at the little salt’s inconspicuous. In fact, it can still play a lot of role!

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about towel, hope it can help you.