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珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

Modern people recognize that the Song Dynasty followed the minimalist aesthetic route.

Among them, the porcelain is the most representative: Ru Guan Ge Jun Ding’s five famous kilns are generous and simple, and the color is quiet and elegant. Passionate and simple.

The collection of the ingenuity

But if you think that all the porcelain in the Song Dynasty was such a minimalist, it was very wrong.

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

Don’t believe you, look at the following pieces

Dengfeng kiln white glaze pearl landed flower double tiger pattern bottle Song Palace Museum Tibetan

Xin’an Kiln Pearl Field Ford Pillow Pillow of Sanmenxia City Museum in Henan Province, Northern Song Dynasty

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

Dengfeng Qu River Kiln White Glazed Pearl Pillow Pillow Pillow Song Golden Mindian Apolis Art Museum Collection

Each small circle is densely arranged throughout every part of the main decoration. The visual effect is extremely complicated, not very simple at all, and not at all.

But they are indeed produced in the Song Dynasty:

This type of porcelain has a name that sounds expensive, called “pearl landing flowers”, which was very popular in the northern folk kiln in the Song Dynasty.

Is “pearl landing flowers” has something to do with pearls?

It is better to understand the flowers, that is, on the surface of the ceramic that has not yet been dried, it is made of a pointed tool made of wooden knives, bamboo strips, or metals.

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

There are still carved flowers that often appear with the flowers. In contrast, the flowers are used to use “needles”, engraved flowers with knives, and the traces of flowers are relatively shallow, and the traces of carved flowers are deeper.


珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

“Pearl landing flowers” is not limited to the method of drawing flowers, and occasionally uses carved flowers or even flowers.

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

For example, this porcelain pillow collected by the Shanghai Museum is obviously eliminated from the background part to increase the three -dimensional sense of decoration.

Dengfeng Kiln Pearl Divide Flower Peony Pillow Pillow Northern Song Shanghai Museum

But what is Pearl? Do you use pearls to base?

Of course … no, the people’s kiln porcelain does not have that economic strength.

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

The so -called “pearl land” refers to

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

Those small circles covered with the background of the picture give people the sensory effects like pearls filled with space

, So get a name of “Pearl”.

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

Lushan section shop kiln pearl “Fulu” tattoo noodles Northern Songdingshan Museum Collection

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

If you want to get the “Pearl Land”, the complication of the process is directly proportional to the complexity of the visual effect:

On the body of the makeup soil and engraving the theme decoration,

Use round tube tools such as reeds or metal tubes to artificially pierce a small circle until it fills all the gaps of decorative gaps.

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

Note: Make -up soil is also called decorative soil. Use good porcelain soil to make mud, coated on the surface of porcelain blank body with rough texture or darker color, so that it becomes fair, smooth, and flat. Only then are light and soft.

This is just a relatively primitive version of 1.0. When the technical means are developing mature, a step -by -step process is added. That is, after poking the circle, apply a layer of color powder evenly on the surface of the porcelain tire (usually a ravioline or dark brown), and then use the force to make the color powder embedded in the groove where the pattern is located.

After the transparent glaze is fired, the pearl and the pattern will show the corresponding color.

The contrast with white makeup soil forms a color tone, which allows a single utensil to produce a multi -layered three -dimensional effect, which enhances the decorative meaning of the pattern.

Pearl Baby Play Pillow Pillow Northern Song and Canada Royal Ontario Museum Collection

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

White glazed pearls drawing flowers folding branch peony pattern pillow pillow Song Palace Museum Tibetan

But why do people think of decorating porcelain with such a complex method?

In a word, this belongs to the issue of history.

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

The Tang Dynasty prevailed gold and silverware, many gold and silverware surfaces

At the gap between the main pattern, the small circle with a very small diameter is called “caviar pattern”

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?


These “caviar patterns” can cover the flaws left during production (such as the small pit, scratches, etc. left by the carving process). The sense of three -dimensional and bright and dark contrast.

