Clean curtains and windows are an indispensable link for family cleaning. The windows are clean, and the room window is clear. Use some small tricks to help you easily clean the windows!

Curtain clean


/ Clean the dust device /


When the curtains are not clean for a long time, it will adsorb a large amount of dust, and it can be easily absorbed with a vacuum cleaner. The key is that there is no need to disassemble or wash it. It is very convenient! Clean once a week, no longer have to worry about breeding bacteria and mites!

/Lying cloth /

Different materials of curtains have different cleaning methods. For example, if you are shading, you must not be washed, otherwise you will make the coating “mottled”, which affects the shading effect. Just take a piece of wet cloth dipped in soapy water and gently wipe it.

/ Plel of velvet curtain /


Many families use electrostatic velvet curtains. This fabric itself is not easy to dirty. It can be cleaned once in two months.

When cleaning, do not choose the machine washing or twisting it with your hands, which will damage the surface of the surface of the surface of the surface, and just use a sponge to dip a small amount of alcohol gently gently.

/ Sky Velvers Curtain /

The velvet curtains are delicate, heavy, textured, and have good shielding effects, but it is easy to change. In order to prevent the fabric from becoming hard and wrinkled, the velvet curtain should be soaked with a neutral laundry solution, and the hand washed lightly. It can be dried naturally.

/Cotton hemp curtain /


Cotton and linen are natural materials. It is environmentally friendly and comfortable, but it is difficult to dry, and it is easy to have wrinkles. For a single layer of light and light cotton and linen curtains, it is best to wash it gently. In order to prevent wrinkles, it can be dried with water.

For thicker canvas curtains, you can use a sponge to dip a small amount of soapy water to wipe; local stains can be cleaned with toothpaste.


/ Polyester curtain /

Polyester is the most common curtain fabric, durable and easy to take care of, usually clean with wet cloth. If you need to wash it, you can place it directly in the washing machine and clean it with a neutral detergent.


/ Baoye curtain /

The leaves of the shutters are the easiest to accumulate dust and need to be cleaned regularly. Here you might as well try the “lazy cleaning method”. Wrap the wet wipe on the iron clip, dip a small amount of cleaning solution, and apply it to the leaves back and forth, and you can easily remove the dust ~


Glass window cleaning

/ Soap + Waste Newspaper /

Most of the soap is weakly alkaline, fast decontamination, and does not cause corrosion to glass. Give the remaining soap head in the water, then soak it with a rag or sponge, and wipe the water with the old newspaper after wiping, so that even the water marks are cleaned ~

/ eraser /

The blackboard used to rub the chalk ash has natural dust removal capacity. Wipe the window glass with a clean blackboard to effectively clean the screen of the screen.

/ Potato skin /

The starch content in the potato skin is extremely abundant, and the starch will swell when it encounters water and produces adsorption. In addition to the dust on the window, it is easy to leave oil or fingerprints. The “cleaner” of potato skin can easily get it!

/ Expired Beer /

First mix the expired beer and water at a ratio of 1: 8, then wet the rag completely, and then wipe the glass with a wet rag. Moreover, the alcohol in beer is very strong, and it will not leave water stains ~

/ Delays + old woolen towels /

Those who have telescopic rods at home can wrap the unused old towels on the bottom of the telescopic rod, tie the towels with a rope, and then wet the towel out of the window to clean the outside windows. This method is safer, especially suitable for high -level residents ~


/ Magnet /

With the magnetic force, you can achieve the inside of the window, which can also clean the outer window, and has more effort. However, this method is not suitable for vacuum glass, and the strength of the magnetic force also directly determines whether the method can be successful.

Window gap

/ Transparent glue /


Open the large transparent tape paper, rub it according to the size of the gap between your own window, and then put the “rubber ball” into the gap in the window. Wipe it repeatedly for the dusty places. See it ~


/ Sponge + pen + cutting knife /

First place the sponge on the edge of the window, mark the point along the bump with a pen, and then trim the sponge along the point with scissors, so that it can be placed at the seam of the window. Pour in an appropriate amount of cleaning agent and put it on the repair sponge back and forth. It doesn’t take long to be clean!

/ hair dryer /

First cover the rag on the gap in the window, then drive the hair dryer to the hot air gear, move the rag while blowing the gap, and then wipe it with a wet rag. Is it so amazing?

So many cleaning methods

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