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The second part of the decoration is still late. Except for the re -attack of lazy cancer, it is mainly these home appliances in the kitchen, because only the fire was opened on Saturday and Saturday. Power. Although the sun list of the previously kitchen waste processing machine has made many friends from fever to the kitchen waste processor, I think maybe my description of the use of the elbow of the submarine behind The drainage of the effect makes people mistakenly think that it is the effect of the crushing machine. Under the emphasis again, there is no blocking phenomenon after using the elbow of the submarine. My kitchen waste processor is more satisfactory.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

Back to today, I will get this beautiful range hood gas stove suit.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

The order in the Double Eleven last year. The price of the Double Eleven last year was 2439, and it also used a 6 -phase free handling fee. The current price is 2599.

Midea DT520RW+Q360B European -style Smart Cloud Steam Washing Da Su Sue Pasteor Tumping Hood Gas Stove Gas Package …

Because the installation time is relatively long, what is left in the box is not left. Midea’s electrical appliances are installed, and the masters are also packed. A little uncomfortable is that this installation does not include the flue. Perhaps the flue sent by this set was too short. At that time, the installed master was not installed. Therefore, please measure your range hood before installing the range hood. If you are far away from the chimney, you still need to purchase another cigarette pipe.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

I later bought another 3 -meter tobacco pipe and inverse valve on November 27.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

Simon Public Fluls Stop Valve Back Valve Valley Stop Valve Anti -Bao ABS imported raw materials without caliber limitation C8 … Oil range hood aluminum foil cigarette pipes, trachea public flue pipes, fan bath, fellow cigarette pipe hose …

When you install it yourself, because you are not professional enough, you must check it clearly if you are not professional enough. No one has a hood, and the house is still sticky. I used this problem for more than a month. Later, I found a tape to wrap the cigarette pipe interface again, so that the situation improved. In addition, when you place an order, you must pay attention to whether your home uses liquefied gas or natural gas. He is a rural person. At that time, he thought that the pipeline was naturally gas, so I bought a version of natural gas. Gas bottle, pipelines still have gas. All kinds of 新, replaced the new machine with two stoves. However, after changing the stove head, I always feel that the fire is not very large. I don’t know if it is psychological factors or the stove to burn gas directly with natural gas.

In the evening, it mainly talks about the steam washing function of this range hood. As for the WIFI, I think it is purely chicken ribs. It is useless. It is also simple to connect the Ali Smart APP. At that time, people are always in the kitchen, and it is a bit more controlled with mobile phones.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

Since the fire of the range hood, the frequency of use has been used every Saturday and Saturday, and the cloud steam washing function has been used once in early March, but at that time, it was not taken. In order to verify the cleaning effect of cloud steam, it was until April that was not until April that was not until April. Write this instructions for use. It is also because of the beautiful steam washing function in the public test of Aunt Zhang, and it was a bit wise when others ended when the public test was over.

The renderings of the range hood after the hood, the clock on the range hood is very bright, and it is still useful to see the time. When burning the vegetables, control the heat and look up.

The six control keys on the range hood, from left to right, are the switch of the two lamps of the range hood, the WIFI key, the steam washing key, the clock key (control the air volume and adjust the clock, and press the-+key to adjust the clock) ,switch.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

The interface on the corner of the hood is the insertion of the steam washing.

The water cup used for cleaning can be filled with water. Generally, it is enough to install 800ml.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

The nameplate of the range hood is on the right, and I turned on two lighting lights of the range hood.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

You can see that this lighting uses a lot of LED light bulbs. The brightness is good. Burn a dumpling or something at night. I don’t want to turn on the headlights of the kitchen. This lighting is enough.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装宜家的小玩意里必入的一些盒子,装装酱油醋啥的,不会整个台面都脏了,不能再方便。

The hood before the second cleaning, slightly layer of oil below the oil cup.

Long press the steam washing key to start cleaning.

The cleaning time is 12 minutes.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装手持搅拌机是春节前张大妈推的德亚的货,晒单都太多了。没啥可说的。

With the turning of the fan, you can see that the oil is dripping underground.

When I washed half of the time, the water and oil in the oil cup were relatively obvious.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

After 12 minutes of cleaning, automatically enter the air -dried stage of 3 minutes.

After the end, a glass of water and oil mixture full of oil cups.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

It is clearly clear. Although the kitchen does not fire for a long time every month, the oil pollution is relatively heavy.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

Originally 800ml of water, the remaining water volume was in the beauty trademark.

After turning on the flash of the mobile phone, you can see that there are still some oil stains in these tube above the oil cup of the range hood. I think the function of this steam washing is mainly aimed at the fan of the range hood. After all, if the fan is residual after long -term use, it will affect the operation of the fan. This is a aspect of a greater impact on the range hood.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

In addition, for a few years, I have grown some small kitchen pieces purchased by Aunt Zhang. IKEA’s rods are no longer convenient. Just when buying IKEA’s chopstick cage, pay attention to the size of the grid of the chopstick cage. Otherwise, IKEA’s chopsticks are too thin to slide.

In the past few years, the Bank of Communications Credit Card swiping a set of knives was brushed around the event. When I received this tool, I thought, when can I match the suite.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

Some boxes that must be entered in IKEA’s gadgets, pretending to be soy sauce and vinegar, will not be dirty on the whole table, and it is no longer convenient.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

Holding the mixer is the goods of Deya, which was pushed by Aunt Zhang before the Spring Festival, and there were too many sun orders. Nothing to say.

AOC’s bread machine is cheap and procedures are stupid. It is no problem to make sweet bread according to the figure. But it is troublesome to change the formula. The rice cooker and electric pressure cooker behind, Rongshida rice cooker was sent when buying a refrigerator. I feel that I still have to buy a pressure cooker. This rice cooker cooks and cooks porridge or something. It feels slow and not delicious. It is relatively simple to get the pressure cooker for 20 minutes.

The microwave oven and Yibao’s oven that is used in the family should have a history of more than ten years. The oven is Yibao. In 2010, it was purchased more than 11 in 2010. The furnace lamp is broken, and the mechanical temperature adjustment is also slightly pitted. Anyway, in recent years, barbecue and roasted shrimp have nothing to do. Baked pasta is repeatedly defeated and defeated and repeatedly defeated. The temper of this gadget is still unable to touch it. How much flour has passed. When I was sad, I wanted to change it. Aunt Zhang gave me a chance to test the oven.

This product is Midea/Midea’s BCD-535WKZM (E) Double Opening Door Refrigerator Witto Intelligent Wind and Cream. I am going to expose it next time. The monthly electricity bills that have been moved into the new home have exceeded 120 yuan. Very suspicious this thing is a big power consumption. After buying an electricity socket, you can test it well to give the truth.

2015年装修记 篇二:厨房电器之 美的 DT520RW+Q360B 抽油烟机燃气灶套餐装

Midea/Midea’s BCD-535WKZM (E) Double Open Door Refrigerator Intelligent Wind and Cold without Frostless Cream …