Taiyin Lord Zunxian Entrepreneurship Yuyangzi Jianze Kaiji

Luoyang Bobe Lu Lu, the word Shi Zhen, the Taoo Royal Yangzi, has the talents of the heavens and wealth, the study of the saints and the king. The family has no constant production, short brown is endless, the vegetables are not recharged, but the sense of qi is raised, often saying: “Wang Jingluo, Liu Daochong, filled with gully, and at the time of time, as the hegemist. Who is it? “Because of the” Lice “to see his will, there is a sentence that” the qi in the chest in life, and the lice army is in front of the world. ” And the sexual porch is good, quiet and quiet, when it is indifferent, it is like a virgin; and when it comes to the opportunity, then the ghost can not test. The proud watches are more than the world, so they are often 揶揄, and they are mad. Every time I talk to the two or three friends cups, the flags built in front of the court said: “When there is a real woman who visits me, it is the establishment of Qi Xun.” The only surnamed Shen, Ming Ke, the word Ning Wen, Qiantang people, the heart of the heart, the person who tastes it, said: “My teacher is also talented.” Shi Zhen said: “Tang Xun visited the previous year, and when I went to the temple, I had pursued the temples and had no trace. Seeing that this life was not a Meng Lang, why is there a fantasy of Liqiu? . “Shen Ke said:” Why don’t my teacher? “Shi Zhen said:” Ran also. ” Men’s games, I have been a little bit of mys. Although I also care about the honeys. The today’s Yanbing goes south and the north is empty. I just take the opportunity to start a business. I must go to say it. ” This is all childish and ignorant. Fortunately, Zong Zong does not cut it. You have to educate adults, do not read me, and never read me. “

Then he and Shen Ke walked, and went to Putai County. After getting off the guest store, ask a letter first.

Some said that the gods did not know where to go. There was a mysterious girl in the south of the city. Shi Zhen went to the Taoist courtyard with Liming, and saw that an old man came out of the door and walked in the inner diameter with his back. Shi Zhen quietly stepped in and entered the Chong FA Star Screen Gate. It was a courtyard with two major magnetic cylinder lotus flowers. At that time, Liu Yan’er’s head had not been combed, and she looked at the flowers independently on the side of the bar. Described that Yue Jun visited Songshan and knew that there was a reason, he asked, “Who are you? Not to report on the door, come here boldly!”

Shi Zhen saw that he was a beauty, but he seemed to be able to face it. He couldn’t remember it for a while, and said to himself: “The students come to see the female real person surnamed Tang. There is a big thing. There is no one, so I never notified it. Fortunately, don’t guilty. “Huo Di thought about Tang Xun’s visit at the time. Men’s clothing, as Tang Xianggong arrived in my house, wouldn’t it be you? The students came for thousands of miles, and they were looking for. “Liu Yan was not right, and the old servant had come out, and he ordered:” This Lu Xianggong saw it. Those who have passed the master, now from Henan to here, need to wait for meals. I will come in. “The old servant asked Shi Zhen to sit down.

After waiting patiently for a while, I saw Liu Yan’s home makeup, and the same dark female aunt came out. Shi Zhen gave up a hoe, followed: “Sitting for a long time, ask the female real person, that is, to rush on the night.” Liu Yao said: “Live, Xianggong is both a half immortal, knowing the relationship between the day, why is it separated? What about the year? “Shi Zhen said:” Proper meeting today, it is not beneficial to come early. “The female aunt faced Liu Yao:” I see this gentleman Ang Tibetan monsters, to see my mother, and to sell him with him. . I am only afraid of Wulu Yueyue, and the Zongzong folded corner, “Shi Zhen was taken aback, and said,” It is Xuecheng Qing Xiangye, the goods and the emperor’s family. “Liu Dao:” Tao: “No. If Han Gao must have a sub -room, the Lord must have Kong Ming, and the emperor Gao must have Qingtian. The real person has already been in the king of diligence. At this time, he almost entered Jinling. What kind of sub -room, Qingtian, Fang Cheng’s big deal is there? “Shi Zhen listened, Ru Fei tended out. Liu Yan laughed, and the old servant couldn’t hold it. Back to the apartment, you can take a hexagram to see if the female real person crosses the river, and you have the sixth above the teacher, in order to say: “The soldiers have returned.” Shen Ke followed: ” ‘. It seems that the king has meritorious merit, and the meaning of Zhanxi is petting.

Shi Zhen said: “The hexagrams of the teacher are ended in the end, so the teacher’s affairs have returned. The pioneer and the left and right sent soldiers came back. Shi Zhen was mixed with the thick people. When he saw that the army and horses were few, the army was strict, and there were 100,000 male masters. The Chinese army has arrived. Twenty -four pairs of the Golden Divine Gods in the two lines are arranged. In the middle of the white, there is a square with a long ears, a sword eyebrow eye, a snow -white group face, and a hair cut. Golden brain hoop, wearing a fierce fire, a horizontal deer horn stick on his hand, a pair of big feet, and two golden circles with ankle bone; the latter iron is immediately sitting with a Chang’e. Marshal, the green silk on his head is like a cloud, with a purple phoenix crown, the plain brocade shirt wears, the goose yellow crane 氅, Xiang hangs a bunch of coral beads, the waist is carved with a dragon and red jade double buckle serial belt. Put your feet with suede boots, and hold the short handle of Lingfeng. Shi Zhen lost his say: “True God also!” Yue Jun had seen himself, and he disappeared. Fan Nu is full of slaves, and she uses the costumes of the country.

