Everyone knows what music is, but for most people, it is a half -knowledge of music. It belongs to the type of foreign man, and of course I am.

You may ask you, since you do n’t understand music, what articles are you still writing here, it ’s funny, write a title to cheat reading?

I will only smile faintly. Today, the days of writing articles in the headlines are about to pass. Although it is not a professional background, it still has the right to love music. Today, I just want to analyze from a amateur perspective with the assistance of many network resources. What is music.


Music is an emotional art that reflects human real life


This sentence comes from Baidu Encyclopedia, which not only interprets the real use of music, but also reflects the charm of music. In fact, when we listen to songs, we will actually analyze this music from our own perspective.


For example, when a new song first came out, a friend said to his other friend after listening, “This song is really nice. In the whole process, I was deeply moved, as if going to the concert on site”

In fact, the emotion of the listener and singer resonates, because we live in this world, and different people will always go through some similar things, such as: experience a sweet love, a little luck at a time at a time Son…

Similar experiences, listening to the same song, we will also show the same emotions, or happy, easy, or quiet. It is also a bridge to build music, which makes us connect with each other. It is precisely because of this emotion that our ordinary public is qualified to enjoy a music and participate in the evaluation of it.

And this will also have some problems. As the general public, they are often affected by their own circles. Many musicians have begun to create some vulgar music in order to cater to a certain circle.


Maybe someone will criticize me, what I say, a song is good, it is good.

However, I still want to say that the source of art is higher than life. The music created by business purposes is used for the taste of only money, which are garbage.


This is probably the minimum standard for my appreciation of music. What do you have about music appreciation? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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