Thirty years of Hedong, 30 years in Hexi.

This sentence can be placed on the real estate wealthy Wang Yonghong.

At the time of glory, Wang Yonghong smiled 100 million bloggers; when he was down, he had a debt of 80 billion yuan and hid around.

“The Analects of Confucius” mentioned that “people have no faith, I don’t know if they can”, integrity is the basic criterion for being a person, and Wang Yonghong just lost this valuable integrity. Looking back at Wang Yonghong’s life, he was ups and downs, and he was called “rich enemy country” in exaggeration. Now he is a dishonesty who is abandoned.

1. Dissatisfied with the current situation to start a business in the north

In 1972, Wang Yonghong was born in a politician family in Jiangxi. His parents worked in the local government. His father was leading many departments. Despite the wealthy origin, Wang Yonghong did not lose himself. On weekdays, he not only acts low -key, but also a good young man with excellent grades. At the age of 18, he was admitted to college with a high score. Under the specialization, people who can be able to attend the secondary school are already excellent, and Wang Yonghong, who has excellent grades, has become “the child of someone else’s family.”

In 1992, Wang Yonghong graduated from the university. At this time, he was full of ambition. He could have found a “iron rice bowl” in his hometown by his father’s connections, but he did not. He dragged his pocket and his ambitions, and he decided to leave his hometown and go north to work hard.

In a foreign country, there is not much choice for this newcomer to enter the workplace. Although there are rare college students at the time, he will be hungry in the gas station to work in the gas station.

For 3 years, he did not say that ordinary people did not say that the status quo was safe, but compared to the fighting spirit when they first came out of society, the energy would definitely be greatly reduced, but Wang Yonghong was not one of the most of the most.

In 1995, Wang Yonghong resisted to start a business with the deposit left at the gas station.


In fact, Wang Yonghong hasn’t figured out anything to do. When he was confused, the same unwilling cousin also came to Beijing to work hard. Two young North Drift sat together and had an idea -to open a auto repair company.


As soon as they beat, they said that they would do it. In the same year, Beijing Yongshunfa Automobile Repair Company was established. In just two years, Wang Yonghong’s company opened the Beijing market and opened the chain model. The brothers made a lot of money.

In 2000, the automotive industry under Wang Yonghong’s name was prominent. At this time, he saw the glory of the real estate industry, and made a move that was almost against his family. It turned out to sell the automotive industry and pulled all the assets into the real estate industry. For At the time, Wang Yonghong, who was a foreign man, was undoubtedly an investment in risks.


Wang Yonghong bought a 600 -acre open space in Chaoyang District, Beijing, built a house, and built a house. The family scolded him to be stunned by his interests and invested randomly. But in fact, Wang Yonghong won the game of nine deaths.

The house was built, and Wang Yonghong, who had a poisonous vision, did not rush to sell, but waited for the opportunity.

In the past 10 years, Wang Yonghong waited for the pinnacle of life. At that time, the momentum of real estate in Beijing was developing rapidly, and house prices soared. Wang Yonghong sold the real estate for sale. This wave made 5.7 billion yuan.

There is no doubt that the so -called business is “daring, starving to death”, and Wang Yonghong is the bold one. Real -monetization of real estate, Wang Yonghong ranked among the rich list as Wang Jianlin second only to Wang Jianlin.

With a success, Wang Yonghong did not stop it, but instead aimed his eyes in other directions. As long as he had money to make, whether you knew or not, let’s talk about it.

Wang Yonghong began a gambling game. Except for real estate, education, hotels, tourism and other industries all touched, and the risks were raised again and again. Mortgage to the bank.

You must know that this kind of gambler behavior is a little careless, but he loses, but Wang Yonghong disapprove of it.


2. General Changsheng’s failure industry is confused and unswerving

At the time of the wind, Wang Yonghong met Han Xiting, a star who was fifteen years younger than himself.

Wang Yonghong’s means of chasing girls is also simple and rude. After the eyes, Wang Yonghong launched an offensive and fierce pursuit of Han Xiting. Various luxury jewelry and jewelry kept sending. Sure enough, the other party fell soon.

After that, Wang Yonghong threw 100 million at the auction and bought an antique to Han Xiting and proposed to him. As a result, the unexpected “I would like”.

The mall’s love field was very careless. At that time, it was not the pinnacle of Wang Yonghong’s life.

However, “water can carry boats and can cover the boat,” Wang Yonghong has embarked on a no -returning road.

“I often walk around the river. There are no wet shoes.” The endless gambling made Wang Yonghong’s luck slowly. After layout of many industries, Wang Yonghong stepped on the cultural tourism industry.

Wang Yonghong, who was carrying out an artificial island -making plan in Hainan, did not expect that there was a problem with the capital chain. You must know that the investment in various industries is the top priority. All the industries were affected, and the life was broken overnight. This time he lost, and the chip was his brilliant life.


3. I can’t go back to the sky and simply leave

Seeing that the achievements of his life, Wang Yonghong was no longer full of ambition, and he began to go to the door. The failure of the investment in the cultural tourism project has caused the company to fall into the crisis and closure. In the face of tens of billions of liabilities, Wang Yonghong is unable to repay.

“How itchy lice, no worries about debt.” Wang Yonghong simply broke the jar. Since he was unable to return to heaven, he would not return it. While the company was turbulent, he quietly moved away 7 billion and took his wife to escape abroad. The domestic random stalls left a few shareholders left for him.

Wang Yonghong became a dog who was a funeral family. Even if he could not sleep abroad, he was afraid that he had hid in Tibet all day.

Although he took away his wife, there was an old father in China. His son Cheng Lai was also deeply harmed and poured down because he could not bear the blow. As his father was dying, Wang Yonghong was like a stone -like iron heart, and did not see him before his death.

Wang Yonghong’s generation fell, and he became a Lao Lai who was spurred by 10,000 people. The career family was destroyed by himself.


The ambition is to make the double -edged sword, which has achieved Wang Yonghong’s business macro map and shaped it into a deadly gambler. He planned his life into a vast -nothing investment, tossing tens of billions of debt in his life.

There are not a few failed investment in the business community. Some people get help when they are down.


Wang Yonghong’s falling field is nothing more than being greedy, unable to withstand its consequences, and created this ups and downs of life.

“Those who are moving with sincerity, people should be sincere.”

In business, integrity is the foundation, and oral checks cannot invest, but integrity is not indispensable.

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Author: Xiang Nan