Which PDF converter is free? Many friends need PDF converters at work, which is a must -have tool for processing PDF files. There are many PDF converters on the market, all kinds of, paid, free, good conversion effects and general effects. So what PDF converters are free? Let me share with you five free PDF converters.

one. Pdfmate pdf converter free

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PDFMate PDF Converter Free is a free PDF conversion tool that can quickly convert PDF files into Word, EPUB, Text, HTML, SWF, and various picture formats. Files, this software function is limited to conversion.

two. Hi format PDF converter

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Hi Format PDF converter is a professional PDF conversion software, which supports multiple conversion modes, including PDF and Word, PPT, Excel, pictures, TXT, HTML and other file formats. It also has PDF file mergers and disassembly Division, compression, encryption, interface, watermark, picture extraction and other functions.

The success rate of the software documentation conversion is relatively high, which is done well in the same kind. The document conversion does not change the original version, and the conversion success rate is as high as 99%. It also supports the transformation of encrypted file formats. It uses leading technology in the industry, and the encrypted files can also easily realize the PDF format conversion. In short, this software function is more comprehensive and has a good processing effect. I am most recommended.

three. Acpsoft PDF Converter

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ACPSOFT PDF Converter is a multifunctional PDF converter that can convert PDF into file formats such as DOC, HTML, TXT and other file formats. The operation is relatively simple. This software also has a guide mode, which can guide users to complete the conversion step by step. The conversion Word document can be edited. ACPSOFT PDF Converter can also be used as a file to PDF converter. It can convert the DOC or TXT files to PDF, but only supports the transition of English documents to PDF. The functions and permissions are relatively single.

Four. SIMPO PDF Converter Ultimate

Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate也是一款简单的PDF转换器,它是Simpo PDF to Word的增强版,支持将PDF转换为Word、Excel、PowerPoint、HTML、TXT或图片文件(bmp、png、jpeg、gif、tiff To. Simpo PDF Converter and AnybizSoft PDF Converter have similar functions to convert simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Cyrine, Greek, Hebrews, Latin, Thai, Turkish and other characters , But to realize PDF conversion PPT, you need to install PowerPoint.

5. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is a professional PDF converter that supports PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, Text and other formats. When converting PDF to XLS/XLSX, it can enable the format information of the format to save the format. Such as font color, etc., when the PDF is converted to EPUB, the font color and background color can be set. However, the use of this software is prone to the problem of changing documents that cannot be converted, garbled, and transitions are pictures, text recognition and other problems.

Which PDF converter is free? The above is the five free PDF converters I shared for you today. If you also have the need to process PDF files, especially in PDF conversion, you can choose to try it!

Recommended index: ★★★

Recommended index: ★★★