In recent years

my country’s population aging tends to be serious


Middle -aged and elderly population is close to half of the national population


It provides a huge market foundation for the middle -aged and elderly shoes industry

With the development of the social economy,

Impact of social characters and living environment

Shoes consumption of middle -aged and elderly people in modern society

It is also increasingly diverse

Especially casual shoes, tourism shoes

It has become an important part of my country’s shoe market


Due to the weight support and exercise of a person’s lower limbs, the muscles, bones, tendons, etc. of the feet have undergone certain changes, which will affect the balance and stability of the middle -aged and elderly people standing and walking. It is necessary to have corresponding safety performance in the design of middle -aged and elderly shoes.


Is the middle -aged and elderly shoes on the market safe?

How should consumers choose?

Today the market is here to help everyone

Test a good test

In June of this year, the Municipal Consumer Consumer Commission made a micro -survey of the quality satisfaction of middle -aged and elderly casual shoes and tourist shoes. The results showed that the factors that consumers paid attention to when buying casual shoes and travel shoes were the comfort of shoes, non -slip performance, and shoes materials for shoes. Whether it is environmentally friendly, it will follow the appearance and price of the shoes. Safety performance has become the most concerned hot spot for consumers. In order to provide consumers with comprehensive consumption information, the Qingdao Consumer Protection Commission carried out comparison tests for middle -aged and elderly casual shoes and tourism shoes.

Overview of the test results:


A total of forty samples were purchased in this comparison test. The Qingdao Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Research Institute focused on testing the outsole wear resistance, discount resistance, free or partial decomposition of formaldehyde, decomposition of aromatic amine dyes, peeling strength, and the intensity of peeling strength , Anti -slip performance, eight indicators of eight indicators of ethyl phenol polyethylene ether (NPEO), and comfort. Among them, the two indicators of non -slip performance and the two indicators of tinyl phenol polyethylene ether were introduced into the EU Reach regulations in the test, and the graded evaluation was conducted in accordance with international practice in accordance with the test situation. In addition, this comparison test first adopted the actual trial of middle -aged and elderly people to evaluate this comfort indicator. A total of 25 volunteers were invited to try on the spot to evaluate the comfort of each pair of shoes. The results of the comparison test show that the quality of the sample is generally better.

1. Outlet wear resistance

Abrasion resistance is an indicator of whether the sole is easy to wear, and it is also the core indicator of shoe detection. The soles of the soles are not good, which will cause the shoe to deform due to excessive wear of the shoes in the short term and affect the comfort of wearing. Fast grinding, affecting the sliding performance of the sole. Not only that, the wear of the wear may occur on one side and low. If the old man wears the wear shoes, it is easy to affect the balance when walking, and you will fall when you don’t pay attention. The abrasion resistance and material of the sole have a lot to do. At present, the soles commonly used in elderly shoes include rubber bottoms, TPR bottoms, and EVA combination bases. Among them, the EVA foam material is widely used by enterprises due to the characteristics of light, soft, and elasticity, but the abrasion resistance of this material is poor, and it needs to be rationally matched with the material such as rubber.


QB/T 2955-2017 “Casual Shoes” stipulates the grinding length ≤14.0mm, GB/T 15107-2013 “Travel Shoes” stipulated grinding length (non-foam material) ≤12.0mm, grinding length (foam (foaming (foaming (foaming Material) ≤14.0mm.

Analysis based on the data of this comparative test


The length of the grinding marks of a shoe is greater than 14.0mm,

Do not meet the standard requirements;

8 shoes grinding length is 10mm ~ 14.0mm,

Normal wear resistance;


The remaining 31 shoes have good wear resistance resistance

Second, fold resistance


Folding test can directly reflect the intensity, toughness, toughness, and the combination of the bottom of the bottom of the shoe, the strength, and the combination of the bottom and the fence, which is an important indicator of the internal quality of the shoe. This indicator is particularly important for partial sports products. If the project does not meet the requirements of the standard, it is easy to cause the sole to break or help the surface, and the gum with the gum, which will affect the normal use of consumers.


QB/T 2955-2017 “Casual Shoes” stipulates that the length of the cuttings after testing should not be greater than 20.0mm. After the folding, the length of the new crack should not exceed 3 places and the length of a single crack should not be greater than 5.0mm. At the same time, there should be no gangblag slurry and cracks. The length of the bottom wall, the bottom or sole of the sole should not be greater than 5.0mm. The soles should not be coated with color. Cracks should not occur along the strip. Qi (liquid) pads should not occur (liquid) and collapse. GB/T 15107-2013 The “Travel Shoes” stipulates that there must be no gang-faced noodles after folding; the bottom wall, the bottom, and the soles of the sole ≤ 5.0mm; MM; coloring and falling off the soles; shots with gas (liquid) pads shall not occur (liquid) pads should not occur (liquid) and collapse.


