Many people in the premiere will choose to use Cubo as a pillow. Below we will introduce to you what are the role of Juemingzi health pillow core? Because it can help me treat a lot of diseases, help us promote blood circulation and improve the body’s immunity, but while it brings benefits, some side effects we need to be vigilant, let’s take a look below.

In fact, many people can use Cassia to help them bring more health effects, but they often ignore some side effects that may exist. these questions.

1. Most of the medicinal pillows are medicinal materials, and it may be moldy and deteriorated after the tide. Therefore, when using the pillow, pay attention to keeping dry, and often pillow the pillow in the sun. Do not let the pillow become the root cause of the disease.

2. The role of the pillow is achieved through drugs. When used, it is best to “use the right pillow” and choose the appropriate medicine pillow according to the specific conditions of your body.

3. Although Cassia seeds are good, there are many effects, but people who are easy to diarrhea because of their slightly cold sexuality, diarrhea, and stomach pain should not be used to use cassia tea, so they must be cautious about using Cassians pillow.

4. Cassia seeds are very hard particles, and the pillows are a bit hard. When using it for babies, it is not possible to use a single layer of pillow fabric. It is best to add a layer of cotton to a layer of cotton on the inside of the fabric to make the pillow comfortable and soft. You can also buy professional children’s pillows directly.

5. Cassia seeds need to be raw to make pillows. Many pharmacies are cooked. It is best to wash them clean and then apply, and the cassia seeds used for children should be clean.


6. It is best to give newborns pillows not to use cassia seeds. It is not unavailable, but uses a part of the special fabric of cotton with mezzanine. Good and mixed filled with buckwheats, silkworm sand, etc. Due to the better elasticity of buckwheat shells, children can make children more comfortable and safe.

Although it is said that the health effect of Jianmingzi is very effective, not everyone is suitable for using Jianmingzi. Many parents prepare Jonomo pillows for children when they were young. In fact, this is a wrong way, because this is not conducive to children’s healthy growth. I hope parents must pay attention.