The picture material has always been the distress of the media people. As a person with four months of self -media experience, I feel the same. It is too crazy without picture material. What should I do? I can only find it, where can I find it? Find online, where are you looking online? I really do n’t know, but who makes me unsuccessful?


Don’t look back without hitting the south wall, because it doesn’t hurt, and the fool does not look back, but for me, finding a material has not reached that point, and I will continue to find it if it doesn’t hurt or itching. Find a friend, no, find the material and find a good material, alas, I really found it.

I found it inadvertently, where is it? 135 editor, let’s tell you one by one:

1.135 editor

This reason should only have the typesetting function, but because many people like it, they are seen by many people with ulterior motives. Are you not a user? Let ’s cooperate. I put my link on your platform. You give me a flow, and then achieve a win -win situation. It feels good at 135 as soon as he hear it, so cooperates, so the picture material comes over.

We will see that there are a lot of picture materials in it. They are well -lined up according to the classification. There are characters who want characters and animals who want animals. The classification is very thin and very easy to find.


2. Design

The name of this website is very distinctive. The design of the manuscript is the picture of this website prepared for your manuscript. Come here to get it, so don’t hurry up, what are you waiting for?

3. Maker post


All kinds of picture materials are available here, just want to find pictures here, and there are many exquisite templates. Many people make posters. This is a must Designed.


The classification is relatively simple, the public account is matched, the mobile poster, the articles match the picture, there are all here, which one wants and which one wants.



There are more templates on this website, and there are AE templates. My God is so amazing that there are illustrations.


6. Picture Monster

The advertisement is very fit in practice. If you do n’t ask for a picture, you will get it yourself. I add it myself in the second half!

7. Bag map network

The content in this is okay, not very rich, but maybe you can find what you want.


The slogan is very liked, and it is perfectly designed in an effective way. It is perfect!


9. Shooting gallery

At present, it has 8828,7423 pictures, which is almost 100 million, and the content material is super.

The above is the picture material we need to use. Do you feel a bit laborious to find it? In fact, it is not effortless to find it directly in the 135 editor. Know a 135, all of them know, some websites are paid, and some are free. You can follow your own needs.

The above is the content of this time. In 2019, it focuses on creating the Qin Shi Group’s self -media alliance. A home that allows you to output original content every day every day for you to make you a little better today than yesterday.

Join the alliance also presented the “Self -Media Operations Real Combat Treasure” reference book, “Short Video Operation Real Combat Treasure” reference book, “Douyin Operation Real Combat Book” reference book, three physical books tutorials, once a week of high -quality courses, every day in the group in groups The question is questioned, and the media is full -scale.

It has become a small coffee for one year, three years of coffee, five years to become big coffee, and how long is it for five years? If it is a big coffee to follow the law of 10,000 hours, it takes for a few hours to spend a day? The answer is 5.47 hours, spend more than 5 hours a day, and can become a big coffee in 5 years. Are you willing? If you want to join, you can trust me privately!

Finally, send free benefits. Everyone requires a lot of software to make short videos. We will give you the necessary software and self -media common software to everyone. At the same time, we will update the software from time to time!


1. PR, 2, PS, 3, AEE, 4, AU, 5, EV, 6. Shadow, 7, matting, GIF production, AI, 8. typesetting artifact, 9, Markdown, curtain, thinking, thinking Map, Evernote, Tao Yun Note, 10, Wetool, 11, Unlimited Computer End, 12, LOILOGAMERECORDER, 13, Douyin Flash PPT five sets of templates!

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2. Click to follow, follow the headline number and forward it


3. Enter the headline homepage. There is a private message function in the upper right corner. Private message: “Software” can be obtained automatically. Remember not to lose wrong.