As a must -have item in winter, down jackets can meet the needs of warmth, but it is always unsatisfactory in the overall wearing shape.

Therefore, for middle -aged men 4 or 50 years old, wanting to wear down jackets is handsome and stylish, it is not bloated, and the length of choosing down jackets is critical.

Young down jackets of any length of young people can be controlled, and short versatile is high; long models improve the styling temperament and gas field;

4, 50 -year -old men are different, they like to wear down jackets


“Qiake” short model


“Covering the waist and not covering the 中” medium long model

As a result, middle -aged men wore down jackets and set off for a while

“It should be short or not”


The trend.


Therefore, the content of this issue will come to talk to you,

4. The 50 -year -old middle -aged man wore a down jacket. Why is it recommended to be “short and not long”? Mainly because of these 4 points!

1. Long down jacket affects the overall wearing proportion

The reason why down jackets are popular is due to its warmth, and most down jackets on the market have a bloated common problem. However,

For middle -aged men in the age, if the down jacket is longer, the more bloated people are worn when they wear, and the proportion of the overall figure will be affected.


In addition, the middle -aged man’s body is a bit somewhat different. The position of the waist and abdomen is the easiest to grow fat. If you put on a long down jacket, it is even more fat to expose his height and shortcomings.

Second, short down jackets are not picky figure

The long down jacket itself is difficult to control, it is only suitable for tall figures, and it cannot be fat. In contrast,

The short down jacket benefits from the advantages of the version. The length of the waist position can emphasize the effect of the waistline and visually shape the proportion of three or seven points.

Even if the down jacket version is slightly bloated, it does not affect the overall shaping effect at all.

at the same time,


Short down jackets are very tolerant of various figures

, Five and Five Smalls can also achieve high effects; if there is a slightly fat body with fat accumulation in the belly, you can also use short down jackets to improve the waistline position, lengthen the leg lines, and visually weaken the big big. The meat of the belly.

Third, long down jackets are easy to expose age

The older middle -aged man, the most afraid of wearing is exposed age and old -fashioned.


Due to the bloated and long version of the long down jacket, the lack of plasticity in matching

It is difficult to combine with other styles of clothing, it will look monotonous in dress, and the whole person looks older.


Fourth, short down jackets can create a sense of youthfulness

Compared with long down jackets, the plasticity of short down jackets is even better.


There is not much restraint in the version of the version of the cutting. It can show a different effect with different styles and styles of clothing. It is rich and diverse in shape and brings a age -reducing dressing effect.


The short down jacket with the same color sports pants, the longitudinal stretch vision is higher, the whole person looks young and handsome. Or choose a short down jacket with a strong sense of design, such as Chinese cardigan jacket down jackets, using version advantages to create a youthful effect. With sports pants and sneakers, the overall fashion sense does not lose young people.


From this point of view, for middle -aged men 4 or 50 years old, wearing down jackets “should be short or not long” is not a follow -up, but short down jackets are really younger than long down jackets. Exposed shortcomings.

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