In this comparison test


After 1 sample shoes test, two places appear in the bottom wall

The length is 7.9mm and 8.0mm, respectively.

The remaining 39 sample shoes and shoes are better resistant to folding


Third, peeling intensity

Dipping intensity is an important indicator for assessing shoe products to bonding the sole. The peeled shoe with unqualified strength is easy to cause the sub -mouth to open and open the mouth to separate the top of the port, which affects the wearing.

QB/T 2955-2017 “Leisure Shoes” stipulates that the peeling strength ≥40N/CM, GB/T 15107-2013 “Tourism Shoes” stipulates the bottom wall and the help surface peeling strength ≥70N/cm, and the bottom peeling strength ≥45N// cm.

The peeling strength of 40 sample shoes meets the requirements

Fourth, free or partial hydrolyzed formaldehyde

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As a reactant, formaldehyde is widely used in various textile consolidation additives. Many of the textile fabrics and leather products we use daily contain formaldehyde. You will gradually release free formaldehyde during people’s use and wear. Causes skin allergies. When high concentration is inhaled, symptoms such as severe stimulation and headache.

QB/T 2955-2017 “Casual Shoes” and GB/T 15107-2013 “Travel Shoes” stipulates that the formaldehyde content of the material that is directly contacted with the feet is ≤75mg/kg, and the formaldehyde content of the material that does not contact directly with the foot is ≤300mg/kg.

40 sample shoes meet the requirements


Fifth, can decompose harmful aromatic amine dyes

Under certain conditions, the harmful aromatic amine dyes can be decomposed and restored to more than 20 kinds of aromatic amine with carcinogenicity. In the process of long -term contact with the human body, its harmful ingredients are absorbed by the skin and spread in the human body. Then mix with the substance released during the normal metabolism process of the human body, and the reaction occurs. Under special conditions, more than 20 carcinoma aromatherapy is produced to form carcinogenic amine compounds. After activation, it changes the human DNA structure, causing lesions and inducing malignant tumor substances, leading to malignant diseases such as bladder cancer, ureteral cancer, and pyelone cancer. In addition to hurting human health, a large amount of pollution will be discharged in the process of producing “disabled nitrogen dyes”, which will cause serious environmental pollution.

QB/T 2955-2017 “Casual Shoes” and GB/T 15107-2013 “Tourism Shoes” stipulate that textiles can decompose harmful aromatherapy ≤20mg/kg, and leather can decompose harmful aromatic amine ≤30mg/kg.

6. Anti -slip performance

At present, there are no test requirements for the non -slip performance of the elderly shoes. Therefore, this anti -slip test uses the European personal protective shoes non -slip performance test method. When the simulated people walk normally, the friction between the shoes and the ground, combined with the actual dressing conditions of the elderly shoes, selected relatively smooth tiles as the test interface, respectively, respectively, respectively, respectively, respectively. The non -slip performance of the shoes was tested under the condition of dry and moist interface. And draw on the quality of overseas buyers’ product quality requirements for the friction coefficient of the shoes as a reference value. The friction coefficient of the shoes and the interface is lower than the reference value and the lower the coefficient. The greater the risk of sliding in the actual dress.

According to the data analysis of this comparative test, under the condition of dry interface, the friction coefficient of 40 sample shoes can be met or higher than the reference value; Value under dry conditions. Among them, the friction coefficient of 9 shoes is lower than the reference value of 0.28, accounting for 22.5%, the lowest value is 0.21, and the median value is 0.31; the shoes purchased online and offline have different proportions detected that the friction coefficient is lower than the reference value than the reference value. ; Different price interval also occurs that data is lower than the reference value.

Ranking and data description:

1. The non -slip is arranged from the minimum value of each shoe.


2. The yellow background data is lower than the reference value 0.28.

Seven, Renhphenol polyoxyethylene ether

Renol polyethylene ether is a commonly used surfactant. As a cleaning agent, emulsifier and other additives, it is often used in textile production and processing. This substance is persistent, not only toxicity and carcinogenicity for mammals and aquatic creatures, but also disturb the secretion of human hormone. EU regulations for chemical harmful substances are relatively complete than domestic. This comparative test also referred to the content of the EU regulations and testing the content of tinyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether in shoes textile materials.

