Anyone who is engaged in auto parts sales knows that there are many accessories between each model under the same brand that are generally swapped. This is to reduce development costs in order to reduce duplicate design and increase the generalization rate of components in order to reduce duplicate design, so that accessories keep universal sharing between the same brand of various models. And try to use the same platform as much as possible.

Generally, car brand car companies will develop different models on the basis of the same three major automotive engines, chassis, and gearboxes designed. That is, models of different appearances are equipped with the same three major pieces.

Let’s talk about what are the general accessories between Northeast Wind Nissan Model Platta, Tida, Liwei, and Xuanyi.


05-10 Tiida, 05-10 Tida ED, 07-13 Liwei L10/Livina, 06-11 Xuanyi G11. These four models use the same ones

HR16DE/1.6 engine,


Chassis and gearboxes. So in addition to the appearance and interior parts, their engine accessories, chassis and gearbox accessories are common.

The engine HR16DE accessories of these four models

Like a large repair piston, piston ring, inlet valve, large and small tiles, oil pumps, crankshafts, connecting rods, camshafts, variable regular wheels, time -to -time repairs, large repair bags, etc. are common. Other accessories such as ignition coils, spark plugs, starters, generators, air -conditioning compressors, throttle, fan belts and belt lift wheels, engine claw glue, water pump, crankshaft belt wheel, oil bottom shell, air -conditioning filter element, etc. They are common. The machine filter of all models of Dongfeng Nissan 15208-65F00/ED50A is common.


The chassis of these four models is the same

, So most of the chassis parts are universal. For example, the hem arm with a large sales volume, the front balance rod header, and the turn to the inner and outer ball head; the ingot beam, front and rear wheel axis, sheep horns, left and right half shafts, front shock absorbers, shock absorber top glue and shock absorber bearings, reducing reduction later reduction, later reduction reduction The shock, front chip and front brake disc, front brake pliers, brake total pumps, rear tablets, etc. These four general accessories.

These four models are common

Airbag coil 25567-EV06E


The sales volume is particularly large. Generally, as long as the horn does not sound, almost all of the airbag coils have problems. Other universal accessories include water tanks, condenser, electronic fan, gasoline pump assembly, oxygen sensor, ABS sensor, left front door glass lifter switch, beams and lower beams, direction machines, etc.

Four models of the four models of Laida, Yida, Liwei, and Xuanyi manual transmission

Clutch tablets, pressure plates and separation bearings

The clutch total pump, the hanging mechanism is generally universal. Their clutch three -piece set sales are very large, especially the clutch split pump and separation bearings are one -piece, which is generally much bad. The normal use of the automatic transmission of these four models is almost damaged. Therefore, the automatic transmission is rarely bought.


These four models of Dongfeng Nissan are listed in this, and some universal accessories that are not often sold are not described in detail. Such as Laida, Tida, Liwei Sonor Middle School and so on.

It is hoped that the owners of the repair shop and these four models can come from this article to some knowledge. When buying accessories, you know. Welcome everyone to leave a message for discussion.