拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

This series of embrace of the 10G era came to the third chapter, this time brought a full 10,000 -gallium power port switch -Netgear XS708T. When doing the entire 10,000 -siber series, I have been looking for switches that have been looking for a full 10,000 -dimensional power port. Basically, there will be a problem with a full 10,000 -sized power port switch. It is very hot and noisy. Essence Looking for a long time, this machine can meet this requirement. The Netgear XS7 ** T series has a total of 4 machines, namely XS708T, XS716T, XS728T, and XS748T. The number of different ports meets different needs. Here is the evaluation of the model of the smallest port Netgear XS708T.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

【Power Port and Light Pass】

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

When you play the 10G Migabit Network, you often tangled or electric. Here is a brief introduction to the difference between the people.

Light mouth

Let’s talk about light first, the biggest advantage of light is the cheap cost. Because of the early 10G, a large number of light ports were used. The initial IDC construction is the optical port. With the elimination of these devices, a large number of foreign garbage impacts the market, making the 10 Migital Light Pass extremely cheap. Foreign operators have a large number of light modules flowing into the market, and the price of light consumables is very low. There are two links for Masterpiece, short -distance DA Cable and long -range light modules

Da cable

DA Cable uses copper cables to directly link 2 SFP+interfaces. It has good advantages and compatibility and convenient links. The disadvantage is that the distance is limited, up to 10 meters in length. In DA Cable more than 3 meters, the wires will be very thick and are not easy to organize.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

Generally DA Cable is used for short distance links, such as internal links in the cabinet.

Optical module, optical fiber

In the light network, use the SFP+light module in the 2nd segment. Use optical fiber links. Fiber has a single -mode and multi -mode division. The multi -mode uses a light source of 850nm, which is suitable for transmission below 300 meters. Single -mode uses infrared light sources, suitable for long -distance transmission. There are generally 1.4km, 10km, 40km and other different distance specifications.

Normally, the distance is about the distance, the higher the cost. Therefore, the reason is that the short distance is multi -mode, and the single -mode is considered long distance. (It is good to be a short -sized multi -mode from a short and cheap), but it is often so unreasonable. Since domestic operators use a large number of single -mode light modules, and after everyone knows a series of operations, they can eventually see at Ma Yun’s house that there is a SFP+single module that sells for 28 yuan. Therefore, the multi -mode is not meaningful (the single mode is the short price and the price is short, the price is not cheap, it will be meaningless), and generally uses a single mode.

However, it should be noted that the light module also has the problem of compatibility with the network card switch. This can only be noticed in use.

Let’s talk about the shortcomings of the light network.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

1. Many friends who play light will use IDC or server disassembly equipment. The power consumption and noise of these devices are not necessarily suitable for family use. And the disassembly equipment also brings stable problems.

2. There is no mature plan in the family light wiring in the family. Is the dark tube inner tube of the wall, or the fiber of the fiber, and then the melting. How to protect the panel, there is no ready -made and mature products.

3. The difficulty of construction is high. Fiber fiber melt must be professional equipment and personnel, which has the difficulty of construction personnel.

Electrical interface

The electric port is also our common RJ45 interface. Wanzi power port technology is later than the development of optical port technology, and the domestic IDC is relatively small. Of course, there is another reason. Everyone feels that the fiber looks tall and spends so much money. It always feels uncomfortable and natural optical fiber is admired. Thousands of electric ports, use commonly used network cable transmission. CAT6’s wiring can meet 55 meters 10G transmission, and CAT6A can reach 100m 10G transmission. The wiring of CAT6 is very mature. CAT6’s network cable, panel, module, crystal head, is very easy to buy and easy to install. There is no compatibility problem with network cables. It can be used by inserting it, which is more convenient to use than optical fiber.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

Of course, the disadvantage of the 10D power port is also obvious

1. It is expensive, few server disassembly, foreign garbage impact markets, and the 10MD power port is still more expensive.

2. The power consumption of the electric port. Compared with the Mallouts Optical Pass, the PHY of the electric port has high fever and high power consumption. However, with the improvement of craftsmanship, this is no longer a big problem.

Looking back at the wheels of history, the Gigabit network, the fiber was first out of the fiber, and then the power outlet was also selected. And the 10G 10G network, eventually entered the people’s home, whether it was light or electricity, and listened to the next decomposition.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

[Open the box]

I talked with you so much before, and returned to the theme. First take a look at the box of Netgear XS708T.

The network XS708T still uses simple cowhide paper packaging, which is in line with the consistent style of corporate equipment

Open the box, you can see that the switch is cushioned by the foam and protects in place

Take the attachment from the box, randomly attach the power cord, instructions, and the switching gold ears on the shelves.

The overall switch, standard 1u size, still requires space for home use.

On the front of the switch, the power and fan indicator is on the left, and the right side is 8 million mesh ports and 2 light ports. Light port and the last 2 electric port reuse, and finally provide a USB interface.

Behind the switch, there are power interfaces and debug ports, as well as a safe lock hole.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

There is a fan inlet on one side of the switch. The sound is a bit loud when the fan starts, and it is not noisy in normal use.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

There is a air outlet on the other side of the switch.

The front panel indicator and reset button.

In the front panel interface part, there is a USB interface on the far right as an upgrade

The debug port behind it is used for manufacturer debugging.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测


You can see that the switch can only see the switch only half of PCB. Because the XS708T and XS716T use the same set of abrasives, XS708T will only have only half of it.

