Thousands of miles away from “Oxygen” Industrial Fulian Union and Mi Mei Medical Donation to Wuhan to donate thousands of hydrogen oxide atomizer

Reporter Wang Xiaokang

Recently, Under the leading coordinated by Foxconn Technology Group, Industrial Fulian jointly joined forces to donate 1,000 units to the Wuhan Municipal Government by the Wuhan Municipal Government. Moom, for rehabilitation treatment of patients with new coronary pneumonia. At present, these medical supplies have successfully arrived in Wuhan and will be uniformly allocated and scheduled by the new coronary virus infection of pneumonia prevention and control of the East Lake New Technology Development Zone.

Industrial Fulian joins hands with Wu Mei Medical Support Wuhan Frontline

Thousands of miles to send “oxygen” and “express” in life. At present, the “hydrogen and oxygen hybrid inhalation gas treatment” has been included in the “New Coronatte Virus Pneumonia Diagnosis Plan (Trial Seventh Edition)” by the National Health and Health Commission and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration. The “hydrogen oxide atomizer” inhaling (3000cc per minute) of the “hydrogen oxygenomotripidic machine” can improve the airway resistance, increase oxygen dispersion and oxygen flow, improve the symptoms of dyspnea (acute respiratory distress), and use hydrogen molecules to restore malignant free radicals. It plays a role in anti -inflammatory and anti -toxic side reactions.

As a medical technology innovation product, the hydrogen oxide atomizer of Yimei Medical has been approved by 161 international invention and practical new patents, and has been included in the three types of respiratory medical equipment of the “National Innovation” of the State Drug Administration. As one of the indispensable medical equipment in the process of rehabilitation, the “hydroxide atomization machine” of Yimei Medical is also included in the State Council’s response to the new coronary virus pneumonia. Medical equipment. In order to fully guarantee the supply of key medical supplies in the first -tier epidemic prevention, industrial Fulian and Laamei Medical donated 1,000 “hydroxide atomizer” to actively contribute to intelligent manufacturing for the epidemic.

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