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When Lizhu was in the middle of pregnancy, she squatted down and stood up in the toilet



During the physical examination, the doctor was a regular blood test and found that the blood red protein was low, so I told Lizhu that you have been short of iron. You want to supplement the iron, and also give Lizhu some iron supplement.

Lizhu said during the inspection of her postpartum soreness and back pain, and she would still do it at night



The doctor will recommend mothers to supplement calcium.

Liste for Lizhu

Maternity classroom

At the time, some manufacturers took DHA to send it for free. The manufacturer introduced that DHA helps to prevent mothers’ forgetfulness when pregnancy, and can also promote the development of the baby’s brain and make the baby babies smarter.

The manufacturer also pulled out a few of her mother to eat DHA for a long time during pregnancy. The baby’s photos were born. The baby’s eyes were bright and seemed to be smarter.

So when Li Zhu is pregnant

Iron supplement, calcium supplement, dha!

However, when Lizhu brushed her teeth in the morning, there would still be gum bleeding. Later, the doctor said that this may be that vitamin C is not enough. It is recommended that she buy a vitamin C bubble tablet. Essence

Many pregnant mothers do remember calcium supplementation, iron supplementation and even DHA, but


Vitamins were ignored.

After the mother is pregnant, the 4 vitamins are prone to lack, which will affect the health of fetal treasure and pregnant mothers.

The first: vitamin A

When you are not pregnant, your mother needs every day

700 micrograms

Vitamin A, but in the middle and late pregnancy, the mother needs every day

900 micrograms

Vitamin A, so the demand for vitamin A has increased.

Vitamin A can promote the health of the epithelium, and improve the mother’s immunity.

Free radical scavenging


If a serious lack of vitamin A, it will cause the mother to see things at night unclear, that is,

Night blindness

It will also affect the development of the baby’s eyes.

【Jing Mom Suggestion】

When my mother is pregnant,

Eat the liver of animal liver 2 to 3 times a week,

The content of vitamin A in animal liver is relatively high.

You can eat some usually

Orange food

For example, carotene, tomatoes, these foods containing β-carotene can also be converted into vitamin A in the body.


Second: Vitamin D

When you are not pregnant, you need 5 micrograms of vitamin D a day, and 10 micrograms of vitamin D is needed every day in the middle and late pregnancy.

Vitamin D can promote the absorption and deposition of calcium and the growth of the baby’s bones.


There are relatively few vitamin D in food,

The main is that the sun is exposed to the skin to stimulate the body to produce vitamin D.

After my mother is pregnant, don’t stay in the house every day, but go out from time to time to bask in the sun. When the sun is exposed to the skin as much as possible, let the skin be exposed.

Ultraviolet rays are better produced on the skin to produce vitamin D.

If the mother buys calcium tablets, they must buy vitamin D, so that they can better promote the absorption of calcium.

Third: B vitamin


Vitamin B2 needs 1.2 mg every day when not pregnant, but 1.7 mg is needed every day in the middle and late pregnancy.

Vitamin B6, 1.2 mg is needed every day when not pregnant, and 1.9 mg is needed every day after pregnancy.



The main role of vitamin B2 and B6 is to promote the metabolism of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, promoting

Energy metabolism.

Moms have increased various food intake when they are pregnant, and naturally they need to increase vitamin B2 and B6 to promote these nutrient metabolism.

And we have an additional folic acid that we must supplement in the early stages of pregnancy and early pregnancy. It also has a name called vitamin B11. 400 micrograms are needed every day when you are not pregnant, and 600 micrograms are needed every day after you are pregnant.

Mom is not eaten in the preparation and early pregnancy, and she is still available in the second trimester.

Eat the internal organs of animals 2 to 3 times a week. Do not only eat rice, but also eat some coarse grains, which helps the B vitamin intake.

Fourth type: Vitamin C


It takes 100 mg every day when you are not pregnant, and 130 mg per day in the middle and late pregnancy.

Vitamin C can synthesize collagen to ensure the elasticity of the skin and the elasticity of blood vessels.

Therefore, the lack of vitamin C will cause the gums of fine vascular elasticity to deteriorate and easily rupture and bleeding.

When you want to get pregnant, the skin is still elastic, and the capillaries are healthier, and vitamin C must be guaranteed.


Eat about a pound of fresh vegetables every day

More than half of them are green leafy vegetables and eat half a catty of fruits a day.

Moms should not only supplement calcium and iron, but also make up these kinds of vitamins when they are pregnant, otherwise it will affect the growth and development of the child. Don’t care about it.

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【Jing Mom Suggestion】

【Jing Mom Suggestion】

【Jing Mom Suggestion】