Both the switching chip and the PHY chip are covered with heat sinks. The chip solution comes from Broadcom, a famous hot household.

Power module provides a pure 12V power supply for switches.

The 12V 0.73A fan is maintained at about 3000 rpm daily, and the relative noise is not great.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

Small boards of indicator lights and reset buttons.

PCB motherboard full picture.

PCB motherboard back.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

The network interface, the power port directly integrates the network transformer.

Back of network interface

Broadcom BCM82752, responsible for the light mouth PHY, supports 1G and 10G dual modes.

Draw the architecture of the entire switch based on disassembly. The switch is not as complicated as NAS and routes, and the structure is relatively simple. The core of the exchange chip provides all ports, and then each port is used to turn a PHY chip to a 10D power port. The exchange chip is responsible for data processing and forwarding, and the role of PHY is to complete the receiving data of the physical layer.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

【Switch use】

XS708T is a smart network management switch with a simple three -layer layer, so his positioning is up and down.

1. It can be used as the core exchange of small enterprises. Using simple three layers can be used as the core route of small enterprises.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

2. It can be used as the access to the desktop to the desktop. Use the optical port for the upper connection, link the remote device, and the power port for access.

3. It can be used as a 10D switch used by the family. As said at the beginning, XS708T is one of the few full 10,000 -dimensional power ports that can be suitable for home use. It can cooperate with the 10 Migital NAS to play 10,000 omen.


XS708T supports network management. There is a web interface for easy management switches. The design of the network management switch is generally used for users who know a little about the network. Generally, such equipment firmware does not provide Chinese.

The firmware information interface shows the status of the entire switch, including the temperature and fan status of each component.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

The switch status page can see the connection status of the current port of the switch.

As a home user port aggregation, it is commonly used. XS708T supports two aggregation methods: LACP and static. Static aggregation is easy to produce compatibility when the device is interconnected by different manufacturers. Here we recommend that you use LACP to make end -port aggregation.

The port aggregation settings are also very convenient, just click the end port.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

Needless to say, as a switch with T, VLAN is completely supported.

XS708T supports Mac VLAN. Mac VLAN can be more convenient to do user device management.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

The STP function is also fully supported, which can avoid the generation and cyber storm.

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

XS708T supports simple three -layer route function and supports Vlan Routing. He can also divide and route as a core switch as a small enterprise.

The XS708T supports two and three layers of ACL, which is a few models that support the two -layer ACL. In the second layer mode, you can get a part of the port or something.

XS708T supports dual firmware. When the first firmware is wrong, it can be switched to the second firmware startup to ensure the safety of the machine.

【Performance Testing】

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

Flow test

test environment

Network card: Intel Ethernet Converget Network Adapter X550-T2

Test PC: CPU Intel Xeon E5-1620 V4, memory 32G*4, network card direct CPU

Test software: iPerf3

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

Operating system: CentOS7

Test Results

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

[ROOT@CentOS ~]# iperf3 -C -i 1 -P 60000 -B 10G

Connecting to host, port 60000

[4] LOCAL Port 36524 Connect to Port 60000

[ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth Retr CWND

[4] 0.00-1.00 SEC 1.10 GBITES 9.41 GBITS/SEC 0 2.72 MBYTES

[4] 1.00-2.00 SEC 1.10 GBYTES 9.41 GBITS/SEC 0 2.70 MBYTES

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

[4] 2.00-3.00 SEC 1.10 GBITES 9.42 GBITS/SEC 0 2.70 MBYTES

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

[4] 3.00-4.00 SEC 1.10 GBITES 9.41 GBITS/SEC 0 2.70 MBYTES

[4] 4.00-5.00 SEC 1.10 GBYTES 9.41 GBITS/SEC 0 2.70 MBYTES

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

[4] 5.00-6.00 SEC 1.10 GBYTES 9.41 GBITS/SEC 0 2.70 MBYTES

[4] 6.00-7.00 SEC 1.10 GBITES 9.42 GBITS/SEC 0 2.76 MBYTES

[4] 7.00-8.00 SEC 1.10 GBYTES 9.41 GBITS/SEC 0 2.77 MBYTES

[4] 8.00-9.00 SEC 1.10 GBYTES 9.41 GBITS/SEC 0 2.77 MBYTES

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

[4] 9.00-10.00 SEC 1.10 GBYTES 9.41 GBITS/SEC 0 2.70 MBYTES

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

[ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth Retr

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

[4] 0.00-10.00 SEC 11.0 GBITES 9.41 GBITS/SEC 0

[4] 0.00-10.00 SEC 11.0 GBITES 9.41 GBITS/SEC

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

iPerf Done.

Copy code

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

Actual reading and writing

拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测

NAS: RN526

Disk: Intel SSD 540S 480G *6

Test PC: CPU i7-5775C, memory 8G*2, network card direct CPU, disk Intel SSD P3600 1.6T

Reading and writing performance test


拥抱10G时代——NETGEAR XS708T 八口全万兆电口交换机评测


You can see that XS708T can fully meet the needs of 10G transmission


Gigabit networks are difficult to meet the transmission of NAS and PC files today, and it is still demand for upgrading to 10D network. The 10G era is getting closer and closer to us. Netgear XS708T is very good as a two -layer 10,000 -dimensional exchange. With NAS and PC 10D network cards, you can combine 10 Migabit networks to provide a rapid data transmission experience. At present, the overall cost of Wanzi is still high. To fly into the home of ordinary people, major manufacturers need to work together.

test environment

Network card: Intel Ethernet Converget Network Adapter X550-T2