The 87 -style marine camouflage has been retired for a long time as the classic camouflage of our army, but this camouflage has a fan in the distant Africa, and it is still used until now. In the new photo of the Nigerian Navy special combat player on December 2, the outside world was surprised to find that they were still using the 87 -type marine camouflage, but the Nigero did not choose the jacket version of the 87 -style camouflage suit, but instead I switched to the special battle frog leather version. From the effect of wearing, it is very spiritual and handsome.

Picture: On the right is the Nigerian Navy special combat player, wearing a frog leather version of the 87 -style marine camouflage

Picture: The domestic type 87 can only be seen in labor insurance stores and student military training

The 87 camouflage is mainly aimed at the camouflage of the coastal beach head environment and island and reef environment. Therefore, in addition to dark green in color tones, marine blue and gray and white are added. It has a good effect on the sea and beaches, especially in the ocean environment with blue as the main color, but it is pretty good, but after the land jungle, the camouflage effect is definitely not as good as the special jungle camouflage. However, for the specialty of the navy special forces at sea, the 87 -style camouflage is still very practical, and it can also reflect its own military characteristics. Because of this, the Nigerian Naval Special Forces have introduced this camouflage very early, and in these years, they have always insisted on using this camouflage in joint training and exercises with the US and British army. It is worth noting that the Nigerian army camouflage has changed two models, and the world has experienced the digital stage of camouflage, but the Navy Navy special forces have not eliminated this camouflage. Camouflage still likes it.

Picture: Nigerian Navy Special Forces jointly trained with the British

Figure: The 07 variant digital camouflage of Nigerian Navy on the left is

In addition to the old 87 marine camouflage, in fact, the Nigerian Navy also introduced the 07 -type digital camouflage, but made its own changes in the color. From the figure above, it can be seen that their digital marine camouflage is based on 07 digital, but a large number of green colors are added, so the overall is not very blue. There are two types of blue colors: dark blue and light blue, but the area is not very large, but the proportion of gray and white blocks is relatively large. The version is basically a 07 -type version, but the shoulder is mixed with shoulder stirring.

From the perspective of the two camouflage clothes before and after, the Nigerian Navy is obviously affected by the equipment of combat clothes. This is still very different from the Nigerian army with its own characteristics. In addition, the Nigerian Navy Special Forces obviously have great autonomy in terms of equipment selection. Although the Navy Navy has changed the digital camouflage, the special forces also insist on using the old 87 camouflage. Essence