The TV series “Tiandao” chased many years ago has been nostalgic so far, often moved by wonderful plots, and is attracted by the HIFI audio in the play. Once upon a time, I have always dreamed of creating a set of sound of the same model. I invite three or five friends to listen to “Daughter of the Kingdom of Heaven”, try to distinguish the three versions of “

“Whether the song of the Wandere” is as mentioned in the play,


So I went to the Internet to find relevant information and try to understand the equipment and wiring methods it contained. The picture below is the schematic diagram of a big god painting on the Internet. The painting is very detailed. Here I will express the noble respect and sincere thanks to the God.

The wiring diagram of the big god painting online

Although it is not a professional CAD drawing, I can still feel that the great god paintings are very careful, and even the left and right channels and positive and negative wiring are marked clearly. It is because it is too detailed that the lines are criss -crossed like a maze. At first glance, it still looks a bit laborious, so it is simplified according to the wiring diagram of the great god, and some pairs of lines are merged into one. Astrifying.

Simplified wiring diagram

Simple explanation:

1. CD machine access in the decoder. (Divided CD machine)

2. Two sets of signals are divided into two front -stage amplifiers in the decoder.


3. Two fronts and two sets of signals are divided into four sets of three -dimensional sound rear levels.

4. Four sets of back and right speakers are connected to the four groups of wiring columns. The rear level 1 and 2 in the figure push the high -frequency part of the speaker, controlled by the front level 1, and the rear level 3 and 4 are the left and right speakers. The low frequency part is controlled by the pre -level 2.

From the figure, we can see that the entire audio system includes a CD machine, a decoder, two front -level, four -dimensional, 6 sets of stereo audio cables, 8 audio box cables, and a pair of custom speakers (a pair of custom speakers (

Two sets of sets into one speaker are equivalent to two pairs of speakers), and there are two sets of professional audio power supply power supply. Not to mention how much the price, the types and quantities of the equipment alone are shocking. Let me summarize “

The equipment is quite tyrant, and the law is quite luxurious, and the overall fever is quite a fever.

“, Use the original words of the TV series

“This is a enthusiast, this is a bandit!”

Fever is the pursuit of the ultimate. This kind of fever bandit -level gameplay is limited. It really can’t play. I decisively dispel the idea of ​​assembling the same audio, but

Learn, appreciate, worship


It is still possible. Next, I will continue to explore the relevant knowledge about this sound system and sort out the learning income in time. Please criticize the majority of netizens.