The design of a small apartment, regardless of the age and area of ​​the house,

As long as a square meter is completely relaxed and returning home, it is even more worthy of expectations!

More and more young homeowners enjoyed home like a vacation. The extremely comfortable and healing atmosphere. The work of Jiang Xiaosi, the director of the interior design of Yijiao, is very close to the thinking of the young homeowner and created a square meter.

“The house not only provides the homeowner’s rest and complete function, we focus on the conceptual entity, write the background story of the owner into the space, so that the home interaction and commemorative can reach the highest value.”


Today, the designer of Jiang Xiaosi will use 4 actual cases. One square meter space of each different angle brings practical, relaxed, and aesthetic home inspiration, and customized the largest added value of design.



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Case. 01

Urban women “Dandelion Exquisite Study”, the open beauty in small units

Bei Diao Women purchased their own small apartment in foreign cities with their own power. The suites of the suite. Because the number of indoor bingping is only 38 square meters, the mezzanine is abandoned after communicating with the homeowner, and the house is 315 cm high. The perspective line, and using multi -functional long tables to separate sleep and living space, becoming a very textured bedroom rest area for hostess.


▲ The designer inspired the hostess’s gentle and tenacious image as the inspiration to outline the imagery of the dandelion, injecting it into the design of the home space, so that the long table of the shape of the bar is the art of installation like home.

▲ The level of the additional storage function is clever, and the composite long table brings a complete function. It can be set as makeup and work areas near the bedroom side; the other side can make good use of the drop to create a height of 75-105 cm as Nakajima. Preparation table use.

▲ Considering that the desktop is extremely frequently used, the designer uses a pink beauty plate to combine with color dot -like artificial stone as the table, which is gentle and durable.

Case. 02

Alien old house transforms into a children’s park, parent -child interactive step -type small theater

The designer re -deconstructed the second -hand house for 20 years, converted the fragmented space of the living room into a children’s game room, and used the characteristics of high window sills. The lower part of the high window became a step -like parent -child education space, and it also had the functions of charging.

▲ Originally, even the sofa is difficult to make the abnormal space. Under the ingenuity of the designer, it is converted into a children’s room that combines the advantages of the window view. In the future, it can be installed with projection equipment to become the best place for parental relationships to warm up.

Case. 03

Pure white landscape mezzanine beautiful house, a person to heal time

In the state of limited space and budget, the designer perfectly shows the large -scale river view advantage of the 50 square meter house case, and moves the kitchen space of the work desktop function along the window, and continues to set up the internal window scenes like a small balcony couch. function.


▲ In conjunction with the homeowner’s budget, the designer uses pure white tones as the base, with system cabinets, beautiful boards and mirror building materials to create simple and transparent visual experience.


▲ A special person who is particularly retained is on the window to stay, accompanied by the large area and greenness of the Riverside Park, becoming a complete relaxation when it is alone.


Case. 04

Double chill ~ college students who love integrated bed and bedroom

For the preference of the owner of a college student, the designer replaces the sheets with a high -pass shop and takes the active bedside table. The mattress and storage location can be changed according to the preferences and needs, and the duct function can be replaced.

▲ The material of the wooden floor is extended up to the bedside board to achieve a visual high consistency.

▲ Based on the features of the window, the designer is given to the desk and low windows to give the shop, so that the same scene is different from different functions.


Yijiao indoor design │ Jiang Xiaoqi

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