Easy Car-New Model Recording Handbook

On April 17th, the new generation of Kia Zhizhi Run was officially launched and sold for a compact SUV.


10,000 yuan, a total


新车型录手册:全新一代起亚智跑 全新外观/配置升级

Model. The highlight of the new generation of Kia Zhi Run is that it has a new appearance and interior design. Compared with the old models, the new car has launched a total of two power assemblies of 2.0L+6MT and 2.0L+6AT for everyone to choose from Essence

This generation of wisdom running is more three -dimensional and full of old models, especially the tiger -style air intake grille of the front of the car, which improves the visual impact of the new car. The interior is also renewed, adding a lot of more popular elements, suspended screens, 7 -inch LCD instrument panels, and so on.

This issue of “New Model Records” will analyze it in detail for you

新车型录手册:全新一代起亚智跑 全新外观/配置升级

The new generation of Kia Wisdom Running


新车型录手册:全新一代起亚智跑 全新外观/配置升级

The new appearance, the tiger’s brain is “new”.

The new car is positioned as a compact SUV, the body size of the length, width, and height is 4460 × 1850 × 1695mm, and the wheelbase is 2640mm. The biggest change at the front face is the tiger -type air intake grille and the dot -matrix LED fog lights equipped with high -profile models. These two biggest changes not only increase the sense of technology, but also improve the recognition of new cars.

To say that the old wisdom runs belongs to the golden mean design solution, the new models move towards the stylish sports style in the opposite direction. The side of the body is very three -dimensional. The new car uses many straight lines to run through the body. The rear wing also stretched the visual height and length on the side of the car.

新车型录手册:全新一代起亚智跑 全新外观/配置升级

A total of five body colors were launched, namely Yaojin ash, pearl white, vibrant orange, sandalwood black and desert gold.

新车型录手册:全新一代起亚智跑 全新外观/配置升级

Compared with the appearance, I personally feel that the interior is greater. The overall shape of the new car interior is very fashionable. Many of the more popular elements can be found in the car, such as suspended 8 -inch mid -control screen, 7 -inch LCD LCD The instrument panel, panoramic sunroof and so on. It is worth mentioning that the newly replaced suspended central control screen, the internal system is DUEROS developed by Baidu. The internal procedures of this system are very rich, such as UVO systems, CarPlay, Baidu Maps, Baidu Music and other procedures.

Matching 17 -inch or 18 -inch aluminum alloy wheels, the power assembly failed.

新车型录手册:全新一代起亚智跑 全新外观/配置升级

The new car uses a 17 -inch wheels on the entry -level model, and the 18 -inch wheels are placed on the high -profile model. Although the size of the low -equipped wheels is slightly smaller, it is not as small as its shape. How much is behind.

The new car continues its old power assembly in terms of power. It still provides two sets of power assemblies of 2.0L+6MT and 2.0L+6AT for everyone to choose from. The maximum power has been reduced from the previous 165PS to 161ps, and the peak torque has been reduced from 199Nm to 193Nm.

In terms of power, it is not very good in the same level, but the decline in the parameters is more low fuel consumption (6.9L per 100 kilometers). The suspension situation is the same as the current model. The combination of front McPerson and rear multi -link is adopted. Such a combination is also a relatively common combination in this price model.

新车型录手册:全新一代起亚智跑 全新外观/配置升级

The changes in appearance and interior make people’s eyes shine, but the power of power has not been upgraded to make people feel a little regrettable. Next, let’s compare the configuration between the two models of the new generation of smart running and analyze it.

Low -match safety configuration is complete, high -end models are rich in configuration

After browsing the reception table, we found that the entry -level models have a large gap between comfort and convenience configuration compared to high -equipped models, but the safety configuration is very complete. The airbags are all available.

The appearance of the new car is more domineering than the old model. The tiger -style air intake grille and the high -profile model LED fog lights are noticeable.

Because of the low entry price, there are relatively few internal configurations. Only the standard steering wheel, leather seats, front -row central armrests, shade plate makeup mirrors are standard standard standard.

USB and Bluetooth appear as standard in the entire system. The multimedia configuration is indeed less. It is even better to have a large screen in entry -level models. After all, the central control screen will generally appear as standard in this price. The new car is equipped with the electric windows, remote control keys, speed sensing automatic locks such as the front and rear doors. It is basically equipped for the SUV of this price range.

新车型录手册:全新一代起亚智跑 全新外观/配置升级

In terms of security configuration, compared to the lower configuration outside the outside, it is indeed a lot rich. The entire system is equipped with ABS+EBD+ESC, uphill assist, steep slope slowdown, dual airbag+side airbags, etc. with honesty.

新车型录手册:全新一代起亚智跑 全新外观/配置升级

The multimedia and comfort configuration of the low -profile models are indeed less, but the new generation of smart running in terms of security configuration is not ambiguous. I think the comfort configuration of the mid -control screen, the panoramic sunroof and the side airbags, the ESC body stabilization system to make a one to make one If you choose, I should choose the latter. After all, multimedia and comfort configuration can be installed later. Let’s take a look at the comparison between the models.

新车型录手册:全新一代起亚智跑 全新外观/配置升级


新车型录手册:全新一代起亚智跑 全新外观/配置升级

Manual Fashion Edition and 2.0L Hands Smart Enjoy Luxury Edition (20,000 yuan difference)

新车型录手册:全新一代起亚智跑 全新外观/配置升级

Kia only released two models this time. These two cars are equipped with 2.0L+6MT and 2.0L+6AT in terms of power. The configuration of the whole version will be one grade higher than the manual transmission. Let’s take a look together.

新车型录手册:全新一代起亚智跑 全新外观/配置升级

Summary of the full text:

The tremendous changes in the appearance and interior of the new generation of Kia Zhi are very good. It is close to the aesthetic direction of young consumers today, but also improves the visual experience. The interior is not just improved in material. The addition of the new control screen system in the top model also makes this generation of wisdom running more intelligent, but the new car is large in terms of power compared to the same level. Obviously, it is hoped that it will be further upgraded in the future modified model.