The wet and cold southern winter feels really cold in winter, and even the condition of home is colder than outdoor. So in winter, the southerners began to use their body to warm up to warm their own home. , Electric heating table, etc., etc., what can I buy. When it comes to the useful heating equipment, the electric heating table must be one of them.

The electric heating table is made of the heating heating system into a table. It can be used as an ordinary table when it is not electric. After power -on, the middle part can become a high -temperature zone. Heating, cooking, cooking, hot pot and other functions, and thermal energy is radiated to the desktop and the four sides of the table, which can warm the entire table, and at the same time, people sitting near the table can feel thermal energy.

The benefits of electric heating tables are beyond doubt. As a multi -purpose heating tool, in addition to heating, in addition to heating, it can also become a oven and achieve a variety of heating functions. As a southerner, when I was a kid, I had an iron furnace in winter. The shape was similar to some square electric heating tables now. The middle is a heating furnace. At night, the family sat around the table and looked at the TV. The hot melon seeds and peanuts on the stove table are happy, and the current electric heating table is like a baking stove when I was a child.

The electric heating table can customize different sizes, sizes, appearances, etc. according to the situation of your home, which can be larger or small. Compared with the fixed size and size of some heating products Wait for different styles, colors, patterns, etc., and have strong flexibility. Although heating ability may be weaker than professional electric heater products, it is particularly suitable for small -sized families in winter. It was solved with a warm table.


So what do you need to pay attention to when buying an electric heating table?


First of all, choose a suitable electric heating table according to the specific situation of your own home, including determining the size of the table in the size of the location, the decoration style determines the overall color, shape, color, etc. Or the customized electric heating table is too large or too small, causing inability to use it, and it needs to be replaced.


Secondly, pay attention to the safety of electric heating tables. Since the electric heating table is a high -power product, the safety should be paid special attention. First of all, its power supply must have a 3C authentication sign, and it is a three -hole socket with a ground line. There is a guarantee. In addition, it depends on whether it has a safety protection function, such as leakage protection device, such as high temperature and automatic shutdown.

Third, we must consider your own budget issues. Different types of electric heating tables, different brands, different functions, etc. The price is also different. Choose a product that suits your needs according to your own budget, instead of blindly pursuing high power, multi -functional, etc. Wait.


The fourth needs to consider the power of the electric heaters. Do not blindly pursue high power because of the large home, and the safety of electrical appliances with too high power should also pay special attention to the safety of use, especially not to be used with other high -power electrical products.

Fifth, it is best to go directly to the mall to see more details. Including stainless steel materials used in electric heaters, high -intensity tempered explosion -proof glass of desktop, and whether there is a quality guarantee report to ensure the quality of the product, followed by the various workmanship details of the electric heating table, whether the corners are rough, and all parts of all parts. Whether the connection is tightly and so on. This type of electrical products can see the quality of quality from the details of the workmanship, and then determine the benefits of its safety, so we must pay attention.

Sixth, we still need to consider the functions you need. For example, there are different gears of the heat regulation, the heat of each gear is different, and the use of the situation is different, or whether the desktop needs to be lifted to the use of different scenarios, etc. Some additional functions are Considering, after all, every function is higher, the price will be higher.

Finally, the brand and after -sales service should be considered. To a certain extent, the brand is the guarantee of product quality and after -sales service. It involves the safety of high -power electrical products. Do not choose products without quality guarantee for cheap money.


If you want to buy a electric heating table at home, it is best to go to the mall in person to actually use it, experience the effect of the product, understand its various materials, functions and details, understand its warranty and test certificate, etc., to ensure its Safety, do not blindly listen to the recommendations and introductions of shopping guide.