Nowadays, soymilk machines have gradually become one of the must -have household appliances for many families. But after buying the soymilk machine, many people found that the soy milk made is not selling delicious outside? Xiaobian believes that this may be caused by the proper use of the soymilk machine. So today PCHOUSE will tell others how to use the soymilk machine.

1. Get ingredients

Before using the soy milk mechanism to make soy milk, we need to make soybeans or other beans with sufficient soaking, which is easier to make soy milk. Use a soymilk machine with a dried soybean measuring cup and press the 2/3 scale to fill the dry beans and wash it in water. The soaking time is 8-16 hours in spring and autumn, 6-10 hours in summer, and 10-16 hours in winter. If you want to speed up the soaking time, you can use warm water soaking appropriately to shorten to 2 to 3 hours.

2. Put the ingredients


The cup is added with beans and rice. Pour the cups of the bean measuring cup according to the 2/3 scale. Wash it with the soaked beans and put it in the cup.

3. Add water

After putting the ingredients, you can put in water. Generally, there will be water level in the cup body. Add the water to the upper and lower water lines.

4. Install the grain fine grinding device

Take the grapepechen mill. In the direction of the arrow in the installation instructions, the portal of the grain extractor should be tightly seamless. After the installation is completed, pull it down with your hands.

5. Make soy milk

Put your nose in the cup in the correct position, insert the power cord, the power indicator lights, press the soy milk health, the corresponding indicator lights are on, and the full nutrient soy milk program is activated. When soy milk is ready, there will be no lights or prompts, and soy milk is ready at this time. After the machine is used for multiple pulp and fully boil according to the set program, the electric heater and motor will stop working. The machine emits sound and light alarm, prompting that the soy milk is ready. At this time, unplug the power plug to prepare for drinking.