After the military horses were over, Shi Zhenfang wanted to return to the apartment, suddenly one person, and asked: “Where is the respected brother?” Shi Zhen heard the sound of the lower way, that is, the brothers are here? ” I felt that everyone was in the heart, and then invited the same shop to the same shop and talked about wine. That humanitarian: “The cheap surname Hu, named the first, the former Pei County county. Yan Bing entered the country. I asked for help from Xuzhou. When I got back to the county, the city had been broken and Da Yin had martyred. Huai Shang, when he heard that their righteous division had defeated the Triumph, he turned with him, and there was a meaning of a military newspaper country. “Shi Zhen said:” If so, then I have a great concentric with Jun. “

In the future, Marshal Marshal has been drooling first, and now visits to each other, and in the future, if the number of places should be found in the country, it will be used as a matter of wine. Hu Xianda said: “I am unknown to the two names of the two.” Shen Ke said: “This is my teacher Luoyang Lu.” He said his name again. The three went all the way. Press for the time being.

However, Yuejun returned to Shun Shizhai. Seeing that Baohua Temple was an ancient temple, there were more than nine feet high in the main hall, seven floors in the interior, and seven widths. There are many buildings, and they can stop, but there is no place for generals and discussing military conditions.

Lian Dong Yannao set up the acting martial arts hall in the empty land next to the temple, and set up the green oil curtain on the terrace to sit on the terrace. The generals came together, and Yue Jun said: “From the end of the King Zhiba, he was all accepting Luo Xianshi, so Tang Wu got the king of Elu, Han Gao won three masters, and Guangwu had 28 members. Tang Taizong has eighteen bachelors, all of which are outstanding. The ancient clouds’ winner, those who are lost, and the death of the people; Sending, one meal and three vomiting, I am still afraid of being lost. The sage is still the case? At the beginning of the beginning of the creation, the first one is to seek sages as a supplement to become a great cause. Na Zhongyi ‘Yellow Banner should be established around the cottage.

The next day, there was a surname of Lu, a Henan, and two people with two lower passers -by.

Man Shunnu turned around, please come in. Lu Shizhen moved forward, Hu Xian and Shen Ke subsequently.

Nearly, Shi Zhen had a long time, and Hu Xian and Shen Ke both attended the ceremony. The three of Yue Jun ordered the three people at the east, the generals were in the west, sitting on the ground, and asked Lu Shizhen: “Do you remember Tang Si’an?” A replied: “Don’t wait a few days later, the one will not take a few days, that is, it will take a count, and you know one. It is a fairy game. In today’s coming, the foreword ears are practiced. “Yue Jun said:” Both the disturbances, willing to hear the long strategy. ” Zhilun also. The surname has always been tampered with, and people are called chaos. If they are rebellious, they cannot be known as thieves. Yan Fan, especially the thieves of chaos, and the salty of people is the son of the emperor, then the monarchs and ministers are the monarchs and ministers. The righteousness is extinct. Jianwen Lord is the nephew of Yan Fan, and he is also a private relative. It is the monarch of Yan Fan, and the righteousness. The name and the nickname are the second emperor, that is, the rebellion of the high emperor, no father and no monarch, and their sins. Respect the Jianwen Nian Number, so that people know the emperor salty, and then the teacher is guilty, then the name of the thief is positive, and the loyalty of the four seas will come back. “

Yue Jun said: “It is, it is a lot. But Wuhou has not come out of his face, and he dominates the three -pointer.

Shi Zhen said: “One depends on the survival of the emperor, and the other depends on whether the Yanyan moves. There is a problem of answering the nest in Peiping. Leave in Jinling to prevent the reset of the Wenwen. If there is a letter today, you should take the South capital first and welcome the old master. Although Yan Fan sets up Beiping, you can lower the ruler, which is the first to the subordinates. Then take Beiping first, divide the world, and then cross the river to south. It is not too late. Tao: “What is the use of the sea and barren at the side of Denglai? After Mo Ding Jinan, you will take Kaifeng. Wouldn’t it be the Tiger’s Tiger Central Plains?” Yue Jun said: “Mr. Lu’s words are also. Zhang Xin is the confidant of Yan, and it is the pirate of my elbow armpit. Dao Yan. The righteous division is less than three thousand, and the capital is large. There are more than a hundred miles, surrounded by the city, and it is not profitable. Besides, far away from the Yangtze River, the soldiers are not good. “Hu Xian sighed.

