What can let the exquisite woman more elegant and confident? A beautiful shoe is essential, let Huai extends from the foot to make confident naturally.

Also, luxury women’s shoes are monopolized by Italy, the United Kingdom, and France. Among them, the Italian luxury women’s shoes brands basically occupy the half-Wanjiang Mountain. As the old luxury goods, the world has a world-famous high-level custom street Savil Street, French incense The Street has gathered a large number of world-class big names with unparalleled luxury women’s shoes.

So what are the common luxury women’s shoes? Take a look:

01 / Stuart Weitzman Stewart Wetzman


Stuart Weitzman Stewart Wetzman

In 1986, Stuart A. Weitzman brand came in the United States. The brand’s shoes are not only a common brand of star red carpet, but also the first lady love. For unique materials (such as: cork, resins, wallpapers, 24K gold, diamonds, etc.) and attention to detail, make designers and his shoes.

02 / Christian Louboutin Christie Rubuo

Christian Louboutin Christty Rubberto


Christian Louboutin Christie Lubuco came out in France in 1992, red sole shoes are their signature logo, highlighting women’s soft, beautiful and non-mature sexy, is a brand of many models and stars.

03 / Manolo Blahnik Morro Birlanik


Manolo Blahnik Morro Birlanik

In 1972, Manolo Blahnik shoes born in the UK is the “noble” in high heels. Many big actresses are their faithful fans. It is called Oscar awards ceremony “The only designated shoes”, known as “Manolo Blahnik high-heeled shoes will provoke desires “

04 / Jimmy Choo Jimmy Week

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Zhou


Jimmy Choo brand is developed by Mr. Zhou Yangjie, who is prepared by the first-handed shoe, is the development of a shoe business in the early 1990s. With the sexy tailor, fashion design and excellent Italian crafts, Jimmy Choo wins a request Very high customer. Until today, Jimmy Choo has developed into a very comprehensive and honorable fashion life brand.

05 / Salvatore Ferragamo Fragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo Fragamo

In 1927, the Salvatore Ferragamo Fragamo brand in Italy is elegant, practical and style, and the traditional manual design and style is full of global world, and the high-quality footwear products that have been named “are the famous ladies of the world. .


06 / Roger Vivier Roger Vivia


Roger Vivier Roger Vivia

In 1907, the Roger Vivier shoes in France were innovated, avant-garde, modern saying, the most famous Belle Du Jour square buckles, placed on the top of the foot of the shoe, and innovated the traditional shoes design. At that time, there were countless star public.

07 / Rene Caovilla Renny Job

Rene Caovilla


Rene Caovilla from the end of the 1950s, in Italy, Renaissance is the main target. It is designed to design with simple, the most identity style is the design style of three straps.

08 / GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Ji Sheppe Sano

Giuseppe Zanotti Ji Sheppe Sano

In 2000, Giuseppe Zanotti Jiuxpe Sano, who was in Italy, like Dolce & Gabbana in the world of women’s shoes, using imitation gem to convert the snake, dragon totem to sex symbol, convey the nostalgic meaningfulness Strong, shoes and heel are also amazing.

09 / Gianvito Rossi Ji’anvito Rossi


Gianvito Rossi Ji’anvito Rossi


In 2006, I was introduced to Italy, Gianvito Rossi, each pair of women’s shoes considered the proportion of women’s curves before design, molded fashion charm with bright colors and parsing lines.

10 / Nicholas Kirkwood Niklas Cork Cork

Nicholas Kirkwood Niclas Cork

Nicholas Kirkwood High-heeled Shoes In 2005, in the UK, the style is simple and modern, and the structural design is full of time-space aesthetics, more commendable spirit.

Belle women’s shoes

Although domestic women’s shoes brand is also constantly developing, kissing cats, Saturdays, Belle, Sijiao and other brand women’s shoes are also good, but from design, visibility, brand stories, there is a certain gap with international luxury women’s shoes, hope. The future international luxury women’s shoes brand can be born in China’s women’s shoes brand.