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Estee Lauder has launched a new product called “dense repair muscle permeability”. The name is relatively delicious. Speaking of small brown bottles, should no one know? As an Estee Lauder’s “Town Treasure”, the classic slogan of the small brown bottle is “if you had started night repair in 1982, your skin wouldn’t look 16 Years Older Today”, the brand confidence is evident. This product born in 1982 has been selling well so far. Of course, it has also experienced many formula innovations. Now it is the sixth generation, and it has been continuously expanded to the entire ANR family: eye cream and eye essence. Add 2 new members: dense repair muscle permeable mask and Chinese limited muscle repair and essence.

The essence of “Chinese characteristics” is actually essence oil. Many brands will launch facial oil products in autumn and winter. Many people with facial skin partial oils have such concerns: facial oil products will exacerbate skin. Oil out of oil is easy to block pores. actually,

When making skin cleaning, the appropriate amount of facial essence oil can effectively moisturize the skin, prevent the skin’s excessive drying and secrete oil for self -protection


Essence In addition, this facial essence oil is as much as possible


Select vegetable oil to avoid mineral oil

The latter is easier to block pores. Before the age of 22, I was a mixed skin. As I got older, the skin type became a mixed partial dry. Therefore, I will choose this essence oil for maintenance in autumn and winter. I have already started Sisley’s black rose essence oil, so I did not start this essence honey.

△ Estee Lauder Essence Honey V. Sisley Black Rose Essence Oil

Today, the focus is on the small brown bottle mask. This mask is known as


A piece of half a bottle of small brown bottle essence


The first internal and external double -film mask


Essence It is easy to understand the previous point. As a small brown bottle with homologous sisters, the essence of ANR repair is the essence of this mask. The official website uses the “half bottle” words, but the small brown bottle is equipped with four specifications: 30ml, 50ml, 75ml, and 100ml specialized at the airport. The essence content of the mask must be accurately determined, but in general, the content of the essence in a mask is about 10ml-20ml,


It can be speculated that the “half bottle” used by Estee Lauder should refer to half a bottle of this specification of 30ml to 50ml

Essence The official price of the 30ml small brown bottle essence is 590 yuan, and the price of half a bottle is 295 yuan. This mask is a box of 4 pieces, the official price is 680 yuan, and a single film is 170 yuan. The 170 yuan mask contains at least 295 yuan of essence, so it is not so expensive to think about it (people do not dismantle, thank you).

The second selling point: internal and external double film. Before this mask was listed, Estee Lauder’s spokesperson Liu Wen had already picked the upper face of the mask on Weibo. The explosion is that this mask is actually silver. According to the official interpretation of the double film, the outer layer of the mask is silver foil, and the inner layer is a common mask layer, and the essence oil is immersed on the inner layer. The effect of silver foil outer membrane is sealed, simulating SPA micro -pressure thermal introduction method, allowing the skin to better absorb the essence, allowing the essence to reach the bottom of the muscle, and a deep repair effect.

However, after saying so much, I have to look at the effect of the face.

—————— The following is the trial time ———————————————

The front packaging is also the iconic water blue and text logo of Estee Lauder. The reverse is a product picture.

Each box contains 4 leather masks, and the mask packaging uses local gold. After all, 170 pieces, no tall packaging is not enough to soothe the little heart of blood


Take a photo before your face!


Open the packaging, there are still many essences, the taste is the same taste as the small brown bottle essence.

The mask is divided into two sections, according to the instructions

Apply the lower half first, and then use the upper half

Essence I didn’t read the instructions at the time, and I put it in the first half directly, but it was also cool.

Because the outer layer of the mask is silver foil, the self -respect is heavy, so

The two -stage design allows the mask to better fit the skin, and also reduce the decline in gravity due to gravity

Essence Another advantage of the silver foil in the outer layer is that in the case of a large number of facial essences, the essence can be avoided, and it is all on the body.


After a few minutes on the face, I felt slightly hot on the face, and there was a little tingling. This may be the official “SPA micro -pressure thermal introduction method”. In about 10 minutes, you can feel a bit dry, and you can remove the mask at this time. After unveiling the mask, there is a layer of essence floating on the surface of the skin. Massage with your hands slightly to help the skin absorb this layer of essence, and then wipe the skin with a cotton pad with a lotion.

The changes in the skin are brightening. Generally, the skin tone of the mask has a brightening effect. Before the acne was severe, the red and swollen acne and acne marks were slightly lighter. I felt that the repair effect was still there. I don’t know if it was a psychological effect. In winter, the air -conditioning environment is relatively dry. After the mask’s skin pores are visually narrowed, the hydration effect is visible; the small dry lines under the eyes are reduced.

In terms of repair, this mask has a certain effect on red and swollen acne, which can calm down and soothe the skin. However, in terms of hydrating effect, this mask is not particularly outstanding, especially compared to the Japanese and Korean masks. Because the essence of the small brown bottle itself is thick, the moisturizing feeling brought by the essence in the mask is not the same powerful. This has something to do with the habit of use. After all, Europeans and Americans do not use this kind of cloth mask, and they are more inclined to use a washed mask.

The evaluation I give is: repair effect ☆☆☆☆ / hydration effect ☆☆☆ / whitening effect ☆☆☆

170元/片的面膜好用吗?雅诗兰黛ANR面膜简评△雅诗兰黛精粹蜜 v. Sisley 黑玫瑰精华油

Looking at it, the ANR mask of Estee Lauder can only be said to be a cost -effective mask, and its effect can be completely split: 1 ordinary hydrating mask, and then use the small brown bottle essence after use. Compared with the small brown bottle mask alone, the overall hydration effect of the skin is more obvious, and the effect of repairing and soothing skin has also been achieved. The key is that the overall price is significantly lower than 170 yuan. Of course, for the loyal fans of Estee Lauder who are not bad money or a lazy man like me, this mask is still worth trying, especially


Suitable for traveling and using skin first aid when traveling,

after all

Save the trouble of bringing a large bottle of small bottle liquid essence