In May, the world -renowned IWC International Wine Competition came to an end, and Chinese wine made unprecedented good results. In this year’s IWC International Wine Competition, Chinese wine won 1 special award, 3 gold awards, 17 silver awards and 37 bronze awards. It is worth noting that the Great Wall’s five -star Chiba dried red wine won the first prize medal of Chinese red wine, which illuminated the glory of this super large item.


The world -renowned international competition and Chinese territory

As one of the world’s most credible and influential professional wine events, the International Wine Challenge International Wine Reward (hereinafter referred to as “IWC”) was held in London in 2019. To help consumers discover high -quality wines, the stickers of the award -winning wine bottle body are quality assurance. Over the years, IWC medals, as a third -party certification with international credibility, are consumers’ fingers of the street lights. They stand out from many wines that have been issued by IWC medals. Unparalleled influence, which radiates 1.2 billion consumers worldwide.

The competition reviews are all in the form of blind tasting. After three rounds of strict selection, the award -winning wine is at least 3 rounds of independent tasting through the 3 rounds of judges, and then selects outstanding wines from them. In this competition, Chinese wine has won more than 50 awards, further showing the continuous improvement of Chinese wine in quality and the style of different production areas.


Through layers of evaluation in the IWC event, the Great Wall Five -Star Red Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red Wine shows the customs characteristics of the Shahuanghuang Basin area, the unique performance of the Chiba Pearl species in Shacheng, the Great Wall winemaker’s handle of this wine. Control, the “mellow and elegant” flavor of this wine blooms among the taste buds of the judges.

The judges pointed out in the comments that the Great Wall Great Wall Five -Star Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine 2016 reflects the typical style of Chinese Cabernet Sauvignon Grape variety. “Take off the rabbit”, enthusiastic and unrestrained beauty.

It is worth noting that the Great Wall Five -Star Chinellia Dried Red Wine for the first time participated in the IWC International Wine Masterpiece. The IWC London Special Prize Medal pushed the local and wine culture of Chinese production areas to the center of the world wine stage at this event.

International Exploration of Chinese Taste


In recent years, Chinese wine has won the gold award in world -class events, which undoubtedly shows the progress and excellent strength of Chinese wine brewing.


In this regard, Oz Clarke, co -chairman of IWC London, has followed the Chinese wine market for more than 33 years. It commented: “I can talk to you in the old style of Chinese wine, but I am more willing to share the current style with you. The quality of Chinese wine is in the year. As promoted, although most of the vines are still young, the characteristics of different production areas have begun to be displayed. If China earnestly cultivates a project, the excellent results are just around the corner. China is already doing this. Project. We haven’t seen the really exciting results! “

Great Wall Wine has devoted more effort in the creation and brewing of the product system, and created wine products with Chinese characteristics in the production area. The first win IWC Gold Award is an important results. The flavor of Great Wall products has changed from Sinicization to internationalization. It has brought more feasibility to the conquest world of Chinese taste. To many people in the industry, this may be an important breakthrough in the internationalization of Chinese wine.

In the process of internationalization of wine, wine with Chinese taste has more advantages. First of all, wine is one of the mainstream drinks of Western countries. It is very easy to be accepted by consumers in categories. Seize the attention of consumers.


As far as the current Great Wall wine is concerned, the IWC’s Gold Award brings not only endorsements at the quality level, but also brings more possibilities for Great Wall’s performance in the domestic and international markets.