Xiao Yan’s baby is about to be 1 year old, so their family is going to take a set of parent -child photos to commemorate. But the style of parent -child photos has too many styles. In recent days, Xiao Yan and her husband are almost looking at it, and they have not chosen the most favorite style. In fact, since the parent -child photo of the age of baby, parents should still choose the style suitable for the baby. So let’s take a look together. What are the styles of parent -child photos that are suitable for babies and commemorative significance?

1. Chinese style

Chinese style parent -child photos are a very popular style in recent years. Imagine that the family wore Chinese style costumes and was in an antique scene. This was not only taking a set of photos, but also feeling the ancient charm and ancient style, and the history of the Huaxia people for thousands of years. When the baby grows up, the parents can point to the photo to tell him the classic historical story, which not only enriches his knowledge, but also allows him to experience the beauty of Chinese style. And both Tang costumes and Hanfu are very beautiful, and it is very temperamental.

2. Nostalgic wind

Nostalgic parent -child photos are also a very beautiful photo style. Whether it is the post -80s or the parents of the post -90s, there are memories of their own generation, and with their babies, the most nostalgic era with photos is also a very good thing. And when the baby grows up, parents can tell him that when he was a child, he recalled his youth with your baby. In addition, parents can also take their babies to take nostalgic photos of their parents’ era, which is also a good choice.

3. British aristocratic style

The British aristocratic style should actually be, parents like one style. It is a kind of retro, but very classic dress style. Women wear dresses and wraps; men wear suit and hold hand sticks; babies can also wear strap pants, or ladylike skirts, which are both foreign and beautiful. At that time, when the photos are taken, it will definitely have a style. When the baby grows up, it will definitely like it.

4. Fairy Tale Wind

The fairy tale style is a style of the baby taste, and its meaning is also very good, beautiful and full of imagination. At that time, the prince and princess who live in the castle, and their babies; they can also be photographed into the animals that play in the forest. They are very loving and memorable. In addition, the dark -fairy -style parent -child photo can also be tried, as long as the props of the photo hall are powerful.

I hope that the style of these four parent -child photos can solve the “choice difficulties” for parents; or it can help you develop thinking and think of a better photo style!