Today’s thermal insulation technology is mature. Everyone’s pursuit of the thermal insulation cup is no longer satisfied with long -term insulation. Some insulation cups with thermal temperature and warmth, reminding drinking water and other functions can be favored.

Next, I recommend a few smart insulation cups. The emerging domestic brand is produced, full of creativity, and is very suitable for the pursuit of trendy health careers.


Mijia Insulation Cup


The Mijia insulation cup has high value, light weight, and good thermal insulation efficiency. If you want to choose a thermal insulation cup that meets daily insulation, easy to carry, good -looking and expensive, Mijia is the best choice.

The neutral color and the sharp cylindrical cup body continues the simple style of the Mijia. Except for the bullet cover cup, the remaining thermos cups are rotary type. The insulation performance is generally good, and few consumers talk about their insulation effect, but more feedback indicates that the external paint is easy to scrape and dirty.

The bullet cover thermal insulation cup and 500ml rotation cover insulation cup uses more corrosive 316L stainless steel. The capacity and weight are equivalent. One rotor type is easy to clean. 99 yuan.



Permeable tea water separation thermos cup



In 2019, Time Carrier reached a strategic cooperation with the Fifth Hospital of Aerospace, which strengthened the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the vacuum field. It is a product of the G20 Hangzhou Summit’s insulation cup pot, and it is also the sponsor of the World Swimming Championship. It also reaches cooperation with Bentley, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, etc. The brand is high. The Silver Inner Bulles series is as high as 2,000 yuan, which is suitable for gifts.


When it comes to the thermal insulation cup, Betmei is not a well -known brand, but the tea separation of the insulation cup is definitely a place. After several generations of product improvement, one -click water locking of the tea warehouse can be achieved, the upper body is a glass tea bin, and the lower body is a ceramic -coated stainless steel insulation cup. It not only avoids the bitterness of tea for a long time, but also drinks hot tea at any time.



Huawei Intelligent Selection Smart Insulation Cup

Both Huawei Zhixuan and Mijia do the insulation cup, which will inevitably be compared. The Mijia House insulation cup takes a high -quality and low -cost route, and the Huawei Intelligent Selection Thermal Insulation Cup can be connected to Huawei mobile phones, which is more in line with the positioning of “smart home brands”. Cooperate with Haros to produce it for 12 hours, and won the 2021 Red Dot Product Design Award, close to the brand’s characteristic intelligence and ecology.

At present, this intelligent insulation cup is used to use 316 stainless steel, and it is also added with the direct contact with the water mouth, inner ring, filter, etc. and water in the water. The details are in place. Equipped with an OLED display, the screen of many flagship mobile phones today is the same material. The OLED screen is lighter, colorful, and high resolution. The light and dark environment can clearly display water temperature, drinking water and electricity. But consumes more power, it will be charged once in about two weeks.

Not only can the temperature measurement, but also HUAWEI Hilink technology. When you close the Huawei mobile phone close to the water cup, press the open cover button to connect it with one click, manage daily drinking water. It is very suitable for consumers who use Huawei mobile phones. The price is 149 yuan.



Those creature cocoa insulation cups/shake hot and warm hand cup


The market and product positioning of objects are relatively clear. Focusing on women’s consumer groups, their insulation cups are mostly good in value, small capacity is small, and the function of spraying or using hand -warming treasures. Most products are less than 100 yuan, which is more affordable.

For example, the cocoa insulation cup of the chestnut cup lid is cute, with many color matching, and the capacity of only 350ml is very small. It is very convenient to put it in the bag or put it in a bag. The price is 49 yuan and the cost -effective is high.

The cloud map shakes the hot hand cup innovatively using the “X-TRASMIT temperature transmission medium”. Add heat conduction solution between the vacuum layer and the outer wall. , Briefly become a hand -warming treasure or ice bag, which disappears for about 90 seconds, and then shakes again. The transmission of thermal energy will be lost. Its insulation performance and hardcore thermal insulation cup are bound to be inferior. Whether it is necessary to start with personal needs.


AKS Retro Cup/Jellyfish Cup


With its design as the biggest feature, AKS brings together designers with different cultural backgrounds and has won a number of design competition awards. It shows its strength in design. It is not only manifested in the appearance, but also reflects the details of the cup.

AKS has the best sales of retro cups. There is a strange feeling of renovation of old kettle in the last century. The jellyfish series cup has a simple and smooth body curve. The dolphin series cup type is round and diverse. The original design in his early 100 yuan, thermal insulation efficiency is in line with national standard GB/T29606-2013, and the overall reputation is good.

The jellyfish cup has two versions of the screw cover and the push cover. It is difficult to distinguish from the appearance. It is a thin mirror cup lid. Delete the design of the button to make the appearance more concise. The lid of the screwed cover is also very intimate. Most of the rotation of the cover and the outer wall of the cup lid usually have a gap. It is necessary to completely clean the tools. This is an all -in -one design without a gap that is difficult to clean.