I was blown out by the cold wind every day, and I couldn’t wait to put on a down jacket, because the bloated was not good -looking, I could still hold back, then you can choose a plaid coat to match it. It can still give you a warm winter dress. At the same time, the shape is also very fashionable and beautiful of.

“” “》》 Extended reading: The method of wearing several coats, here all!

Laper coat+jeans+pink scarf

Very British grid coat, can be matched with relatively tough jeans, which plays a balanced role, also reveals your feet curve, showing a good figure. If you need to protect the cold in winter, you should surround a pink scarf and reduce it. Age and sweet temperament.

Plaid coat+wide -leg pants+hat


The color of this British style grid coat is more difficult to match. It can be used in white to brighten the color of the coat. The lower body chooses to wear wide -leg pants. It can cover the fat and thin. The face shape is small, and the shape is a lot of fashion at the same time!


Plaid coat+skirt or pants


Very British Feel’s brown grid coat, which is a relatively versatile coat. It can be paired with gray pleated skirts and bottom socks, which will be more elegant. It can also be used with black wide -leg pants, which will show versatile fashion. Select the seed style.

Plaid coat+small white shoes+white socks


The smaller and fresh -colored British grid coat, wearing it is quite young and age -reducing, you can use warm items to deal with the cold winter, and shoes can choose small white shoes and white socks. Student girl temperament, cute!

Grid coat+sweater+skirt

If you are young, you have to wear a young, coffee grid coat, with sweaters and skirts, and instantly become very youthful. At the same time, you can show up with a black socks to warm it out of the street. You can show your long legs!

Graphic coat+sweater+jeans

The relatively dark British grid coat is a better color. It is simple and beautiful with a high -necked sweater. Choose a pair of tights to wear it to expose your leg curve. Bloated, but also fashionable.

Learn to match the British grid coat, and the shape of winter will be dressed and fashionable!