In winter, no matter whether men, women, and children, and tall and thin, I believe that there will be no coats in the wardrobe, especially the middle -length coat with a length below the knee. However, when choosing a coat in winter, it is recommended that you do n’t always choose a black coat. Although it is practical, it will inevitably be slightly bland. You can use a thousand -bird coat to enrich your dress.

Let’s take a look at how to wear the Chibirdi grid coat this time! In winter, we don’t have to wear black coats. This year’s “Thousands of Bird Caurus” is not only elegant but also high -level, hoping to bring you the clue of dressing!


1. How should I choose a Chibirdi grid coat?

The reason why it is recommended to wear a thousand bird’s checkered coat instead of a black coat is mainly because the thousands of bird checkered elements come with retro and elegant atmosphere. Choosing a long coat that is superimposed in this type of element will help improve the elegance and high -level atmosphere of dressing Essence


Especially in the streets full of black and white and gray winter. Compared with solid color long coats, Chibirdi grid coats are more visually attractive. null.


When choosing a thousand bird’s checkered coat, because these elements themselves are more eye -catching, the coat style needs to be as simple as possible. It is best to use a three -dimensional straight line tailoring to highlight the sense of profit.

How to match the Chibirdi grid coat?

Unlike the black coat, most of them show the visual sense of black and white coats. It focuses on retro and elegant. In terms of matching, everyone must use this as a general tone to shape the retro and romantic personal image.

1. Thousands of bird grid coats+hip skirts

This pair of partners can use the hip hip skirt to outline the elegance and sexy of the mature women, especially the black high waist and knee skirt made of leather fabric. one side.

Of course, you can also choose a thousand bird’s checkered high waist bag hip skirt or woolen checkered skirt, and use the echo on the pattern to wear a sense of coordination.

2. Thousands of bird grid coats+denim tights


The Qianbird plaid coat has a rich retro atmosphere, which is a weapon for the concave shape of the street, but if you want to create a daily tone shape, you recommend that you choose denim tight pants than the hip skirt. Enhance the sense of leisure.


Like blue jeans, black jeans, or beige jeans, it is more suitable, and the color can echo with the Qianbird checkered pattern.

3. How to improve the sense of fashion when wearing a thousand -bird coat?

As a typical classic element, improper use of thousands of bird checkered can also bring a sense of oldness. Therefore, when you wear such coats, you must know how to use matching to enhance your sense of fashion.

1. Stacking

Needless to say, no matter which coat encounters, it can be renewed, even the black coat that is the most likely to wear the old -fashioned feeling is no exception. Therefore, when wearing a thousand -bird coat, middle -aged women must make more use of stacking skills.

If you like the college style, it is recommended to use knitted vests to overlap a shirt. After 40 years of mature women, the white shirt+black half -neck base shirt is definitely the best choice.

2. Mix match

Mixing and matching is also an effective way to wear a thousand -bird coat to wear a sense of fashion. Among them, the most recommended coats to stack various casual items to create a fashionable and elegant street style.

From sweaters to bouquet guard pants, from small white shoes to baseball caps and knitted caps, it can become a weapon to enhance fashion.

3, Chibird grid coat+boots

Most of the Qianbird grid coats are relatively simple, and the colors are mainly black+white, black+gray, and coffee white. In the cold winter, if you do not want to wear a sense of passenger, then you need to use some leather shoes and boots to enhance the texture.

It is best to show the length of chimney boots and Martin boots near the ankle, showing the rate of dressing and neat.

4. Thousands of bird grid coats+gold accessories


In winter, there is no auxiliary item that can improve the sense of fashion than gold accessories. The unique and small gold earrings, necklaces or bracelets can make the dress more fashionable.

This is also a common method for many European and American fashionables, which is very expensive and high.


Fourth, other thousand bird checkered single products

Thousands of bird grids are not only used in coats, but also in suit, small incense suit, skirt or scarf.

The suit version is stiff and capable. It is a must -have in the workplace girls in winter wardrobes. Choosing a thousand birds checkered suit can make your commute cost more gentleman and British atmosphere.


Like the left side of the left, the image of a strong woman who is free and easy to use is a cowboy shirt and jeans.

The scarf is small in the dress. Choosing a thousand bird’s checkered style is relatively better to control. It can be used to decorate the black or white coat, which can play the finishing touch.

The above is the thousand bird checkered coats shared this time. In addition to black coats, you can also use it to play your personal charm in winter. If you like it, you may wish to learn from it!

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