Lotus Lotus Plobs Golden Bowl Tang Shaanxi History Museum Collection

Capricorn Begonia Form Golden Cup Tang Shaanxi History Museum Collection

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

Gilt Golden Grass Flower Birds and Birds, Silver Feather, Tang Shaanxi History Museum Collection

Gilt Golden Grass, Flower Bird Pattern Tuomen Silver Cup Tang Shaanxi History Museum Collection

Therefore, the people of the Tang Dynasty loved “caviar” very much, not only commonly used in gold and silver wares,

It also uses its cross -border on porcelain manufacturing, that is, we now see “Pearl”.

According to research, the earliest realization of this cross -border is

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

Xiguan kiln in Mixian, Henan, has begun to produce “Pearl Divine Flowers” porcelain during the late Tang Dynasty

Essence However, the patterns on porcelain from style to layout have obvious typical styles of Tang Dynasty gold and silverware.

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

In fact, not only the Xiguan kiln in Mixian, the initial stage of the “pearl landmarking process”, many kiln mouth products can see the shadow of the Tang Dynasty gold and silver instruments.

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

Mixian Kiln Pearl Pearl Polygonum Pillow Pillow Tibetan Palace Museum Tibetan

Dengfeng Kiln Pearl Display Double Phoenix Equipment Pillow Pillow Northern Song and Western Han Dynasty King Museum Collection

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

Dengfeng Kiln Pearl Double Phoenix Tale Pillow Pillow Pillow Northern Song Taipei Hongxi Art Museum Collection

After the Northern Song Dynasty, with the maturity of the level of craftsmanship, new patterns such as tiger, fish, figures, lotus, and even auspicious text appeared. The diameter of the pearl ground circle also became larger, which completely got rid of the impact of gold and silverware.

Henan Dengfeng Kiln Gao Shi Drunk Wind Plum Plum Plum Plum Plum Los Angeles County Art Museum Collection

Lushan section shop kiln pearls “Fushou” Mingmei Bottle Northern Song Pingdingshan Museum Collection

“Family Guo Yong’an” Mingbai glaze pearl pillow flower pillow of the Northern Song Dynasty British Museum Collection

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

The flowering craftsmanship of the pearls originated from the Tang Dynasty and fell in gold, which lasted about 600 years and developed to its peak during the Northern Song Dynasty.

At present, there are 13 kiln mouths produced by the production of pearls in my country. Hebei, Henan, and Shanxi are distributed, which can be seen at the beginning.

Some people may ask, isn’t the aesthetic in the Song Dynasty, isn’t it a minimalist? Why is it still accepting this complicated aesthetic in the Tang Dynasty?

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

“Listening to Qin Map” Song Zhaoyu Palace Museum Collection

In fact, people of different levels are difficult to uniformly unified. We say that the aesthetic and magnificent aesthetics of the Tang Dynasty, and the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty were minimalist.

珍珠打底 什么瓷器这么豪横?

However, there are also ground -soul kiln in the Tang Dynasty. In the Song Dynasty, there was a strong and bright green landscape such as “Thousands of Rivers and Mountains”.

Changsha kiln green glaze brown brown color “Junsheng, I am not born” Poetry Potation Potten Tang Changsha Museum Collection

“Thousands of Rivers and Mountains” Northern Song Dynasty Wang Ximeng Palace Museum Collection

“Song of the Song of the Song Dynasty” Song Anonymous Taipei Palace Museum Tibetan

The “minimalist” of the Song Dynasty could only be said to be the aesthetics of the mainstream society and the doctor of literati at that time. Although the secular aesthetics were often ignored by us, it was actually coexisting with the aesthetics of literati. Essence

Dengfeng Kiln White Glazed Pearl Planning Character Tumei Bottle Northern Song Boston Museum Collection

Xin’an Kiln White Glaze Pearl Divide Flowers and Touring Blossom Bound Bottle Northern Song Henan Province Sanmenxia City Museum Collection

Any great era is harvested and diverse, and only one aesthetic existence is terrible.

Lushan section shop kiln pearl “Fulu” tattoo noodles Northern Songdingshan Museum Collection