EU Reach regulations stipulate that the content of tinl phenol polyoxyethylene ether in textiles must not be higher than 100mg/kg. With reference to this requirement, the textile materials of 6 shoes in this comparison test have exceeded 100mg/kg, accounting for 15%, and the worst value is 593.98 mg/kg. A total of 6 shoes were not detected, accounting for 15%. A total of 28 sample shoes contain the substance, but lower than the reference value, accounting for 70%; different ratios purchased online and offline have detected the substance to exceed the reference value; The content of shoes with a good content of the content is lower than the reference value of the material content of more than 200 yuan.

8. Comfortability


Comfortability is a focus of attention to shoes. This comparison test uses the actual trial method of the elderly to evaluate this indicator. 25 volunteers are wearing daily behaviors through static standing, walking, up and down stairs, etc., and score the lightness, wrapping, sole comfort, and comprehensive comfort of shoes. Try the score and finally take the average value. The overall comfort evaluation results are divided into 5 levels, ranking level and basis: very comfort: overall comfort average score ≥ 4.5, and the overall comfort score of each trial personnel ≥ 4, and the overall comfort score of each trial personnel ≥ 4; general comfort: overall comfort average score ≥ 3; not comfortable: overall comfort average score <3; extremely uncomfortable: overall comfort average score << 2.


The results of the results are as follows:


Very comfortable for 10 models

7 more comfortable

Generally comfortable


Not too comfortable

Extremely uncomfortable 0 models

The overall performance of the comfort evaluation results shows that the market attaches enough attention to the comfort of elderly shoes. For the lightness of the shoes, all styles are better; most of the comfort of the soles and shoe gangs are satisfactory, and only one shoe is more uncomfortable; in terms of looseness and comfort, even the same size, different brands and styles show the performance of different brands and styles. The degree of easing is not the same. It is recommended that elderly consumers choose shoes suitable for their own feet and sizes by trying on. In addition, the test results show that the quality of comfort is not significantly related to the price of the shoes.

Special Note:

The results of the comparison test are only responsible for the purchased samples, and do not represent other models and batches of the brand’s products. No unit may use this comparison test for publicity without authorization.

The above is all the test content


I believe everyone has already met how to choose


The market monarch will tell you some tips!

Skills for buying casual shoes and travel shoes

The content of chemical harmful substances can generally be recognized by the naked eye, but some chemical harmful substances will exist as dyeing auxiliary. It is recommended that consumers try to choose light or undimated shoes when choosing shoes to avoid darker or bright colors or bright or bright. Shoes, especially lining and insoles that have been in contact with feet for a long time.

When you buy it, check the shoe defects, such as whether the sole is flat, whether the left and right are distorted, and whether the rubber patch on the sole can fit the ground well to avoid insufficient contact with the ground. Consumers are usually easy to ignore the flatness of the soles of the shoe. If conditions permit, you can put the shoes on the horizontal table for observation.

Micro -drawing

Usually a pair of shoes does not have excellent non -slip performance under all conditions. When buying shoes, middle -aged and elderly consumers should first consider the conditions of the shoes (such as the situation of the road, whether it will wear it under rainy days or the ground to be wet), and buy suitable shoes according to the conditions of the wear. The material of the sole, the flaws of the lines, structure, and the processing process of processing have affect the non -slip performance.

(1) Material: Generally, the non -slip performance of solid rubber soles is better than the foam sole; the brighter sole has relatively poor non -slip properties; Hard soles have poor anti -slip resistance. When adults press the soles of the shoe with their fingertips, those who are not easy to deform are generally stiff soles.

rubber sole



(2) Pattern: The sole with diverse directions has a good non -slip performance on different grounds. On the smooth ground, the thinner sole (but the texture cannot be severely deformed in the middle of the walking) is relatively good. On the ground outdoors (such as the road with sand and gravel), the non -slip resistance of the sole with a larger and darker lines is relatively good.


(3) Structure: When walking, the risk of sliding backwards is usually greater. This is because when walking forward, the rear heels of the shoes first contact the ground, and then follow the usually poorly non -slip parts. Shoes with a certain arc proportion of rear heels usually have better anti -slip performance than shoes with a completely flat heel. Because there is a certain arc to follow the moment when you contact the ground, you can get more contact area, thereby increasing friction with the ground.

Remember these knowledge points

I do n’t have to worry about buying shoes for the elderly next time!

In this comparison test


In this comparison test

In this comparison test

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40 sample shoes meet the requirements

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