Yue Jun wanted to use Lu Shizhen as a military division. He was afraid that he did not accept the heart, but asked: “In ancient times, the soldiers were used, and they were lost.

Shi Zhen said: “Make good use of soldiers, there are military divisions and celebrities. Folding the bottle, the position of military divisions; both wisdom and bravery, and the appointment of the famous generals. The word for the military division. If the famous general, the specialist is the military. The father is the ancestor of the military division, and the subsequent Zifang, Kong Ming and Qingtian also. However, Qingtian was doubtful at the end of Qingtian, and he knew a few times. Wuhou bowed to the thief, and the priests were as gods, and the love was like a father. Also. The second is to manage the father’s father and send the military order as the internal affairs. The name is not right, and Lai Lai knows that Xiao Jin is Zhengshuo, and the knowledge is forgiven. Li Yaoshi has more wisdom and academics is slightly inferior. . Later, such as Han Huaiyin, Zhou Gongjin, Guo Fenyang, Yue Wumeu, and King Han Yan, all of them are all famous. Huaiyin uses soldiers, like thunder, illusion like a god, and no one. . Gong Jin has the best talent and has no accommodation. Thirty to the altar, it is rare to be confusing. It is rare. Wu Mu is not a teacher’s heart, and the round machine is lively. Jane and happy, Fa Kuan and no commitment, back to San Lue and Six Tao as a crushing. Ear. Fenyang controls the benevolence, and the soldiers are dead. It is a little sparse in the military law, or the defeat is defeated. Cao Bin and Xu Weigong, also known as the generals. The wind of Confucianism cannot be dangerous; Wei Gong uses wisdom and caution, to be strict, and to help the light and handsome, he is more likely than the sons. For dirty, Chen Pingzhi was too greedy, Pang Tong lost his obsession, Dao Chong was lost, and Qiqiu’s painting strategy was lost. It was a conspirator. For those who have not built great achievements, Sun Yanzhi reported private hatred, Tian Danzhi’s fortune, Deng Ai Zhi was lucky, Xie Xuanzhi’s grass and trees won, and Di Qingzhi wiped out the clown, all of which were not true. Deng Yuzhong, Wei and Huo Zhijiao, Zhang Junzhi, also enjoyed the name, Sri Lanka is 舛 矣. Those who are applied, don’t talk about it. “

The generals listened to this stingy words, so they didn’t.

Yue Jun knew he was convinced and asked, “If Lu Lu, can you do your military division?” Dong Yannao and others said in unison: “True military divisions also! Wish to listen to the command.” Yue Jun asked Lu Lu again: “You are the same as you are the same What is the only one in the two? “Shi Zhen said:” Hu Xian encountered the middle of the way, and it seemed to be intellectual. Shen Ke was a small disciple, and he was straightforward. Hu Xian supervised the soldiers, and Counselor Shen Ke was military and political. With Prime Minister Zhou Yan unloading Shizhai’s affairs, Dong Yannao’s Governor of the Governor Unload Shizhai’s military, and all generals were issued to the soldiers.

After more than a month, the Mid -Autumn Festival arrived. Yue Jun drove the martial arts hall in the early morning. He, now the outer compartment is serving. “Yue Jun was passed in. There are almost thousands of mouths, seven and eight, kneeling on the underground hoe. Yue Jun Zhou Lan was always in the village farmer. At the moment of the wind, Ma Ling dropped from the air, four silver boxes, placed in front of the hall. Everyone was shocked. Yue Jun ordered Dong Yannao to open a box, all of which are all 12 ingots, each with one ingot.

The people called “Long live the Holy Holy”, and the sound of the voices shocked the valley, and they went out one after another. There are hundreds of women behind, and they are all widows without children. They say they are willing to become a monk with the saints. And Ma Ling: “No need to return to the cave again.

After the disposal was over, Fang wanted to retreat; Sudu Yunyun flew down from the south, but was Bao Master Bao.

Yue Jun’s degradation and welcoming, the Man Master laughed from behind the hall: “Old abalone is good, I am not happy, just treat you and Yue Jun to wish you a mile.” Yue Junqian thanked him, and then asked Jinling Things. Master Bao cut the Emperor Jianwen, out of the palace from the ghost gate, and the gods of God of Taoist priest Wang Yan. Firstly, Liu Qingtian said, “The female lead of the Central Plains was born, and the Jianwen was still reset.” Several people such as Shi Bin and others followed Wu Men’s love for each other. The military division Gu said that the generals were: “I wait for the sky to do so!” Master Bao also described King Yan to Yuan Yongle, and the clan destroyed Zhongliang. He was not countless. Wife and daughter had a teachings. Lv Jun said: “The thief was convicted of the sky! Marshal is the master of the gods, and it should be saved urgently. I have this intention. The non -Bao and Man Erxian masters can’t help it. “Master Bao said:” I have a loyalty to Wang Ye, and this matter can be mapped. “Man Master said:” Talking more, this trip. “Then Ling Yun went away. Due to this, there is a division of education: after the festival is finished, the couple of the loyal ministers will meet again;