01. This model adopts a 30D low -bullet Rome anti -diamond -proof fabric and adopts a thick needle thread to effectively prevent the phenomenon of fluffy velvet. The fabric is processed by waterproofing, which can effectively resist the snow and snow, so as to keep the fabric dry for a long time to dry for a long time. , Clean.

02. Inner filling is filled with 800 fluffy, 90%velvet content,#fluffy is an important indicator of the degree of preservation of down internationally internationally, which refers to each ounce (30 grams) under certain conditions (30 grams) The value of the down inch of the down inch. The space of one ounce of down is 600 cubic inch and the fluffyness of the down is 600. The higher the fluffyness of the down, it means that the down under the same volume can fix the larger volume of the air layer to keep the warm thermal insulation, so the better the warmth of the down. This is a more important indicator than the velvet content. High fluffy down jackets are not only good for keeping warm, but also lightweight and personal, which can integrate more design elements, which has become an important development trend.

We can also describe it in another way …

Suppose a piece of corn that has not been opened is a bunch of low -fluffy down velvet, and a completely burst of corn is a beam of high fluffy down velvet. Measure the volume of two corn respectively, obviously the space occupied by “completely explosive” corn is relatively large.

03. All the auxiliary materials zipper use the YKK zipper.#YKK is the originator of the zipper industry, which represents the industry standard. Because of the accurate process, raw materials and management methods, the price of YKK is about 10 times the zipper of other brands. At present, YKK is still the largest market share owner in the zipper and buttons.

04. Junyu goose down jacket or China’s down product reputation guarantee logo distribution product, quality authentication anti -counterfeit can be checked

[Reputation Guarantee Symbol] The Chinese down Industry Association’s certification trademark registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 1995. It is a proof certificate for high -quality down and genuine licensed products. responsibility.

This sign is known as the “


“, She mainly proves the following three points:

(1) The standard products are made of high -quality down raw materials;

(2) To meet the relevant product standards, it is a medium -to -high -end product with good workmanship;

(3) Consumers can enjoy high -quality after -sales service.

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