10 million powder grade electricity aquate female anchor,

Recently, there is a lot of words in the live broadcast.


It is normal to cause people to be normal (sweating)

She gave the “brothers” in love class in the live broadcast.

Think that the girls in the date of the date can only sleep with this boult:

First step ▽


Let the boys ask the girl to have a handwear ↓ 成


Second step ▽

Let the boys ask girls without contact lens box ↓

If you get a sure answer,

The boys can directly “win” (sleeping her) (sweating)


Most girls say they didn’t understand this paragraph.


Unable to understand

After turning over the comment, I finally saw the “Standard Answer”.


Only I realized that I was in the eyes of Zhou Shuyi.

Girls meet the above two conditions are preparing and boys overnight?

But the root is not this?

Wearing into the underwear may be because of exquisite,


Portable contact lens box is a lot of sisters of daily operation ↓

How to become a man sleeping with men!

The two conditions are listed casually, it will become a hint of “going to sleep with men”.

Do you really have a girl like this is represented?



at the same time,

It feels that Zhou Shuyi’s words have also true that she is “brother” in her live broadcast:

It is satisfied that they are full of X suggestions for women.

So when a girl thinks her words are all,


They are embarrassed, “Start the right to hold” ↓


When the girl thinks that she is not suitable,

They are ridicuing “Isn’t this honest?”

Some people say that this is only a “couple dating small tips” provided by Zhou Shuyi.

Because Zhou Shuyi added an attributive,

Is it “going out with my girlfriend”?

Therefore, the people who spit Zhou Shuyi are “too sensitive”.

They are all “provoke gender opposition” (beard)

Emmmmm ……

I want to ask what “girlfriend”,

Is a girlfriend to communicate with my boyfriend? (Beard)

Walk down according to this idea,

When the boys “take” girl, the girl refuses,

Is it still to be “do it” and “load X”?

Don’t think too much,

In the first eye, I know that this is really a very misleading of people (white eyes)

Look back to Zhou Shuyi’s Internet Work Daily:


In fact, I can get directly to what route to her.

It is not difficult to understand why she will have so many male powder ↓

Can tell


Orange doesn’t think this “style of attracting men” is particularly worth spitting.

After all, survive in the Internet.

People have the right to make a variety of choices on their own style



Da Yuai, represents “girl”,

Output value is a male, it is another thing.

(Eat melon)

Look at what she said,

including but not limited to:

Teach boys to distinguish the slag girl through the girls and friends

Say like to send photos, Sudi photos, soul chicken soup,

Even girls with friends are not good (beard)

How to teach boys to deal with girls “I have to take a bath”

When you say this, you should send her some 暧昧 and contain x hints.

If she returns, she will take it, they will change people (beard)

How to teach boys to praise girls to see the selfie ▽


As a result, she said that when she gave birth to her life, she said that she felt “good disgust”.

So skip this question (beard)

Teach boys to see their “straight men” ▽

It is said that because it is too “straight man” being disappointing, it is not a problem of boys.

Because, a woman who really loves boys will not be disadvantaged.


Because women love “cultivation” (beard)

How to get rid of “” think ▽

Don’t be a dog,

Just because of girls don’t like to lick the dog, because girls love the Haiwang?

It also performs a very “vivid” receiver recation (beard)


And teachers a lot of praise women video ▽


Because men who love to see beauty are a good man.

Because men who love to see beauty will shoot the girlfriend,

After all, for girls,

The most important thing in love is that your boyfriend will take pictures (beard)


If you say the “invisible glasses love lesson”,


It is Zhou Shuyi, “It is broken,” “


The output of these love views above

Can you say that all occasion?

Some people explain Zhou Shuyi just like the mouth (beard)

Just like she publicly said that she likes “fierce her”.


Finally, I explain this is just a “joke”?


And don’t say this simple “joke” let who smile (sweating)

Just this point of view is rotten –


She is purely joking,


It is completely different from the “girl group”. Is it completely different?


Use “Representative” or “Review” Other ways of other girls,


Is she showing the consistent operation of “different”?


For example, she used to ridicule other an appearance.

To show your own high lovers (beard)


For example, she used to learn other girls with green tea.

To show your true feelings (beard)

For example, she used to ridicule other female anchors to please men’s powder video.

Come show that your bones and the “make” very disdain (beard)

(It’s a clear laugh)


(It’s yue ↓)

Another example, she used to take a sneak shot of my girlfriend’s chest.


To show yourself to the side of the male powder to send a welfare (beard)

While disguise the masculin, one side is sold together,

While joking the male powder, it is distributed.


The Internet is called her to understand, (eating melon)

Of course,

I have a lot of people who are not flat for her.

Who is free, I have to pull her out and bought …

There is only one sentence:

I want to drop myself,

However, 2022,

Also in the mouth, the “girl” is not necessarily.

The last sentence

I went to see her birthday out of the box,

The most moved is a girl who sent her a star.

Also wrote a long letter,

It is sorry because I am afraid to bother to her.

Comment on the male powder, he exhale it.


The most memorable thing is before this sister’s star appeared.

Zhou Shuyi demolished a gift of a male powder.

Is a bag of diapers (beard)