Author: NGA-Blackfigure1

I am Mark 6+2.5.

1. Summary at the forefront


Weapon: 0 Star Mark is cost -effective, and the functional scarcity of mimic mech is high. It is recommended that all players consider. 1 star is suitable for civilian T, 6 stars are suitable for the strength party. 35 stars are embarrassing or not recommended or temporarily transitioning. Mark’s comfort and security are mentioned in the background of the 6 -star. Essence

Will: Chicken ribs, low cost performance, but you must use it full of harm now and must be full. Therefore, there can be no need to consider the following, and China can be considered.

Here we must say more, any weapon must be seen in the environment. At that time, why Mark was 6+3, and why would anyone think Mark was killed by the ice bow, because the core gameplay at the time was the old days, and the survivability of the old days was not important. Therefore Many big guys have little effect in their eyes.

But the current core gameplay is the group+gray domain, and the environment is high. Many big guys find that they have more than 500 layers of old days, and the boss of the group will die.

Therefore, everyone found that although Mark’s injury was not as good as ice bow, the output environment provided could kill the ice bow. So 6+3 is not that important.

First talk about weapons

0 Star: Exempted Metic Mattering+Mech morphological jumping ability stronger than mini -games easily+shoulder guns fly flying monster mini games. The face is 80, 1.2W ink crystal, and the depends on the mimic state is better than the high -pressure environment of the group ash, which is more cost -effective than the capsule machine. highly recommended.

1st star: Skills on the shield, for T. You can be injured (washing your feet for the big guy, and told the big man after you got out, which skill you didn’t die just now because of me, the big guy looked at you), it was equivalent to 33%after the shield. T is recommended.

3 stars: 35%of the end of the injury, which is also the most arguing is whether the ice bow is good (40%of the star) or the core point of Mark. I personally don’t think that both soldiers and Mark can provide similar injuries, and new turns in the future can also be. However, Mark Samsung can’t be up, the cost is not low, the effect is not high, and it is not comfortable. Unless you want to chase 6 stars in the future, it is not recommended.

5 stars: Brushing the shield at the same time, it is not very useful. 5 -star skills need to pass 6 stars (backgrounds) to have power, otherwise it can only be exploded when the shield is constantly renewed, which is of little significance. Also, don’t pump if you don’t chase 6 stars.

6 stars: the choice of comfort and safety, double the material resistance, the background can be brushed, and Mark becomes a qualitative star of the flow of the elder brother Ma Da. Backstage brushing shields can make Costar and Fried Shields a reality. Double -resistance also made a hero of a group into a football (indeed many bosses are mainly object -resistant).

To sum up, weapons 0, 1, and 6 stars are relatively useful, and 35 stars are relatively cost -effective.


2 will, the basics of life shields are not very useful, which is convenient for non -Mark weapons to start the shield. The ability to reduce injury is also average. For T, it has reduced damage by 60-70%(Mark+resistance+resonance). This is not bad for this extra 10-20%. It’s 50%. Generally speaking, it is more chicken ribs.

4 will, the team adds offensive, and adds a maximum of 34.5%(note that it is not injury, but an additional attack). As everyone’s attack power is getting higher and higher, the attack power dilution effect is getting more and more obvious. In fact, the cost performance is average, but it is indeed the most suitable for Mark.

Overall, if it is not bad money, it is recommended to see. After all, Epis 2 and Rabbit 4 have the ability to have backstage. In the future, there will be more background will.

If you do n’t need to be a horse 4, you can consider the background of Red Lotus 4, Rabbit/Efforts/Bai. T can consider 2 matches and the like.

To sum up, the will feels chicken ribs as a whole, strongly binds weapons, and it is likely that there will be a background will with a superior substitute in the future. The will itself is not damage to attack, but also reduces the probability of preservation of this set of will. But it is true that in any combination with Mark, you want to play extreme damage, the will must bring the will.