EDC (Every Day Carry) small bag is an extremely practical portable attachment. To put it plainly, it is a small bag. However, although the bag really chooses a small bag that is both solid and practical, fashionable and portable, sometimes it is really difficult. Although the EDC bag is small, it shoulders important mission. It can be equipped with life -saving medicines in emergency situations, survival items in bad environments, and various necessary items for outdoor outdoor. But the most important thing is that it can make your travel activities easier and more comfortable.

野外运动装备系列(十二)——EDC 小包

EDC small bags are actually very popular in the 1980s, and today, the traditional pockets that have come back again have similar functions. It is just that the manufacturers have made more fashionable, more practical, and more perfect functional improvements based on the traditional pockets. At the same time, it has made more accurate and reasonable considerations on its portability, solidity and style design and materials.

野外运动装备系列(十二)——EDC 小包

How to choose a small EDC package that suits you

In addition to the brand and special needs design, in order to buy a satisfactory EDC package, you should also refer to the following aspects:

野外运动装备系列(十二)——EDC 小包

1: Size

Size is an important indicator for you to choose an EDC package. You need to choose a bag that can accommodate the items that can be used frequently, and other items that occasionally use. It should not be too big nor too small. When buying, make sure that the small bag can put all the necessities you need. The size is usually marked on the label, depending on the model and brand.

2: Type

The type of small bag determines how you will wear it. This is a standard that cannot be ignored, because your action level and your disposal ability depend on it. Small EDC bags are the same as storage bags, specializing in people who do not want to put anything in their pockets, such as: bank cards, mobile phones, business cards and other personal items. The medium -sized EDC package can be installed with more items, such as: drugs, cigarettes, glasses, folding knives, and so on. There will be more space for large EDC packages, and you can also place small computers such as iPad, charging treasures, slingshots, self -timer rods, etc.

野外运动装备系列(十二)——EDC 小包

3: Function and material

野外运动装备系列(十二)——EDC 小包

Appearance and function are also an important option factor. The materials used must be high -quality, such as nylon or polyester. They have strong durability and can resist the sudden changes in impact or climate. Any EDC package should be integrated like a military tactical package as a military tactical package. The strap can adjust the length, and the interface must be easy to operate and solid and durable. It is important to point out that some of the so -called high -end EDC bags designed with high -end valuable materials are sacrificed to the pursuit of the so -called beauty, sacrificing storage space and functionality, more like a fashion accessory, not suitable for hiking or wild sports.

4: Use

In addition to the beauty and generosity, the EDC package is more in line with ergonomics. It should also be composed of multiple independent storage bags, including small accessories and valuables storage bags with independent atresia. For special bags such as mobile phones and computers, the compartment should have a buffer protection function, rather than a dedicated storage bag. In addition, the design of the shoulder bag can be straight and crossbody, which is suitable for urban walking and facilitation of field sports.

野外运动装备系列(十二)——EDC 小包

5: Weight

Given the mission of the EDC package, the empty bag should be as light as possible. Especially during the journey, you will definitely be glad to choose a lighter bag.

Kind tips:

Choose an EDC package with multiple compartments, which can further optimize the storage of your daily equipment and accessories.

If you may put a small folding knife in the bag and try to put it in a fixed and easy place.

Choose a solid and elastic nylon strap.

野外运动装备系列(十二)——EDC 小包

When selecting the EDC package, it should not be ignored its rainproof function.