In the past two days, Australian Prime Minister Morrison suddenly became the stalk of the people of the whole country, and it was embarrassing.


The embarrassing drama that Morrison himself had made it turned out to be related to “shit” …

In the past two days, the Australian epidemic rebounded significantly, and both states returned to the blockade. In this special period, Prime Minister Morrison also launched a commercial radio program to discuss with the host how to receive the people’s livelihood of the people’s livelihood of the people’s livelihood. question.

At first, the style of painting is still normal.

However, Morrison began to turn into the peak suddenly,

“Can I clarify a misunderstanding a long time ago?”

The host Jackie O also has a fast speed in his head, but just can’t figure it out for a second, and immediately knows Morrison’s intention.


“Do you want to talk about McDonald’s time in 1997?”


Sure enough, the host was guessed, Morrison did not waste a second immediately starting to “clarify”,


“This is definitely one of the biggest cherries in the city in history.

The audience who did not know the inside of the situation responded to Morrison. This is what is Morrison.


“I think the whole thing is really a wife who wants to laugh. We often make a joke with it … but this is all fake news that is nothing, it has never happened!”

Finally, the host gave the audience clues,


“You mean that you are rumored that year

Shit in McDonald’s parking lot in the pants

What about this? “


Morrison continues to rumors, “Some of the most funny things in the world are not necessarily always those real things, this is one of them.”

This sudden “shit” script, and the turning point of the national affairs of the eight years ago is not a little or two …

With this sudden, Morrison’s McDonald’s incident in 1997 was completely successful.

It turned out that Morrison was not the prime minister many years ago, and Morrison was famous in the McDonald’s family in Endotadin.


It is rumored that Morrison, who was less than 30 years old at the time, was watching the New Zealand shark football team in the parking lot outside McDonald’s.

As a loyal fan, Morrison may have been holding the shit to watch the game (according to the tourists, the toilet is far from the parking lot),


And when Morrison’s loved team lost the game, Morrison, who was extremely disappointed with emotion, suddenly, then,

Pull on the pants …

Of course, this matter was not from Morrison and the people around him, but a Sydney hip -hop singer Joyride, who was unreasonable to this matter, was suddenly exposed.

And this Joyride is also an indirect third party of the news. His news was an employee of McDonald’s and his friend told him.

The whole thing seems to have a nose and eyes,


“After the Shark team lost the game, Morrison pulled his pants in McDonald’s in Endotadin*”

“My friends who were working there told me,

The scene is terrible (‘Pretty Bad’)


After all, people have not made a big rumor to slander the motivation to slander with their own work.

After this incident caused attention, Morrison never explained it, did not deny it, and did not clarify, so that this flavorful rumor has been permeated for 24 years.

During the period, because of this “legend of shit”, Endotin’s McDonald’s was suddenly famous.

Many Australian netizens “come here” for punching and left a wonderful comment.

“Sure enough, the toilet is far away.”

In the incident, McDonald’s parking lot is not afraid of big things.

Street artists also created for this,

Over the past 20 years, Morrison’s shit stalk has basically been bundled and sold because of this McDonald’s failure …


In short, the harm is not strong, and the insult is a bit great. This stalk brings the main fun of life, and it has always been tepid.

As a result, in 2021, it seems that in the past few centuries since 1997, Morrison began to clarify this “rumor” on a radio that talks about international events …

“I don’t shit on my pants!”


The first reaction of netizens is to seriously doubt …

“I suspect that this is true!”


“Oh, if he never lied in front of the public before, someone might really believe in him this time.

But no, he is a lying essence. “


Netizens’s stalk maps are also immediately out of fire,

“This is why the leaders of various countries refused to be with Morrison Station at the G20 summit (he pulled it again)”

But on the other hand, Morrison ignored the country’s blind private affairs, which also caused the people to get angry.

“I went to international news. The reason was unheard of. It was not that the negotiations were successfully helped Australia to get more Pfizer vaccines, nor did I establish a quarantine center to take more Australian people to go home in the overseas nations, but … 20 years ago, I did not pull in my crotch in my own crotch. “

The people are angry at the timing of Morrison’s chaos,


“The two provinces with the largest population in Australia were forced to enter isolation, and our prime minister was on the nation’ s radio station for the first time to clarify the rumors of 1997. “


“He can deny that he has pulled his pants in McDonald’s, but he cannot deny that his current governance is in Australia.”


This is messy, and even the show host also joked in the first half of the show and expressed suspect that Morrison talked about the new crown measures as fake.


And after this strange news appears, more netizens are worried about the international image of Australia.

“Congratulations, become international news, what is this idiot thinking?”

“Let me feel so proud of the Australians overseas'”

“We are so proud!”

“It’s so great, we just mentioned an international news” “

“Now he shit on the international reputation of Australia”

That’s right, after Morrison explained like this, today’s Australian news and international news sites are broadcasting this tasteful news


“Australian Prime Minister said he hadn’t shit in the crotch 21 years ago!”


It’s embarrassing …