The long -awaited summer vacation is coming, is the bear child who has to let go of himself! But the weather is too hot, the summer will be so long, Xiaobian recommends the parents of Xiong children to recommend this summer vacation project.

—— Children’s drama pool.

The pool always makes children nostalgic. The original intention of the children’s drama pool is to let people find the happiness of life in a busy day, gather people of different ages, and enjoy the fun of playing with water.

Children’s pools are designed for children, and there are many children’s entertainment facilities in the pool. At the same time, in order to protect children from being exposed to the sun, Cangzhou Warriors also designed indoor children’s drama pools.


Children’s height is very different from adults, so the depth of the drama pool should be strictly controlled when designing. The depth of water should be

About 30cm, convenient for children to play with water.

The design size of the drama pool should not be too large. Although the size is not standard, it can be planned according to the size and needs of the child. Generally, it should not exceed


The children’s drama pool is composed of parent -child slide, sports area and various cartoon characters, including various marine life decorations, water mushrooms and other entertainment facilities, giving children a happy and lively drama paradise.

The children’s drama pool is the magical paradise of children, the game paradise, and the happy water game here makes children crazy and stimulate children’s infinite happiness.

Parents are always busy and ignore their love for their children. In fact, parents are accompanied by the best parent -child education.